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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands July 9th 2014

Fiji 2014 Sun Jun 15th We left Adelaide on the red eye to Sydney at 6am in the morning. It was about 8 degrees and still dark. We landed in Fiji at 3.30 their time to lovely warm sunny weather. We caught the Club Fiji shuttle bus and managed to smuggle mum and Monika on as well even though their transport wasn't included in their hotel fees. The place was nice enough but we couldn't wait to get off the mainland to the real beauty of Fiji. The barking dogs made it almost impossible to sleep at night. We caught a mini bus into Nadi the following morning to exchange money and have a look around. We soon wanted to leave the enthusiastic sales people of Nadi to get back for a quick swim in the ... read more
Barefoot Lookout
Swimming with the Mantas

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island April 1st 2014

Bula from Fiji!! I was a little worried before I got to Fiji as I had read there was a cyclone arriving the day after I arrived. I emailed my airline to check on my flight and they assured me my flight would still be going ahead. I arrived rain! Phew! The other side of the island, however, had been affected quite badly where some people had to be evacuated. Fiji is a beautiful, friendly, relaxed place. The Fiji experience started at the airport where I was welcomed by people playing music, friendly smiles, people shaking my hand asking my much different from when I left New Zealand where the security person checking my passport shouted at me for not moving quickly enough. Why on earth people that work at airports think it is ... read more
Mana Island
Laura and Steph´s class
Teaching times tables!

Oceania » Fiji March 25th 2014

Today is leaving day so I write this from the side of the pool in the shade. We have had breakfast and checked out. I feel sad to be leaving but then soooo happy we have had the opportunity to experience all the amazing things we have seen and done. I have learnt that I am stronger than I think and if I push myself I can achieve anything. I feel proud that we have given ourselves this experience as we are a young couple who have worked and saved hard to have this opportunity. I will always remember that if I wake up in the morning and im not in prison or hospital im doing ok ( Dave the raves quote). I hope that we get to do some more travelling if we are lucky, ... read more

Oceania » Fiji March 24th 2014

Today we had a lazy start as we are in Fiji and everyone is laid back. We didnt feel our best. We only just made it to breakfast as i thought it was served till eleven but its ten. The sun was warm, i.opened yhe door and could hear the sea so peaceful. We both had a coffee infront of the beach to try and wake us up. The coffee didnt work so we thought the sea might do the trick. We had a dip and felt a little bit better. Darren had a little doze so i went for a walk along the beach. This island is so pretty i could just sit and watch the waves for ages. We had lunch then Darren went hand fishing with a group of guys. He caught one ... read more

Oceania » Fiji March 24th 2014

We started the day with our usual ritual of morning coffee outside, looking out onto the beach which looks more beautiful everyday. We then went for breakfast which consisted mainly of pastries which is never good for Darren. We decided to go for a walk up the mountain. It was only half nine and the sun was so warm. Walking up we saw the island that castaway was filmed, which isnt actually a secluded island. They are building some new villas upthe top which look beautiful the staff let us look into one which was completed it was amazing had its own pool and a very private part of the beach. We were cheeky and went in through the garden to the beach. Luckily it was low tide so we managed to walk all the way ... read more


Oceania » Fiji March 23rd 2014

We checked out and waited for a free transfer coach to take us to the port to catch the boat to matamonoa island. The boat took approximately an hour and a half. We got to see some of the islands that we nearly.stayed at such as Tokoriki. It looked beautfiul so i prayed we made the right choice. We arrived at our destination. We had to get off the bigger boat onto a smaller one to take us directly to the beach. The islamd was beautiful. The sea crystal clear and the sand so clean and white. The staff were singing as we arrived and we were given a shell necklace each. I felt amazing, such a good place to end our trip. We were sat down and given a welcome cocktail. It looked and tasted ... read more

Oceania » Fiji March 22nd 2014

I was woken up by the sun shining through the balcony windows as the curtains are a piece of see through cloth. The sun did not wake Darren up he needed the alarm. We had to be down on.the beach for quarter to nine. The beach is only a stones throw away so wasnt too bad. We met the guys from the adrenaline company and got in a boat to take another boat just further along the island. We got given quick instructions for the parasailing basically hold.onto the bar till we in the air. He told us we will go off from the boat and land back on the boat....simple. We put our harnesses on.and went to the back of the boat. We got attached to.the parachute and told to sit down and hold ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 4th 2014

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 Today is an exciting day. We arrived at the first stop in Fiji. I have so been looking forward to this part of the trip, going to such an exotic location in the world. It is so remote and a big mystery to us. Today we are the port of Suva, Fiji. I woke up at 5:00am and headed down to the Royal Promenade to my normal spot to work on this blog. It is so peaceful sit down here before the hustle and bustle of the day. I returned to the cabin around 7:00am to wake up Cindy. We needed to eat breakfast early because our tour was meeting 845am. Today we needed to bring along our swimsuit, towel, lotion, change or clothes and a pair of shoes that ... read more
View of the river and mountains in the distance
View of the Navua river
View of the Navua river

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 4th 2014

Wednesday, March 04, 2014 Today is our last day to visit a location on our trip before we start our return journey to Sydney. Today we are visiting Lautoka, Fiji. Today we are going to a Westin Resort and Spa located on the ocean. We will see a Fire Walking ceremony. Lautoka is actually on the eastern side of the same island we visited yesterday. As we were coming into the port, I went out on deck 4 to see what the countryside looked like. From what I could see, this port looks more developed than Suva, Fiji that we visited yesterday. After eating breakfast in the Windjammer again, we meet for our tour at 8:30am in the La Strada theatre. Before arriving in the theatre, we meet a lady in the elevator that ... read more
Countryside of Lautoka, Fiji
Countryside of Lautoka, Fiji
Countryside of Lautoka, Fiji

Oceania » Fiji » Taveuni March 3rd 2014

(... continued from previous) The next day, four of us along with two Fijian escorts hopped on a small boat to Nanuku, a small remote island with white sand, crystal clear aqua coloured water surrounding it and palm trees growing richly - exactly how you imagine paradise. After walking around the island and basking in its beauty we had dinner and all settled around a bonfire and gazed at the millions of stars above. The next morning we awoke to a bright sunny day and fresh turtle tracks on the sand in front of our bure. We went snorkelling where we saw colourful fish, coral and a small shark! One night was not enough on this little piece of paradise so I decided to stay another night, as everyone but Nick waved goodbye - a decision ... read more
The other side of the island
My Bure
The storm is coming...

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