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North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond April 8th 2013

Richmond. That name brings back memories of being in my Uncle Wal's pool a little hour away from Sydney, nestled in the Blue Mountains. This Richmond is a little different. After our Megabus did a sweeping turn around a bend, me and my companions had finally arrived at our first stop of Spring Break - Richmond V.A. Situated under layers upon layers of railway tracks, we dragged our luggage into a Victorian inspired railway station, complete with memorabilia of Richmond's most famous resident, George Washington (maybe you've heard of him). Then we made a realisation, our motel was 20 minutes from the downtown area of Richmond. This meant getting a taxi. A lovely Taxi Driver pulled up by the name of Millard. Millard, a single father who runs the Gold Crown Taxi service on his own, ... read more
Downtown Richmond at Night

North America » United States » Virginia » Afton March 16th 2013

Woke up rested on Saturday Morning. Even though it looked like rain and rain was predicted, we chanced it and decided to hike up Humpback Rocks. We sure were happy we did! Definitely a fun and tiring hike (especially because the path was still icy in many spots.) The view from the top was very impressive for a flatlander like myself. Feeling as if we earned it, we went to Paulie’s Pig Out ! The link will give you my full review of the experience(large portions, epic mac & cheese, good ribs). Everything I tried was excellent. Continued up the road to Devil’s Backbone brewery. Ranked above Blue Mountain Brewery, but slightly below Starr Hill Brewery. They had good IPAs, a quality ESB, and a good summertime brew called Garland. We also munched on a giant ... read more
Humpback Rocks

North America » United States » Virginia » Afton March 15th 2013

Trip is based off of this article in Draft Magazine. Drove from Maryland down to the Charlottesville area in VA. Luckily, there was almost no traffic, leaving at around 2pm. First stop: Starr Hill Brewery! They don’t have a restaurant, just a tasting room at the bottling facility. Inexpensive sampler. Of all the Breweries in this area, the most polished and best tasting top to bottom. Picked-up a cool Roostar Beer/Coffee Sampler (Coffee and Beer: The Dynamic Duo!) Checked into the url= Mountain Bed and Breakfast . Everything was great at the Inn. We had substitute innkeepers, but everything was delicious and we rested well the entire weekend. Went to Blue Mountain Brewery for... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk January 4th 2013

The weather is behaving and giving us a favourable window starting tonight. We will leave at midnight. The winds will be higher as we start out, but will diminish as the night goes on. If we are not too tired we will skip Beaufort and head for Wrightsville Beach because the winds and waves are still very calm right into Sunday. Plan for the moment is to arrive at Wrightsville Beach in Masonboro Inlet by 2 pm Sunday. We will monitor weather and our fatigue and make the decision along the way. We are now making final lists of things we need to get done before we tuck in for an early sleep this evening. We had tested the motor again yesterday and to our disappointment although it was better it was still overheating at high ... read more
christmas decor
christmas lights
New Years at the Tiki Bar

North America » United States » Virginia » Winchester January 1st 2013

Happy New Year! Here we are, off to a fresh new start. Where shall we stop first on this already interesting journey? ......Camping World, of course. Why there, you ask. Read on... After limping our wounded RV out on the expressway (Rt. 81), I mentioned to Cory that our new Blue Oxx hitch seemed to be jerking more than usual. Next roadside rest, he pulled in and checked it. One lever on it seemed disengaged and just flopped around. Good Grief, Charlie Brown...this is supposed to be a GOOD year! Fortunately, with my trusty IPad, I was able to locate the closest Camping World and it was open!! Cory drove the 75 mile distance to Winchester, Virginia at 55 mph. Actually, that was quite nice....not so fast that my hair gets slickered back like a hood ... read more
Camping World
New Hitch
Old Hitch


North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk December 30th 2012

A small weather window opened up for Caribee to make her move around Cape Hatteras. We left Deltaville at midnight Friday morning in the moonlight. It was beautiful, but it was very very cold. The waters were confused and it was hard to nap between the cold and the rolling of the boat. Caribee handled very well, and so did the autopilot when we needed a break. As we approached the end of the Chesapeake we had to bring in our sail, the wind was in the wrong direction. When the motor had to work hard without the help of the sail it began to overheat at high revolution. We had not experienced this before and could not find any leaks or anything strange. This kept happening, and we had to reduce speed as the dawn ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Deltaville December 25th 2012

Ok I have to admit that I hoped to not send out another message from Deltaville.... we thought we would have left by now. But a few issues came up, and the weather has not co-operated since those issues were corrected, and so we are still here for Christmas. Luckily although the winds are not in our favour at least the temperature is higher than orginally forecast and it is not unpleasant at all. We work on projects and watch the weather carefully for our departure. We went through our first crazy winds in the water. It was not fun being tied to a dock with winds changing direction all night and gusting to gale forces. It was a learning experience and good practice since we took shifts checking the lines and fenders. We would have ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia December 19th 2012

I went down to visit my friend Sue. She was formally employed where I currently work. She has always said that her spare bedroom will always be ready to be occupied by me. I have spoken with her in terms of travel nursing. If and when I can get down there with a contract I will be able to use her address to obtain a state license. With ongoing work at my full time position, my per diem position, and my BSN classes it is a little difficult to get down there for a driver's license. You do not need a DL to obtain a VA license; however, upon reading further you do need a permanent address to obtain a VA license with compact status. For those that do not know a compact license for nursing ... read more
Lake Anna
Lake Anna

North America » United States » Virginia » Deltaville December 16th 2012

Yesterday we took our first trial run on Caribee. Although we had done a test run before buying her, at that moment we were not controlling the boat, we were just passengers. This time she is our boat. We started the motor a day or so ago. It started right away, ran beautifully- it's ready to go. It was a fantastic afternoon. We put on the genoa at the dock because there was no wind. The sail is in good shape, we are pleased. Although it is a very big sail it is also light, so I am convinced that with a few more muscles I'll be able to pull it in even under load of heavier winds. I'll have to work on those muscles :) After securing everything on the boat and making sure all ... read more
it's not big for the boat, but it's still a big sail!
all is good!
a new view!

North America » United States » Virginia » Deltaville December 16th 2012

Just in case we don't report back before then, we would like to wish everone a very Merry Christmas and very happy holidays! :)... read more

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