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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia April 15th 2012

After a great week in Auckland we decided to book ourselves onto a bus to travel 3 hours North of Auckland to the bay of islands which is a collection of over 100 different sized islands and bays. We had also bought a discounted coupon online (similar to groupon) that entitled us to a half price 16,000ft skydive at the Sky Dive Zone centre in the bay of islands. We caught the bus on the morning of Tuesday 10th to Paihia, when we arrived the weather was great and we spent the afternoon exploring the town and some of the coastline. Our skydive was booked for the next day but when we woke up the weather wasn't great and it only got worse throughout the day, we had to reschedule for the day after (Thursday 12th). ... read more
Jess's skydive
Jess on the ascent
Josh - only half way up!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia April 9th 2012

My Piece of paradise, they say home is where the heart is, well mine is back in England, but im leaving a tiny piece here, we are coming back, and if it works we are coming to stay, Ta Ta for now Sam x... read more
my mates back

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri April 2nd 2012

We gingen vanuit KawaKawa naar Keri Keri. De namen van de stadjes hier zijn soms echt hilarisch! Keri Keri is het noordelijkste stadje van het Noordereiland. Vanaf daar begint de weg naar 90 miles beach (90 mijlen strand) Cape Reinga. We besloten Cape Reinga niet te doen omdat we kort in tijd waren. We hadden afgesproken om naar Leigh (Goat Island) te gaan een paar dagen later. We reden wat rond en voor dat ik het wist stond ik met Jan in de 'Living Nature' winkel. Jan had de vlag zien wapperen waar er op stond 'Living Nature, 100% natural skincare'. En inderdaad ik kreeg een zalfje. Dat merk bestaat al 35 jaar en wordt verdeeld over de ganse wereld met een zuster afdeling in Duitsland. De verkoopster ging iemand halen en 2 seconden later stonden ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia April 2nd 2012

New Zealand – Cape Reinga and the Bay of Islands – Hitting the most northern part of NZ with a little bit of sand boarding and a chance to meet some very “special” locals. After a great time in Auckland it was time to head North, my bus arrived and was a beautiful, subtle shade of bright orange with a driver called Bear. I was hoping it was going to be a Bear Grills experience but as it turned out I think he got his name because he hated getting up off his arse! I guess he’s in the right job then. As we headed out to the Bay of Islands I started to get to know my fellow passengers and the group turned out to be a cool bunch so all was going well. The ... read more
Maori Cultural Centre -The final challenge
Cape Reinga
Waterfall on the way to Paihai

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands March 25th 2012

Avid readers of this blog (if, indeed, such a thing exists) may recall that my travels first began in the dim and distant days of the Nineties, back when luxuries such as blogs were yet to be invented. In their stead, in those dark and distant days, your average scruffy backpacker recorded their meanderings in some mangy old dog-eared scrapbook. To a man we pretentiously referred to these as our ‘journal’, imagining in our own little world that one day our pointless ramblings would be scrutinized and dissected by scholars, keen to eek out any morsels of wisdom that may have somehow found their way onto the page. What they’ll no doubt find odd is that our thoughts were recorded not by the dainty tap of digits on touch-screens, but by the intricate spiraling gyrations of ... read more
Oke Bay, Bay of Islands
Maori Street Carving, Auckland.
Kororareka Bay, Russell


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 16th 2012

In Bay of Islands (de naam zegt het al zelf: Baai van Eilanden) gingen we de route af en bezochten we allemaal kleine stranden. De ene was al populairder dan de andere en op sommige stukken konden we helemaal alleen wandelen. Ook vonden we nog een ander strandje dat afgelegen was en bijna van iemand privé. Niemand liep door het hoge gras dus niet iedereen kon genieten van het prachtig uitzicht langs de andere kant van de baai. Wij waren er alleen op het kiezelstrand. We zagen verschillende kayakkers en een groot halfuur later vonden ze de weg naar ons privé strandje ook. Het was tijd voor ons om te vertrekken en richting KawaKawa te gaan. KawaKawa is gekend voor zijn Hundertwasser toiletten. Hundertwasser heeft daar zo'n 14 jaar gewoond in dit dorpje en is daar ... read more
Bay of Islands

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 5th 2012

Hi Everyone, It has now been about a week in NZ so we have lots of stories to tell. We landed in Auckland and had one night before we set off on the kiwi experience. We headed off to the Bay of Islands at 7:30am with a longish drive ahead of us. We had decided on the bus that we would do the eco adventure boat tour, which allowed us to drive out into the bay and swim with dolphins. We didn't have much time when we arrived so set off straight away on the boat. We weere warned that as these animals were wild that we may not be ableto see or swim with them, however, we got to see them and a big group at that. It took a while but eventually we found ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands March 5th 2012

3/02/2012 Drove south from Mangonui. We arrived in Waitangi at midday. Waitangi is the birthplace of New Zealand. On February 3, 1840 the Maori tribes and the British government signed a treaty. With this treaty, the native Maori tribes became part of the British Commonwealth. We toured the Maori Meeting house, very ornate. We also looked at the large Maori canoes. Leaving Waitangi we continued our drive south toward the Bay of Islands, a scenic vacation spot where we stopped and had lunch. We at arrived at the Taylors home in mid afternoon.... read more
Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell February 12th 2012

Hi! We've been struggling to find the time to write our blogs...this travelling isn't relaxing!!! We got our campervan on Sunday 22nd January and were so surprised at the size of it...we were going to be in luxury for 5 weeks! It had a toilet and shower, microwave and even a tv with a dvd player! It is 7.1m long, so I thought I'd leave the driving to Anton after the moped incident! After packing up the van, we headed north of Auckland up the west coast to a place called Waipoua Forest. It was 7:30pm by the time we arrived at a government camping ground (cheap sites with few facilities) and it was already full. Apparently you have to arrive quite early to get a spot. Luckily there was a campsite down the road that ... read more
Brochure shots - The Shower!
Brochure shots - The toilet!
Brochure shots - Washing up!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri January 24th 2012

So I know it's about time to write something.. Where to begin. I guess from the start. I arrived to Auckland friday the 13th, after nealy 40 hours flight. Gosh I was tired. I survived and i'm not going to fly again the next few months. Luckily I flew with another Swedish girl, same age and also going travel as me. So there were things to talk about and some nice movies as well.. Basically the first couple of days I was done. Jetlag was awfull and Auckland felt like just another big city for me. But I did go to Skytower with a Danish girl and to Auckland zoo with a Dutch girl. We got to see a kiwi, that was awesome. The hostel wasn't the best but it was alright. The first day I ... read more

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