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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 15th 2014

The Final Part the Red Centre tour: Uluru Just say the word out loud now – fun isn’t it? Rhythmic and lyrical, like a profession of love with a mouthful of lamington. The Rock stands as a beacon, a honeypot, an inescapable must-see for any voyager to the land down under. That was how I rationalised the excursion anyway. Fair play say I to anyone who makes it all the way out there to see it – apart from those who take the direct flight out to the resort. That’s cheating. Having spent 12 hours on an overland train from Darwin to Alice Springs I felt I’d earned my kudos, add that to the 6 hour bus ride to Uluru and I have to say my expectations were pretty high. We arrived on Anangu land and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 11th 2014

An early one today..........up at 04.30 to get the Uluru Sunrise tour. Spectacular watching the sky and cloud colour changes and the effect on the "RocK". Then we did a trip round the base, stopping at various points. Our driver guide was very knowledgeable, having been brought up in the Aboriginal tradition. The climb wasn't open because rain was forecast. But we weren't going to do it anyway, as the elders frown upon it. And when we saw what it was like, I don't think we'd have done it - looked extremely difficult! Finished up in the Cultural Centre, where you learn more about the history and customs and have the opportunity to buy tribal artefacts. Last couple of pics are cave drawings! Got back to the hotel about 10 and had plenty of time for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 10th 2014

Up at 05 something this morning for the coach trip to Yulara (Ayer's Rock/Uluru).........stopped off at camel farm.......Erdlunga..........Mt Coner Lookout........before arriving at hotel just after 1........sandwich lunch.........walk into town (very hot but not a lot happening)...........refreshing dip in the pool...........before heading off on the Uluru Sunset trip complete with drinks and nibbles......and followed by an Aussie BBQ complete with Kangaroo steaks - didn't taste a lot different from cow. And then a bit of stargazing. Up even earlier tomorrow to see the sun rise on Uluru..........are we really on holiday?!? Some pics attached.......... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru December 2nd 2013

Hi everyone, This past weekend was spent in Australia's northern territory in what is known at the Outback! I arrived Friday evening, joined a tour group with Australia Adventure Tours Saturday morning and here's what I did: Day 1: (Friday) I flew to Ayers Rock in the morning then took a bus to Alice Springs seeing Mt. Connor along the way. I stayed the night in a hostel where I met my tour group first thing in the morning! Day 2: First thing in the morning I met with my tour group and we headed to King's Canyon which is approximately 5 hours from Alice Springs. Along the way, we stopped at a Camel farm where I rode a camel named Sparky! It was a lot like riding a horse except getting on a off is ... read more
Camel Farm (2) Sparky & Halle
Camel Farm (3)
Camel Farm (5)

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 5th 2013

Alarm at 4am ready for a pickup at 4.30! This morning it's Uluru sunrise and a cultural walk around the base of Uluru. Today's is a 5k walk so slightly worried!! The sunrise is even better than the sunset. The changing colours of Uluru are just fabulous as the sun starts to hit the sandstone. I was worried that I wouldn't get to feel the spirituality of the place but didn't need to worry, and the walk after with a very knowledgable and enthusiastic guide just made the trip. Even if she was a Canadian. We walked around about 50% of the base in two sections split by a coffee stop (and breakfast) at the cultural centre. Our guide explained all about the Aboriginal beliefs of the local tribes who are collectively called the Anangu. Tjukurpa ... read more
Sunrise at Uluru
Base walk
The whale


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 4th 2013

So today we leave Sydney and head off to Ayers Rock or Uluru as the natives like you to call it. We're flying to Ayers Rock though so obviously Australian airport authority doesn't care! We used the train again as our hotel was so close to the station. Trains here are double deckers. Very cool. Remember what I said about it being an ordinary commuter train? Well I have now found out that if you get off at the airport stops the fare is $15. If you get off the next stop down then it's only $4!!!! Rip off eh! At least London runs special train services to charge you three times the price. Talking of airports there was quite a queue for bag drop off. Not a problem you would say, you're on holiday so ... read more
First glimpse of the red desert
First glimpse of Uluru
Kata Tjuta walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 6th 2013

After our stay in Alice Springs, we headed south to Uluru, or The Rock, or Ayres Rock, in the red centre. The sealed road south and then west to The Rock is generally good, just broken shoulders in places, and work teams out setting things to right. As you head west up the Lassiter Highway, its not long before you see the rock, and then you realise that it is the wrong rock as the sides become more visible. There is a lookout to see the false rock (Mt Conner) as it stands out above the desert plain. The area is generally low shrubbed in the desert with a few exceptions such as at Mt Ebenezer where things are totally barren. When we did the Palm Valley trip, our guide said to cross the road at ... read more
Mount Conner
Lake Armadeus
That first look

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 29th 2013

As we drove towards Yulara, we were in for a bit of a culture shock, we had not been around this many people in a while, unfortunately for us our stop here was during the Qld school holidays. In the camp ground, caravans were outnumbered by Motorhomes and camper trailers. Our first morning has us up before dawn to see the sun rise over the rock, it was a pretty clear morning so there was not a lot of colour in the sun rise, it was still spectacular to see the changes in colour. We decided to walk the 10 km’s around the base of Uluru, we started early as it was a hot day. We came across a Thorny Devil on the walking track, I think he thought if he stayed still no one would ... read more
Uluru - Sunrise
Thorny Devil

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 16th 2013

Today we farewell Ana and Janusz Hooker (Foundation for Kids), Brian Spencer (Kidnected) and the talented crew of videographers, photographer and audio engineer. This team were so much fun to work with and really believed in the power of this project. Although the trip to Uluru comes to an end the students reflections have indicated that this is only the start of something more within their own lives and the lives of their new friends from the Mutitjulu Community. Hearts have been touched, differences made and the message of WONDERMENT continues to ring out... All the students are really excited about sharing their experiences and stories with family, friends and teachers......... Farewell from Mr Kuilenburg and Miss Turnbull... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 15th 2013

"What an incredible group of children! They all have hearts of gold and have embraced the experience forming beautiful friendships with the Mutigjulu children. They all sing from the heart!" Mr Kuilenburg "When I first met the kids and went into the community I was amazed by the happiness and energy all the kids had. I was excited when one of my new friends taught me a secret handshake. This experience has brought so many incredible experiences that I will never forget" Jackson Wiebe "At one point I had four children hanging off me, all wanting piggy-back rides. It was so inspiring. It was so cool to see that everyone in the community was a family. This trip has given me a new outlook on how fortunate I am to have chances like I do." Georgia ... read more

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