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Finally! We're home! The trip was wonderful. On our last day, we stopped at Tom Raper's RV Super Store. They're the biggest in the mid-west. Used to be biggest in the US until a manufacturer opened a store in Florida. Anyway, they had everything you could want...except one our size and price range. 5000 miles later, we're sitting at home in our living room. Feel free to leave any comments and we'll see you on our next trip! The Trail Riders Mandie and Benji Visited US States Map ... read more

Unfortunately, we were off to a late start from Pennsylvania. When we got to our hotel the night before, my trunk refused to open. I had forgotten to tell R that my car key doesn't open the trunk door and that she needed to pop the trunk instead. When she tried to use the key, something got stuck and my trunk door wouldn't open (with our suitcases inside!). Luckily, my back seats pull forward and we were able to retrieve our suitcases -- although not without some difficulty since I had packed every nook and crevice of the trunk. And my largest suitcase was super-heavy, since, ummm, it's actually, literally, filled with stones. Okay, small rocks that I've collected here and there. Some from Alaska from when I went fishing at every body of water ... read more

Hey there! Welcome to the beginning of our cross country trip! All of this started last year when we bought our camper. Ahh...our camper. 25 years old, but it has a lot of character! ... read more

Hello everyone out there in blog land... So sorry we haven't been keeping this site up to date, but it's often hard to find internet on the road, and to spend time on the computer when there's so much else to see and do. For everyone who hasn't heard yet, we've actually stopped traveling. We made it to Morgantown, West Virginia, and decided we didn't want to leave. So we rented a house with our friend Ed and have been working on the whole getting-a-job thing. Wes got hired last week as a cook at the West Virginia Brewing Company, and I am starting my new job today as a bartender at Hibachi, a great Japanese restaurant. We got a dog yesterday, named Mouse (a pound mutt, she's super small and sweet), and we've been meeting ... read more

West Virginia: Wild & Wonderful...AND Open for Business... So here I am. Now. Engulfed by thoughts of what is yet to come. Can I not just enjoy the moment? Can I not just live in this instance? Doubtfully so, says the eight ball. Shake again!... Ask again later. I must admit that I live for the future. The future to me is like a carrot on a rope held in front of a rabbit. I do like carrots coincidentally, preferably glazed. The question I ponder is, am I focusing too much on the future and overlooking today? I find it irresistible to think about what lies ahead in my life. I get excited thinking about the journies I will travel, the people I will meet, and the places I will see. I'm living and going to ... read more


looks as though once a month updates will be it for a while. i finished as much at the pops' house as possible last week. the day i left for another mini vacation in gulf shores, florida, i helped to lay the sod(grass squares) that had arrived that morning. one nap and 3 hours later i was resting in a condo on the beach. i spent 3 days there working on my tan, which is getting noticed these days. woohooooo. after florida, i headed to west virginia with a stopover at my niece and nephew's in virginia. i spent a great weekend with them. this memorial day weekend, my nephew came to his dad's, my brother's, house as did i. we are spending a nice weekend gaming and swimming in his pool. my next update ... read more

I decided to take a little drive from Western MD where I was staying last night for dinner. I jumped the border into West Virginia, mostly becasue I had the time, but also due to the fact that I have never been there before. I drove for about an hour and came to this little roadhouse called "The Brass Ring" there seemed to be quite a few cars out front so it must have been popular. Well I walked in and it was a roadhouse bar and grill. It had the typical pool table, dart boards, and locals puffing away at cigs and drinking pitchers of beer. Now remember I was still in my suit (I had ditched the tie in the car) and looked a bit over dressed, but I walked up to the ... read more

OD We stayed too long at the "Bear's Den." Spent the morning swapping stories with a section hiker. He has a trail name but he is about to get a new one. I have renamed him "Manhatten Bear Slayer" if you meet him you will know why. The route for the day involved seven mountains and ten miles. CC was a real trooper and we walked into the shelter after dark. We did the last mile and a half with our headlamps on. CC was bringing up the rear until an undertermined creature made a bunch of noise. The noise gave her some serious energy and all of a sudden she wanted to be in front. There were some other nice New Yorkers there and we had a nice time chatting until bed time. Once ... read more
Pressing down the trail
At least this tree was cut away
Gonna be a while?

OD Much nicer day than yesterday. Not as many hills and much more dirt than stone. There were only nine miles instead of 10. The day was overcast until about 3PM. We were walking in the fog through leafless trees silouted against the gray. We got some real great photos and made it to the shelter at 4PM. We had plenty of time to pull all the tent stuff out and let it dry. Plenty of time to cook and enjoy dinner while the sun was up. We still have about an hour of light left and I'm sitting at a bench in front of the shelter cathcing up on yesterday and today's journal entries. We are getting stronger every day and CC's ability to consume more than her normal food portions is getting better ... read more
Our portable home away from home
Breakfast before heading out
A beautiful silhouette in the fog

CC Been to tired to talk or type the last two nights. 2 days ago we did our first 10 mile day. Long, hard and did the last 1.3 miles in the dark with headlamps. Crossed swamp on boardwalk and once on firm ground thought I heard a bear behind me in the bushes and flew past OD to use him for bait. Next day did most of our walking in the fog. Got some nice pictures and did 9 miles with few problems. I did however do the last down hill into camp in my "Crocks" backwards, as it felt better that way. Most of my long down hills are done backwards as it helps my knees. Today (5th) we had a few snow flakes join us for breakfast. A real cold wind blew ... read more
Making it look easy
Stone stairs
Walking a mile in their shoes

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