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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 10th 2010

We caught the train to the airport to meet our Virgin flight to Tassie. We arrived at our accommodation, Somerset on the Pier at about 4.30pm in the afternoon. A fabulous unit overlooking the waterfront. We can see the ferries coming and going and the moored yachts from our window!! We also have a view of Mt Wellington. It is a lovely spot. ... read more
Salamanca on the Pier
A lovely view

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 10th 2010

Nu ar det mandag igen.. hemkomna fran hobart(huvudstaden pa tasmanien) dar vi spenderade helgen, akte dit redan torsdag eftermiddag da vi fick sjuss av ett par killar i klassen som anda skulle kora ner... nastan alla i klassen aker ner till hobart pa helgerna, da de har familj och vanner dar.. alla lakarstudenter laser forsta aren dar nere och gor sen klinisk placering dar eller i launceston..dessutom verkar hobart vara en lite roligare stad, lite storre, mer utestallen och fin natur runt omkring! har verkligen varit en toppenhelg! hunnit med massa, kanns som vi varit borta nastan en vecka. Pa onsdagkvallen var det barbeque hos nagra av vara klasskompisar.. nagot som skiljer sig har fran hemma ar att det i princip inte finns nagra lagenheter, alla bor i hus- de flesta envanings sa staderna stracker ut ... read more
sumobrottarna med coach
coola baten+ grottor

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart September 27th 2010

Hello everyone. We are now in Tasmania (Tassie, as it’s locally known), but I thought I’d fill you in on everything that has happened so far on our great southern-hemispheric adventure. We got into Syndey on the 22nd and checked into our hotel that was right next to the famous Opera House. Seeing that was cool, but I’d seen so many pictures of it (and the Harbour Bridge) that I felt as if I’d already seen it. Plus there were millions of tourists there, so we had to come back the next morning at 6am to get half-decent photos. Sydney was super expensive. Minimum price for a meal at a restaurant was $20, not including anything to drink. And all of the touristy stuff cost and arm and a leg. Since I need those for later ... read more
Sydney Harbour
Unsuspecting model shot
It's not everyday...

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart August 25th 2010

Well.....what can I say? Where does time go? A lot has happened this year. Verity is 1 in only a month and George is growing into a little boy with an Aussie accent( It does make us chuckle, getting him to say 'G'day mate' and 'Alright Cobber' and 'No worries mate'.........poor boy!...could be deemed a form of abuse/racism maybe!?) We have just applied for Citizenship so that we can all have an Aussie passport, not just Verity who is the only official Aussie in the house at present (well Brit/Aussie.......we remain British too!!!) It will be good to be able to vote in the next election as it was a bit frustrating seeing what was happening this time but not being able to vote at all. I went back to work at the beginning of this ... read more
George and friend Gabriel
A full Russell Falls

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart August 15th 2010

On Sunday, August 8th, we met as a group at Sacred Heart College to do some final planning and to have a bit of fun together. The Principal, Mr Deayton, spoke to us for a few minutes about this being the inaugural trip to Japan from SHC.... read more


Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart June 12th 2010

Here's a little more news (sporadic as usual) of my cycling progress, as I reach week 3 on the southerly state of Tasmania. So what's new since last time... Yes, I made it to Melbourne ! That certainly felt like a great achievement at the time : riding the 2500 or so kilometers down the coast from Brisbane ! So, to celebrate, I booked myself onto the Spirit of Tasmania, sailing overnight to Devonport, with a return ticket in my pocket for one month later. So there you go, I've now been prolonging the cycling fun (or should I say madness) for a couple of weeks on the cold cold island of Tassie. And for those of you who've not yet heard, I also took the decision to end this year-long adventure after this month. I'm ... read more
Cataract gorge in Launceston
Cataract gorge in Launceston
Coast near St Helens

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart June 6th 2010

Day and a half trip to Hobart. Ate fresh seafood and made it to the infamous Salamanca markets.... read more
R1- 2
R1- 3
R1- 5

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart May 2nd 2010

Ma olen nyyd ennast paar p2eva yritanud blogilainele seada, t2na on vist oige p2ev. Nimelt onnestus mul paariks n2dalaks Tasmaaniasse soita. Tasmaania on yks osariikidest, mis asub kagu Austraalias. See on pindalalt veidike suurem Eestis, kuid elanikke on ainult pool miljonit. Maastik on t2iesti uskumatu! Yhel hetkel oled vihmametsas, siis m2gedes ja 15 minuti p2rast rannas. Meil olid lennupiletid 30. m2rtsiks kella 6ks hommikul. Minuga lendamas olid veel 2 sobrannat toolt - Alison ja Rachel. Alison on Sotimaalt ja Rachel Floridast. Olime koik v2ga elevil, et nyyd tuleb suur seiklus. Kuna lennujaam on linnast p2ris kaugel, pakkus me s6ber Anthony (kes elab lennujaama korval), et voime tema diivanitel maanduda ja ta soidutab meid hommikul kell 5 lennujaama. Kolisime muidugi kohe sisse. Enne veel oli vaja t2histada Alisoni viimast ood Melbournes, sest tal oli pilet Tasmaaniast Sydneysse. ... read more
Kodutud p2evad

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart April 14th 2010

Ok, so I am away resting up (Ha Ha) at the Clark Rubber conference and there is only three sleeps to go! It has been like being on another planet over the last few days as it has been so busy I have hardly had time to think about Italy, but as we are coming to the last few days of the conference I am starting to get excited again about our great trip. I am getting text messages from the "Travellers" reminding me of how many sleeps and generally keeping me going until Saturday. Must admit I am concerned about Robyn being able to be the Financial Controller as I think Jenny thinks going on holidays means you spend, spend, spend and pay the credit card when you get home and from what I hear ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart April 14th 2010

Hobart is Tasmania’s harbour capital, located in the south-east of the state at the foot of majestic Mount Wellington. Hobart is Australia’s smallest and most historic capital in close proximity to beautiful natural surrounds and a provocative mix of history, contemporary art and culture. In Salamanca Place you will find 19th-century waterfront warehouses dating back to the 1830s whaling days. Today, they house cafes, restaurants, galleries and art studios, the ideal place to wander or enjoy alfresco dining. Every Saturday, the Salamanca Market is open to the public and boasts creative artisans and busker's on every corner. With over 400 stalls it is by far one of the best markets in Australia. The Huon Valley winds to the South of Hobart, where fruitful orchards and rich soil, of riverside settlements and towns on the forest fringe, ... read more
Hobart Huon Valley Trail
Woodbridge South East Coast
Woodbridge South East Coast

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