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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moruya March 8th 2014

We woke at 8.30am and rechecked the van. The area was still damp but not soaking. There was water debris covering the yellow wheel chocks and up to 4 inches of the tyres. Some of the campers near us were busy hanging stuff on the airport perimeter fence to dry, but with 98% humidity, I doubt it will work! After watching a little yellow Gyrocopter do some “touch and goes”, we closed all the vents and windows in the van just in case it started raining again, as forecast, and set off for the Moruya Country Market. Many of the stalls were the same as at the Candelo Market last week, although there were a few more fresh produce stalls. Unfortunately, the handbag lady wasn’t there so I couldn’t try and get my bag. Barry did ... read more
Moruya Museum
Moruya Museum
Moruya Airport

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport March 7th 2014

And they embarked upon an epic adventure. They knew there would be many highs - and in the depths of their souls they knew these highs would be balanced with soul destroying lows (mainly squirty bum). Next stop, Katmandu...... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales March 7th 2014

Today we embark on the first cruise day of our vacation – aboard the Sun Princess. By our count, this is actually the 9thcruise we have taken. By comparison to the other ships we have sailed on, the Sun Princess is somewhat smaller than some of the larger ships we’ve been on lately. We have gotten an e-mail from the cruise line and the Cruise Director for this cruise will be the same person as on our British Cruise, and we’ve said that he’s one of the best we’d had in the past. Anyway, we are excited for this day to have arrived. Sun Princess – 1950 passenger capacity Navigator of the Seas – 3114 – Rome (2010) Crown Princess – 3080 – Baltic Cruise (2013) Ruby Princess – 3080 – Caribbean Cruise (2012) Grand Princess ... read more
Lifeboat Drill
Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Opera House

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moruya March 7th 2014

This morning we saw a little yellow plane doing more “touch and goes”. Barry identified it as a Foxbat plane. We enjoyed watching it for a while and then went to the Information Centre at the library, which was well timed as it started to rain and we avoided it while we were there. I managed to convince Barry that we should go back to Bodalla so we headed back the way we’d come yesterday. While we were working out where to park Barry noticed a sign outside the Bodalla Arms Hotel on the edge of town that said $8 lunch. We were both starving as it was almost 2pm. Luckily, they were still serving three of the four choices that had been on offer. I had a Fried Tortilla and sour cream, which included green ... read more
Bodalla Arms Hotel
Bodalla Cheese Factory
Bodalla Petrol Station Mural

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Old Bar March 6th 2014

Old Bar was stop number two and I loved it!! Our apartment was amazing, overlooking the beach and ocean it was the perfect way to wake up each morning looking out over the ocean!! We left Hunter valley fairly early so got there by the afternoon. We unpacked the cars and the 'parents' headed to the supermarket and stocked up on food and drink. Our first day there was boiling, we all had a nice lunch on our balcony and then headed down to the garden below to chill out as well as Kerry and Brad having a little game of netball lol. It was so beautiful on the beach I decided to go for a walk, a perfect afternoon really!! Me and brad then had a swim In the pool and then both headed back ... read more


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 6th 2014

So our next stop was Yamba! We headed off early morning again and got there for afternoon and arrived to sunshine yay!!!! We stayed in a cute resort with little lodges, we shared with Kerry and Dave and opposite our room was a huge hot tub, so yup as you can imagine brad was first in with me not far behind! We made a little, well maybe not so little friend too...a huge lizard!! I had to check with owner if it was harmful but apparently not and was part of the resort, they fed it and it was more scared if us than us of it....not so sure of that but we went with it! Kerry, Dave, Margaret and Keith went for a walk when we got there and me and brad chilled at the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moruya March 6th 2014

I will do two blogs today as we had a couple of last photos from Moruya that I want people to see. On our last afternoon at Moruya a large thunder and lightening storm brew up over the range inland from us. It was quite a light show and the smell of rain coming was quite exhilarating. Enjoy the photos.... read more
Moruya storm
Moruya storm

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bermagui March 6th 2014

Yesterday we moved on to Bermagui where our friends Keith and Jude have a holiday unit and have been telling us how great it is down here. I must say they are not wrong. A lovely little fishing town on the south coast. The town folk have done a lot of work to keep the town neat and tidy and looking great which would have to help them for tourism and keeping the town alive etc. We chose to visit now as the Seaside Fair is on, which leads me to add a bit of culture to my blogs and photos. As part of the fair, they offer artists an opportunity to place sculptures in the hillside park overlooking the township. It would appear a lot of the theme this year is recycling as many of ... read more
Milk Bottle Flower Garden
Milk Bottle Rhinocerous
Easter Island

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 6th 2014

Waiting to do the bridge climb..........lovely day, sunny, 21 degrees, not a lot of wind (outside!) nerves, says Rae. Take off in 30 mins! We did it.......interesting process getting kitted out......they think of everything, even the things for ensuring that you don't lose your glasses. Then there is the test climb! Surprise, surprise there are a few ladders to scale and steps to go up. But they don't rush you. I guess that we were on the bridge for a couple of hours and there is pretty much non-stop commentary on its construction and what you can see around you - we spotted bride being photographed in the gardens below, saw a sea-plane flying beneath us. Fabulous views of the city and the Opera House. Rae was very brave (she's not keen on heights......but the 2 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD March 6th 2014

I don’t know where to start. Sydney is fantastic! I only had two days to get to know this city of about 5,000,000 people, but I tried hard to experience as much as I could, and I liked everything I saw and experienced. When I left the Oosterdam I got a taxi to the Marriott Sydney Harbor at Circular Quay, a perfect location. There are several nice hotels in the area and I highly recommend the area as a base to explore Sydney. I got to the hotel before check in time but they secured my bags and I then checked with the concierge about how to get a good overview of Sydney in two days. He recommended a hop on hop off bus tour which I did. I wanted to use the open top deck ... read more

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