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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour March 3rd 2014

1st March Sydney, Australia Another time change last night (I think that’s 17 so far) sees us reaching one of our favourite cities. This is the first time we have arrived by sea, so we were both up at 6 am (me on deck for the first hour) to see the whole transit into the harbour. Unfortunately the weather did not want to play ball and it was quite squally and cool as we passed ‘The Heads’ and made our way towards Sydney. The 1st March is Australia’s first day of Autumn and I suppose the weather reflected that, to us it was a nice warm morning with some warm rain. We had arrived on Mardi Gras weekend and we had been warned that the ship was to be decorated with banners etc, what ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport March 3rd 2014

1 mars (...encore a Auckland, Nouvelle-Zelande) Annie et Marilou ont quitte le Pays de tres bonne heure ce matin. Je me reveille donc, seul dans le petit dortoir a trois places aux couleurs mauve et lime de la "Jucy Hotel". Je prend un grand respire avant d'organiser ma journee, journee qui devrait devier quelque peu de mon plan initial. Je reverifie a la reception du "Jucy" si il y a de la place pour moi ce soir. Full house. Je reverifie sur le net les autres hostels... Full. Complet. Ce soir, Auckland est "No Vacancy". Bon. Je dois trouver autre chose donc. J'appelle Air New Zealand avec qui je devais voyager demain apres-midi seulement... et Bingo! Pour 35$, je devance d'une journee mon depart pour Sydney! Et Hop! Me voila donc a manger un "Butter chicken ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 3rd 2014

On Sunday I walked through quarter Kings Cross. At first alone and later with a guided tour from . It is a nightlife area. We heard something about the people who lived and died there. Today when I woke up the sun was shining. I was so happy. The Bridge Climb was a fascinating experience and the lovely wheather underpinded the good feeling. The highest point is 134 meters high, but there were no bad feelings because of the hight. It was just enjoying the beautiful view about Sydney and relaxing the trip. After the tour it started pouring rain again. No chance to take good photos from Sydneys most known sightseeing objects.... read more
Bridge Climbers - not my group
Harbour Bridge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Merimbula March 3rd 2014

Our lazy day was lovely. The weather was warm and sunny so we sat outside for a while and then took a slow stroll around the large holiday park grounds. Along one side is a creek with trees lining its banks, full of Bell Miners and Little Wattlebirds. At the end, we saw five kangaroos resting in the shade of some trees. They stood up tall when they saw us coming and kept watching us. We gave them a wide berth and they settled back down, unlike the heron that flew a bit further away. Just past them was a path that led to the Merimbula Lake shore, where there were small mangrove trees at the edge and we could see oyster beds in the water. We sat in the shade and had the delicious date ... read more
The view across Lake Merimbula from the Holiday Park
Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on a bottlebrush

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Candelo March 2nd 2014

Today we started by going to the Candelo Farmer’s Market, despite Barry’s reluctance. He doesn’t like markets and I love them so we have to compromise and go to some. I bought some nice fresh vegetables but, with only a very small fridge and little storage cupboard space, it had to be small quantities, unfortunately. The best buy was a punnet of various types of home grown tomatoes for $2, including grape tomatoes, romas and one I can’t wait to try – Tiger tomatoes, which are kind of stripy red and green. I also found a 500g jar of home-made blackberry and apple jam for $6 - a vast improvement on the $5 or $6 for a 250g jar most stalls were charging! I expect to pay more for home made jam but that’s ridiculous. Barry ... read more
The lower lookout on Mt Myrtle
Goodenia Rainforest Walk
Goodenia Rainforest Walk


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 1st 2014

My first day in Sydney startet with rain. Yesterday evening I arrived in Australia. I just checked in into a hotel and did nothing interesting. Today in the morning I looked out of the window und saw it was raining. Before I travelled I hadn't thaught that I had to use my rain jacket in Australia. Now I am happy that I have this jacket here. On my way to the Sydney Opera house I walked through the Royal Botanic Garden. There are many big trees and a lot of flowers. The entry is free and I liked to walk between the beautiful nature. It was warm but wet. You can see the Harbour Bridge behind the houses from the park. In the harbour Queen Elizabeth is anchoured. The Opera is a big building and a ... read more
Queen Elizabeth
Mardy Gras

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Coogee March 1st 2014

Wow, it's been a while, I'm sorry for not updating y'all in so long. Obviously I'm not very diligent with this blog thing. We have been in Australia since June 2013 if you can believe that. We are here on the working/holiday visa, trying to save money. I'll have to write about our time here soon but for now I want to mention the places we went in South America and then I'll post some sort of journals I wrote at various points. After my last blog post we went on to many places in Peru but the highlights were, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco where we met up with my parents, Machu Picchu and Mancora. Then we went to Ecuador which is one of my favorite countries! We went to Loja, Villcabamba, Cuenca, Puerto Lopez, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 1st 2014

With February coming to an end, I realised that I’m already halfway through my time here at Solum farm. I’m also no longer the latest arrival at the farm; a couple of days after I came here a small mob of Dexter cows and some very cute little calves joined the crew (1) . My first week here involved helping putting the fencing up and clearing paddocks for the new arrivals. In my New Zealand WWOOF-ing days I have learned a fair bit about moving animals (often the hard way) so I’m glad that I’m not so useless /blond, but it will not likely become my favourite hobby, luckily this mob of animals are pretty easy to deal with. Soon after the cows had settled into their new home Mike organised for a bull to join ... read more
2. new garden bed
3. good looking plants
4. mingle @ Green Drinks Yamba

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 1st 2014

Februari komt tot het einde, dit houdt in dat mijn tijd op Solum Farm in Australië alweer op de helft is. Ik ben ook niet langer de laatste aanwinst op de boerderij; een aantal dagen na mijn aankomst arriveerden een kleine kudde Dexter koeien en 3 schattige kleine kalfjes.(1) In mijn eerste week heb ik meegeholpen een de omheining op orde te brengen. In mijn NZ WOOF-ing dagen heb ik al het een en ander geleerd over het verplaatsen van dieren, dus ik ben niet helemaal groen/ blond meer, maar ik zie het niet echt mijn favoriete hobby worden. Deze kudde maakt de klus erg gemakkelijk. Zodra de koeien waren gesetteld, organiseerde Mike voor een stier om op “werkbezoek” te komen voor een aantal weken. Met de komst van de koeien op de farm, word het ... read more
2. new garden bed
3. good looking plants
4. mingle @ Green Drinks Yamba

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross March 1st 2014

My first impressions of Sydney were: 1) surprising amounts of rain, 2) plenty of European bakeries where they sell decent bread for a change, 3) gaaaaaaaaay. And by that I mean I arrived on the day of the annual Mardi Gras in Sydney, it's gay parade, biggest in the world (or at least the most famous?). And it's Fabulous. No I really loved it. It used to be about the glamour, now half of it seems to be just the grassroots-ness of it all, and the liberal messages liberally sprinkled throughout the parade. And just how many different groups support it, and the varied ways it finds expression: I've seen police officers, prison league rugby players, parents, kids, army people, Daleks exterminating homophobia, gaymers, people in Star Trek uniform dragging a Death Star (I didn't get ... read more
Nearby park

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