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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart March 17th 2010

Our arrival in Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, was a subdued affair... it was late afternoon, the sky was grey and we'd had a bit of trouble finding a parking space close to the hostel to leave our car. But we had a wander round the town centre and waterfront before finding some food. It's a small city, just 200,000 inhabitants, with some lovely old buildings and an attractive setting. But I wasn't really on Tassie to see cities, so I booked onto a trip out to Bruny Island, about an hour south of Hobart, for the following day. Nick decided to stay in Hobart for the day, so I set off in the car to have breakfast overlooking the marina at Kettering, the launching point for the Bruny Island ferry. Bruny Island is actually two islands ... read more
Photo 11
Photo 15
Photo 20

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart March 13th 2010

Greetings Eastman fans from Eastman’s down under. Today Sat 13th March, day 2 and the first full day of Hobart capital city of Van Demians land now called Tasmania and further called “Tazzy”. A lovely stroll in shorts round the Saturday market. A bit hippyish with a multitude of goodies for sale. Prices very similar to UK prices and a bottle of Bombay sapphire a whopping $50 for a 70cl bottle. Lots of different cultures evident, Chinese food, lovely pastries but we settled for a healthy bratwurst with onions for breakfast. Eventually found the main town which had eluded us last night. Wendy was delighted to buy a vivid green top for $50 and to my delight it was %75 off today. A real bargain that perked her up. Having spent a lot of time together ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart March 11th 2010

We left our hotel in Kuala Lumpur by noon Tuesday and didn’t fly out of KL until 1:20 AM for a 7-hour flight to Melbourne, a 2-hour layover and a 1 ½ hour flight to Hobart. We arrived about 5:00 PM Wednesday. Tasmania has some pretty strict import rules about bringing plants, seeds, etc. in from other parts of the country so we were subjected to a special form of screening as we entered the terminal. A cute little black and white beagle was waiting for us and we were told to carry our flight bags on our left side. As we passed by, she sniffed each bag and let us enter her airport.. I later found out that the “other” beagle, slightly larger in stature, crawls over the checked baggage and gives them the once-over. ... read more
Hobart Harbour
Welcome Stranger (hotel)
Female Factory

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 26th 2010

Camping and Servas Travelling We've made it to Hobart, capital of Tasmania in one piece with most of what came with us. It's a lovely country with a much smaller sense of scale to it than the mainland. It reminds us much more of Europe or England than the rest of the Australia we have seen. We have stayed with a few Servas hosts who have welcomed us with open arms even though they have been busy with other things. Michael was taken out on Monday evening to join an outing with the Hash Harriers involving a special boat trip across the river Derwent, a bus trip to a nearby settlement (hardly a town or a village with just one shop) and then a six kilometre run or walk; we walked. It was great fun ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 20th 2010

Slowly touring the Tasmanian island We have pitched up at the only naturist facility on the island which consists of Michael and Yvonne's garden with the use of their pool and a lovely view over the water to Kingston near Hobart. And we switched the computer on to watch The Wire and tried the wifi on the off chance only to find they had it even though Michael did not know what we were talking about. His daughter did so we are connected. We've coped with some warm weather for a while up to 28C but mostly it is like an English summer here. The terrain is smaller scale than the mainland with lots of sea views. The east coast was very empty compared to this part near Hobart and we found some lovely spots ... read more
Our stop at Scotsdale
One of our stops


Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 20th 2010

Day 300 - Hobart A couple of birthday shout outs this morning, firstly to my fabo cousin Bert out here in Aus. Happy birthday little cous, hope you had a great day with Kim. The second shout is to Harry (Brown) of Thatadoo Racing back home in Thatcham. Hope you're back on the track soon buddy and we'll see you when we get back. Happy Birthday both! Got to admit we were a bit weary this morning after our big day trip to Port Arthur. I must have been half asleep when Darryl left the caravan to visit the water tanks for a shower - he told me not the lock the door when I went out as he didn’t have his keys. I didn’t hear him so was a bit surprised to see him standing ... read more
Still early but the markets were starting to get busy
From handcrafted wooden castles to
Tasmania gifts aplenty

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 19th 2010

Day 299 - Day trip to Port Arthur from Hobart Well we can’t be accused of sitting around doing nothing can we! It was another early start this morning so after a quick shower in the water tank amenities we were off towards Port Arthur. The drive is just over an hour and the journey is easy in the early morning with little traffic on the roads. Port Arthur is a place steeped in history, a convict prison from the 1800’s which has always created curiosity for tourists even in the early days. Sadly it was also the scene of a violent massacre in 1996 where a number of people were killed by a lone gunman. On our travels around Australia we’ve heard of ‘conspiracy theories’ about the later event and how the place is so ... read more
Just a fraction of the Port Arthur site
Separate Prison cell
Separate Prison

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 18th 2010

Day 298 - Coles Bay to Hobart We have a Happy Birthday wish to deliver to a lovely lady back home in Bristol, Norfy it’s you! Our lovely Lisa is celebrating today. Happy Birthday chick, see you soon for a good ol knees up! Lots of love from both of us x x . Once we’d decided to have a go at a day trip to Port Arthur from Hobart rather than staying in Port Arthur itself, the only other thing we needed to sort out was where to stay. There are no free campsites around the city, the Showground is the most economical place at a mere $16 per night with power but you need to be self contained which we’re not. It turned out that the only other practical option available to us was ... read more
Whizzing logging lorries
Spacious spots at the caravan park
What should you turn dis-used water tanks into....

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 15th 2010

Sixth Day On a break from our safari (Swahili for journey) we arrived in Hobart for a day of exploration. Hobart (1803), is the capital city of Tasmania and after Sydney the second oldest in Australia. I took an evening stroll with Maja to Salamanca Place - the historic wharf with rows of sandstone Georgian buildings. Formerly warehouses built between 1830-1850 they have since been converted into restaurants, galleries, craft shops and offices. Salamanca was named after the Duke of Wellington's routing of the French in 1812 during the Napoleonic Wars. Maja, and I had a drink in one of the converted warehouses, a pub called the Knopwood's Retreat - but it was a Tuesday night and the tumbling tumble weed factor quit... read more
Hobart Harbour
Parliament House
Battery Point, Hobart

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart February 3rd 2010

Tazzie treated us very well! The photos should mostly speak for themselves. After hours of mostly fruitless searching for Tasmanian critters in the wild, and tiring of seeing them splattered on the roadside, we decided to tour some wildlife refuge and breeding parks. It was well worth the visit. If Nancy had her way we would be adopting kangaroos. And wombats. And probably devils. See below for photos - really, there are some there. And a few might be sideways, sorry, there seems to be an uploading glitch at the moment. ... read more
Massive caves
Wild wombat
Platypus eating a worm

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