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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands August 7th 2005

Sunday today. We're attending church later on in the village which is going to be great. The singing is supposed to be amazing. Service will be in Fijian. I'm watching the sun come up right now, just out my bure window. Very pretty. Last night all 6 of us took the sunset hike to watch the... yes sunset... on the other side of the isl, also very pretty. It's been a cool experience staying at such a small resort and there's been not much turnover. It was only 6 here last night, down 2 from night before: * Alex - UK - heading to univ to study either geology or product design. looks like Harry Potter. * Rob - UK - heading to univ. in Cardiff to study French/Span.. not bad on the guitar. not bad ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands August 6th 2005

Well, yesterday evening a case of the quick step walked into my life together with a bit of fever/chills/muscle soreness. It came on so quickly that I suspect food poisoning. I hope that it goes away as quickly. Still at Sanawai. We're staying 1 extra night (4 total) b4 heading back to the big island. Can't complain really, we stayed inour 1st Bure last night which was great. We have our own shower/toilet/sink and the breeze comes right through the windows (mosq. nets are provided). I can see the beach/ocean from my bed here. Yes., we went hand-line fishing w/ Rob/Alex from the UK. Both young guys. I didn't catch any fish, but I did catch 2 sand-crabs as part of the bait-harvesting, pre-fishing activities. The basic process is to find a hole in the sand, ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands August 4th 2005

At Sanawai Res. We're about 1/2 way up the Yasawa chain. This place is small and so far we like it! There are on ly about 12 people here, all UK except for 3 Kiwis and us. Food was great 2nite. Expect more of same over next days. Snorkeled today, probably best we've seen. Very windy 2nite, cool temps. Will chill here for an extra day. We stay in dorm 2nite, then Bure next 2 nights (traditional hut). Definitely on the commonwealth travelers circuit. Most are going E. from NZ to Fiji to USA and back to UK. Was asked today, "Are you traveling or on holiday?". I answered, "Well, we're taking 3 months off." Their answer, "Oh, you're traveling"... Sweet! Even sweeter, this guy Rob's backpack patch: "I love post-natal yodel core". He's saying something ... read more
Watching the Sunset at Sanwai
Saying Goodbye at Sanawai

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands August 3rd 2005

Today's a Wed. I believe. It is early morning, a bit after breakfast, and I just had a wonderful brushing of the teeth. It's very windy now, and the water's choppy. Last night we had apretty good meal an dmingled with some people. Food was meats and fish and some kind of spinach dumpling. Tonight they're having a 'lovo' which is a traditional dish/feast baked in an underground overn. They did this goofy little thing last night for entertainment called International Night. Each country's guests had to stand up and sing a song: * Scotland - national anthem * Germany - some kind of traditional song, or was it a pop/dance hit? * Sweden - traditional midsummer's party song, complete w/ reindeer dance * USA (that'd be Sherry and I only) - We did the 'I'm ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands August 2nd 2005

Heading out today from Nadi on the Yasawa Flyer to the Wayalailai Resort on the island of Waya Sewa. We'll stay there 2 nights, then transfer to Yaqeta Isl. at the Sanawai resort. The latter is a new resort, so not in the book. Actually, there's nothing about the isl. in our book. WE've had some good food here: yummy french toast, etc. Also, Fiji Gold and Fiji Bitter 'stubbie' beers, bottle like Red Stripe.... read more
Saying Goodbye at Waya Lailai
She looks good in a rash guard, doesn't she?
That's 'Big Jerry'


Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi August 1st 2005

Day one, actually 2, actually 3 if you count the day that we missed coming W. across the inter. date line. It's Mo. and we're in Nadi, Fiji. We're holed up at the Nadi Bay Resort Hotel in 'Butterfly 1'. So far so good, the flt. across wasn't too bad, especially consid. we had to come all the way from Atlanta. Today is a rest/plan day, kind of a tough pairing, but we'll give it a go. Tomorrow we'll leave likely for the Yasawa Islands or to the 2nd largest Fijian isl. to the N. of here. Quick hits: * Drank 'Fiji' bottled water for the first time yesterday. * Not many people, I expect, come to Fiji to cool off, but we did! ... Marc would like it here, they don't tip! Also, the queen ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast July 20th 2005

Hi everyone! Well, we've now been in Fiji for 2 weeks and it's been amazing! Wicked start to the trip - great people, yummy food, incredible scenery, beautiful islands and HOT HOT weather. Blah blah blah, right? We're both pretty blonde and bronzed (of course!) - although Charlie does have a better tan line than me. Something he's very proud of :) So, in the past 14 days we've been jetting between the islands and enjoying a cocktail of Fijian experiences alongside the usual backpacker banter. Here are some of the highlights so far... * We spent our first 4 days discovering Fiji in a big green 'Feejee Experience' bus with a crazy Fijian tour guide called Luke who worshipped Charlie (but was kind of scared of me) and a tiny-yet-outrageous Indian driver called Arvin - ... read more
Natadola Beach
Wainibuka Village
Hanging out with the Natives

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands July 12th 2005

This is a great description of a similar experience that I encountered while traveling Fiji. I thought that it would be worth sharing. Fiji: Caves, Customs, and Compliments By: Katie Green, STA Travel Internet Marketing Specialist I was probably lying motionless on a hammock by the beach in the middle of the South Pacific when another traveler at the resort mentioned a cave expedition the next day. I was immediately interested; I couldn’t complain about the blissful monotony of soaking up sun for 10 days in Fiji, but I had heard these limestone caves in the Yasawa island group were amazing. My traveling companions and I persuaded the staff at our tiny, beautiful, simple resort on the island Naviti to take seven people on the day trip. They didn’t want to take us; the caves were ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands June 8th 2005

Hello to you all. My trip has been completed now and I just arrived back in Vancouver. If you want to reach me, contact me via e-mail and I can give you my new phone number too. The final segment of my trip was fantastic and quite relaxing. Brett and I met up for an evening on the main island in Fiji. He encouraged me to go spend my final week at Oarsman's Bay Lodge up in the northern part of the Yasawa islands. I knew it had to be special because Brett had a glowing smile that I have never seen him have before. He was right, this little lodge and group of staff on Nacula Island were so welcoming and peaceful. I could never explain to you in words how magical the people and ... read more
Village Child
Sunset Cruise
Litte Friend at Chief's Ceremony

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast June 4th 2005

The flight from LA to Fiji is as long as from London to LA, so arriving at 3 in the morning having crossed the international date line we were a wee bit weary. We had to wait for 4 hours for the connecting shuttle bus to take us to our accomodation and despite the seating in the arrival lounge not being the most comfortable I still managed to catch some shut eye, while Sara caught up on her crosswords (Esther you would be proud!). Even at the planning stage of this trip we had decided that Fiji was always going to be a rest stop after the past 3 months of travelling non stop (its harder work than you think!!). Everything went according to plan and the most energy we expended was getting in and out ... read more
Gill on tree swing
Sara's soaking!!

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