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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Palm Beach May 17th 2014

Hello everybody, The previous weeks were very busy, a lot of deadlines and work, so a good relaxing trip to the beach had to be arranged! Saturday early in the morning a friend and I took the bus to Palm Beach, it was a 1 hour long drive early in the morning but we where up for a nice day at the beach. With the swimming short on Luckily the beach was not crowded at all, so we had a nice relaxing day, beautiful pictures where taken and bay-watch ones as well ! :) A lot of television viewers will know Palm beach is known from the Home and away series on television for being videotaped over there. Home and Away’s mythical village of Summer Bay couldn’t have chosen a more idyllic location.. When the night ... read more
Beautiful view
Baywatch Pose
Palm Beach (2)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Coogee Beach May 11th 2014

G'day! Busy busy week this week with a full week of work and searching for accomodation. My first flat viewing was an apartment in Redfern which is supposed to be quite a nice area. This flat however was in a dindgy unlit street which resembled more of service road as opposed to anything else. The front door to the foyer was cracked and there was a homeless guy sleeping in basement. Such a great first impression. Second was a flat in Glebe which was a pretty nice place, only there was 8 other people in bedrooms. My bedroom was nice, but I decided that wasn't for me. Luckily Dee an Irish EHO from work recalled that one of her friends had put something on facebook requiring an extra room-mate. She gave me his number and later ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Griffith May 10th 2014

I probably shouldn't have told so many people where my car was parked with the keys inside, but I was happy when someone broke into it. For the past 3 days I've been working near Narrandera, helping Agri Australia plant hazelnut trees that will be used by Ferrero Rocher for the production of Nutella, and we were staying in 'Top Pub' (undoubtedly called this way because it's located at the top of the main road, not for any other reason). The hostel we work for arranged for us to stay there for a couple of nights, to save us the one and a half hour drive each day from Griffith to Narrandera. That it meant cooking our food with only a supply of boiling water and a microwave, ah well, right? But yeah, the first night ... read more

Hello fellow friends, I'm competing in a video competition and made a compilation about my internship in Australia. Could you guys post and promote the following video on your Facebook, … page please. It’s for a PXL - international video competition 😉. Share it and spread it to the world. Thank you very much, all of you for the support !! Oh and don't worry, my stay in Australia is not finished yet, so there will be more posts ! Greetz/Groeten/Salut, Maxim Asnong... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 8th 2014

So glad to be back in Sydney again so soon after my last trip here, even if it is just for one night. I didn't have my usual nap in the morning on arrival to hotel as I wanted to go to breakfast with my crew. We got a wee ferry from Darling Harbour round to Circular Quay. Was really nice as some of the girls had never been to Sydney and the comes in to the Quay under the Harbour Bridge and can see Sydney Opera House. We had breakfast at one the cafés at Circular Quay that looks onto boats coming and The Harbour Bridge. Had lovely breaky and we were on the sparkly! Really enjoyed it and the weather was so nice. Some of us headed back to hotel for a sleep. I ... read more
The gang on the ferry
Darling Harbour in background
Good morning sydney


Good Afternoon, or evening/ night for those in Merry England. So an eventful week this week, but not alot of touristy stuff took place as to be frank the weather has been awful. Mr Maullin's parting comment to me was ' remember your hat and sun cream as you will burn' Well to be frank I have considered buying a coat. On wednesday I went for my interview at the city council and managed to get some work for the next 3 months with the possibility of extending it to the maximum my visa allows of 6 months. They employ around twenty eho's so the prospect of movement and possible sponsorship is on the cards if I want to take it. The pay is more than double my wage in the UK, but the cost of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills April 29th 2014

G’day! So i’ve been a busy bee since my last blog on Tuesday/ Wednesday. I survived the stupidly long flight and got to the hostel about 8.30am in the morning. Luckily the hostel allowed me to check in earlier so I made my way up to my room to find 3 people zonked out asleep, still inebriated from the night before. Not wanting to wake anyone up, I went downstairs for a few hours and got chatting to a Northern Irish guy called Charlie, who is on a working holiday visa too. Determined to keep myself awake until at least 10pm ( to adjust to the time difference) I decided to take a free walking tour around the city. This was a really great tour with lots of history and knowledge behind the buildings a tourist ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 29th 2014

The bus arrived in Byron Bay early in the morning so we walked the 10 minutes to our hostel, Backpackers Inn. The hostel appealed to me straight away, it had a large social area, hammocks, volley ball net, swimming pool and you were actually allowed to drink your own alcohol (a huge rarity in Australia)! There was also a small path at the back of the garden which led straight to the beach in less than a minute and the beach was really nice. We finally checked into our room and met two Essex girls called Laura and Amy who both seemed like they had decent banter which is a massive bonus when you have to share a room with people all the time. We sorted our stuff out and then all jumped in the pool ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill April 27th 2014

Dear followers, I'm very tired, but I still want to post a new update about this thrilling road-trip to the outback of Australia ! I started off with packing 'my bag', because I was only allowed to take a carry-on backpack of 7kg with me. I rushed to the stores, bought a backpack a drinking bottle, new sim-card(other provider with better signal in these outback area's and some handy equipment. Easter holidays were kicking in, so I had to hurry to get the materials. Printed out all the documents of the navigation, attractive tourism spots, ... On paper: The complete trip was 1400km and 19 hours driving, with 5 fuel refills. Actual trip: The actual trip was 1900 km and 26 hours driving, with 3 fuel refills. After this I was fully prepared for the trip, ... read more
Mildura park & river (2)
Desert - behind the fences (6)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour April 21st 2014

Our last few days in Sydney have been just great to relax, have a great family time with the Colfers, catch up with Alison and also to really get to know Sydney well On Monday the Coleman’s and Chloe (Tom was at football camp) headed off to Sydney. After a very leisurely start to the day (with a bit of football, running etc thrown in)…..we headed back towards Darling Harbour which has lots of interesting activities and sights on offer. I had been really taken with the National Maritime Museum and so the kids and Michele also spent some time there whilst I explored the sights in the harbor. Of particular interest was the exact replica of the ship Endeavour which was used by Captain James Cook on his voyages to Tahiti, New Zealand and also ... read more

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