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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen October 27th 2007

Well its the day John and Sue get back from Pucket so we thought we would have "BA" looking good, it was great to see the Man in action, we only have two days left here, were leaving for the trip down the Great Ocean Road then Adelaide and Perth.The hen has been sat on her eggs since the day after John and Sue left, Neils telling everyone he's going to be a Grandad next week as it takes 21days for the baby chicks to arrive!Neils cousin Stephen and his wife Lyn invited us out last weekend, we went to Dylesford about 1.5 hours away in the country it was a lovely place like something from an american western moive, we had a quick look round then went to Steve and Lyn's friends for a BBQ ... read more
Neil learning the trade
Bald "BA"
The bbq at Steve and Julie's

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen October 8th 2007

Well Neil's loving it on the farm, he's made friends with all the animals apart from one "BA" the sheep, John and Sue bought him when he was a lamb 9yrs ago apparently he's not friendly, he has the run of the 40 acres and will not let anyone near him, He hasn't been sheard for a few years. Neils convinced he's the man to get him in a pen and take him for a hair cut!On Sunday morning neil went out to the paddock and caught sight of the sheep so he tried to round him up, we knew nothing until Neil arrives back at the house sweating and gasping for breath, no joy this time! after this BA laid out by the trees shatterd.In the afternoon Neil saddled up Sophie and tried to ride ... read more
The red bellied black
Neil with his girlfriend "Sophie"
Julie with Sophie

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen September 27th 2007

We arrived in Melbourne late at night and were met by Neil's two cousins John and Stephen, they took us to Johns house in Wondong its in the country.Its very dark out here no street lights had a cuppa then we went to bed. Next day woke up early to a lovely sight we were on a farm with 40 acres of land the sun was out,its cold at this time of year but you do get a few sunny days.Neil and I wet for a walk around the farm , there's a lovely horse called Sophie, two dogs, Scruffy&Cess a few chickens and a sheep with a massive wolley coat. I'm scared of animals so dont know how I will go along. had a lovely BBQ and met the rest of the family, drank some ... read more
Neil giving sophie a treat
a lovely kangaroo

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen September 24th 2007

arrived at kuala Lumpa over a week ago, havent been able to up-date our log.Kuala Lumpa was ok but we did prefer langkawi. We had to eat mostly chinese food not much else here, the Petronas Towers were fantastic, we only had two nights in the city centre that was enough.On the last night Neil wanted a taste of the local curry over the road, it was a small stall , we sat on some old chairs with a plastic table not that clean, we waited for the meal to arrive it looked nice when it arrived just started to tuck in when a couple of furry friends arrived to join us, RATS,I did a runner, Neil carried on and finished his meal,it was probably rat that was in the curry,its very humid in Kuala lumpa ... read more
a street cafe in kuala Lumpa

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen February 13th 2007

Part of my plan when I came to Australia was to find work/opportunities to do plenty of horse riding in an attempt to revive a hobby which had become squeezed out by all those things that take over as you “grow up”??? With this in mind I made contact with Lorraine who lives a little way North of Melbourne near a small town called Wallan. She was asking for people to help out with exercising her horses, giving me a perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle. So here I am surrounded by the most obedient horses I’ve ever come across!! I’ve been here a little over a week so far and plan to stay for a couple more. I’m feeling quite exhausted with all the riding and I’ve rediscovered a few muscles which have ... read more
Latest companions!
My latest transport!
Before work


Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wallen March 13th 2006

Well folks it's our last day here in Melbourne. The last week has been terrific. We have been into Melbourne as well as visiting lots of interesting places in the surrounding area. Following a very quiet weekend during which Linda revisited her culinary skills by cooking a wonderful Sunday roast dinner (whilst Ken went for a swim in the communal swimming pool with Richard, Ellie and Georgia) we ventured into Melbourne on Wednesday. We were first of all staggerred by the cheapness of the train fare - less than £2 each for the equivalent of a trip from Bicester to London! On arriving in Melbourne our first stop, more by luck than good judgement, was the Rialto Tower - the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, according to the official blurb: we seem to be making ... read more

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