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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 26th 2013

Curtin Springs to Uluru Sunday 25 August Definitely a cold morning, we didn't get up until 7.30, Andy got the kettle on and I started to prepare the inside of Gypsy for our departure. We had a quick bacon and egg sandwich and finished packing up. It looks like Emu had some fun in the night, we think she must have walked into the poles of our awning, they had moved and the guide ropes had gone saggy, poor thing must have wondered what was in her path. She looks old but quite content hanging around the campers. We were on the road at 8.52, we seem to be much improved on our start times, I remember our last trip, most often we were not on the road until nearly 10am with all the packing up ... read more
Rosy Docks at Uluru's Base
Welcome Shelter on the Base Walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 16th 2013

Hi All, We left Alice Springs and went to Standley Chasm, then we went to Ellery Creek Big Hole, which was skimming rocks. Then we went to our camp site on the Finke River, we skimmed more rocks! There were heaps of fly's there!!!!! Then we drove around the Mereenie Loop Rd and we needed a permit as we were on Aboriginal Land. The next night we stayed at Kings Canyon Resort and Dad organised a Helicopter flight for me, Henry and Mum. We also walked around the bottom of the Canyon. Next stop was Yulara to see Uluru and the Olgas, which we saw today. I was puffed out after walking around all of them. I also bought a lizard today. Until next time.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 16th 2013

Day 7 - We were going to go to the big park but Mum was scared as there were group of men there. Day 8 - We went to this kind of Museum, it had bones, skulls and animals and we went to this plane thing and there was a competition who could draw the best plane. Day 9 - We left Alice Springs and stopped at Standley Chasm, Ellery big hole Ormiston Gorge and we camped the Finke River, we sat around the fire with Marshmallows. Day 10 - We woke up and there were Dingo tracks everywhere, we got to Kings Canyon and me and William kicked the footy. Day 11 - We did a big, big walk and we went on a helicopter ride and I got a bit dizzy. Day 12 - ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 15th 2013

The 4th and final part of an incredible outback experience. Day 5 This morning we said goodbye to our tour guide Shelley. The rest of the trip was provided by a second company, so we all piled onto a new bus and met 21 new people. The day involved a lot of driving. We stopped at a cattle station for a toilet stop and the station was the size of Luxembourg. How mad is that?! It needs to be that big as there's not much grass round the area, so each cow needs over an acre to be able to find enough food to graze on. We made it to the campsite. We cooked burgers for lunch before heading out to Kata-tjuta national park. It's a huge red rock formation close to Uluru. It was truly ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 7th 2013

Uluru, Northern Territory, 7 juillet Toute cette route dans les arides et plates étendues a pris son sens aujourd'hui... Je l'avais lu quelque part, mais il n'est que trop vrai que la vue de ce monolithe de grès rouge émergeant de la plaine vous fascine tout de suite et la magie opère immédiatement. Après installation au «resort» (vaste complexe comprenant camping, hôtel, restaurants et tout le tralala), je me précipitai et escaladai le rocher. Je sais, les aborigènes nous prient de respecter le côté sacré des lieux mais, comme des milliers de touristes, je n'ai pu résister... La montée est abrupte mais les émotions qui m'envahirent tout au long de cette entreprise resteront en moi à jamais. L'effort fut récompensé par la vue depuis le sommet, certes, mais aussi par ce sentiment très intense de réaliser ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 8th 2013

Hello from red dirt central, The last 10 days we have been doing the gaps, gorges, chasms, canyons, holes and rocks out from Alice. We restocked all supplies including a necessary brake repair to our Prado, which saw it in the shop for a few days which made for some creative transport options as Julie and Craig have removed their back seats and we didn't have a spare bike helmet, but we managed and we left Alice with new supplies all round. We then headed west stopping by Simpsons Gap, Ellery Big Hole (water hole) Stanley Chasm, Serpentine Gorge before pitching camp at Glen Helen Gorge, which has a lodge, pool, bar and petrol as well as camping facilities. We make ourselv... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 9th 2013

Da MUSS man einfach gewesen sein. Es ist tatsächlich überwältigend, was da inmitten des Outback aus dem Boden aufragt. Die paar jämmerlichen beigefügten Photographieversuche können das nicht vermitteln. Aber der Reihe nach: wir waren ja in Alice Springs (Blog 2 lässt´s erahnen ;-) und haben da eine - na ja ehrlich gesagt überflüssige - Nacht verbracht, die uns neben gesalzenen Preisen für ein eher schäbiges "bestes Haus am Platze" auch noch ein paar Schuhe gekostet hat (dazu spaeter). Am Vormittag sind wir nach dem Kauf der empfohlenen 2einhalbtausendLiterWasser mit unserem Kleinwagen 4,5 Stunden durch´s Outback geschlichen (max. 110 km/h), haben 0 Kängurus, 0 Eidechsen, 0 Spinnen, 0 Schlangen, überhaupt 0 bodenlebende Tiere und einen seehhr beeindruckenden Adler gesehen. Kein Problem, kein Grund, anzuhalten, so waren wir schnellstmöglich beim Uluru und konnten... read more
Kata Tjuta Wanderung
Kata Tjuta - Schlucht mit Wasserlauf
Uluru am Abend

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru March 7th 2013

On Saturday we flew from Sydney to Uluru (Ayers Rock in old money). Stayed at the Desert Gardens hotel in the Uluru resort - only four choices of accomodation type here all owned by the same group. On Saturday evening we watched the sun set over Uluru. There are several aboriginal creation stories, the geological story being of a sandstone formation that rose up around 400 million years ago. Uluru is in a line with Mount Conner on one side and the Olgas on the other, all forming at the same time along the same ridge. Uluru is only 350 meters above ground, and 6 kilometers below ground like an iceberg. On Sunday we visited the Olgas, which are of the same rock formation as Uluru, but their erosion has left them looking like lots of ... read more
Uluru at sunset
The Olgas
Mount Conner

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 1st 2013

It really is true what they say of the Outback - it goes on forever. Flying from Cairns to Alice Springs, as soon as we pass over the coastal mountain ranges, the vastness of interior Australia hits you. About 2/3 of Australia's population is gathered in its urbanized coastal cities, primarily the east coast. The government categorizes the population ranging from Major Cities to Very Remote - in the Northern Territory where we are headed, which is 520,000 square miles, there are only 210,000 people, or less than 3 per square mile - that definitely qualifies as Very Remote. We fly into the legendary Alice Springs but it appears that the legend has outlived the reality. What first catches our fancy however is the time change - just half an hour - apparently each state determines ... read more
Sails in the Desert
Sunset at Uluru
Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 16th 2012

I can see why the centre of Australia is called The Red Centre. It is just that! And it’s as beautiful as it is striking. King’s Canyon was without a doubt one of the highlights of this trip. After an early start to the day (the early mornings are definitely the best time for driving as it’s still cool), we did the 6km hike around the rim of King’s Canyon. It’s a steep climb to the top but once at the top, it’s a fairly leisurely walk with AMAZING views. The sheer cliffs, stone formations and the utter vastness of it took our breath away. Circular mounds, or domes, are dotted all over the landscape. These were formed after cracks appeared in the sandstone and rain and floodwaters smoothed them down. Lunchtime coincided very nicely with ... read more

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