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May 14, 2013 (Oklahoma City, OK) Final preparations for Dean McGee's Global Eye Care Program's visit to Chengdu, China are underway. Final clinical responsibilities, packing, and getting the best seating we can on the flights over are all done. One more day of work to tidy things up before we leave for ten days. The team this year includes two DMEI faculty, one fellow, one resident, two ophthalmologists from Kaiser Permanente Northern California and eight members from the University of Oklahoma's CCEW program. The primary goal of this trip is to finalize and sign an agreement with Sichuan Provincial People's Hospitalto pilot and implement a plan to open the Sichuan Eye Institute (SPEI) in Chengdu. This "sister" eye institut... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 9th 2013

Yesterday afternoon we carefully watched the northwest skies, hoping for a glimmer of what might be expected once the sun went down. As with the rest of Oklahoma, once the sun sets and cold and warm fronts collide, it's anyone's guess as to what to expect. There was lightening early on in the evening. It was somewhat difficult to see as our location was rather low in the canyon and the cliffs did serve to block some of the view. However, after dark, the northwest skies lit up! Had we been top-side, I am sure the show would have been spectacular. As it was, we had our nightly s'mores and headed in to bed. No movie -we were beet from the "strenuous" activities of the day. ... read more
Mother Goose with her Babies - Goslings
Cynde was Mesmerized by the Canola
Rigged Out Headin' Home

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 8th 2013

Some places demand a return visit. Roman Nose State Park is one of those places. Although we visited in March, May provides an entirely new perspective and definitely new experiences! Rather than being bundled up to face the cold north chill, our attire is shorts and tees. After all, when you go paddling, you have to dress for the occasion! Our trip out from the City mandated a lunch stop at Eischen’s for chicken and okra. In case you have not been to Okarche in a while, the rumors on the internet are not true. Eischen's has not closed, as noted on Urban spoon. For $14 you can get a whole chicken, cut, breaded and deep fried. Throw in about two quarts of fried okra, and you are set for a walking coronary! The okra was ... read more
Settled in for the Night
It's a Long, Hard Trail
Water Sports

North America » United States » Oklahoma April 29th 2013

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is located off of Highway 44, between OKC and Lawton, OK. According to their website and brochure, it was established by President McKinley in 1901. It is approximately 59,000 acres where the bison and the Texas longhorn roam freely. When looking at the skyline, the mountains do not look like typical mountains but it is said that they are indeed mountains but unlike the Blue Ridge mountain, Washington Mountain, The Rockies-most of the mountain at Wichita is still underground. There are many stories of the past, many include lost treasures that were buried by the Native Americans and the Spanish colony. During the early 1900s, mining was popular. There is much more information at the well put together Visitor Center with interactive displays, movie documentary of the Refuge, and helpful people runn ... read more
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Claremore April 28th 2013

DAY SIX: APRIL 27, 2013 I got the Jeep serviced this morning in El Reno, Oklahoma and finally got the damn tire light cancelled. They did the work for free because of being a disabled veteran. There are a handful of eating places for breakfast in that little town but I didn’t find one open. Finally found a Mexican joint that was open and had tacos for breakfast. This weekend they are enjoying their annual Burger Festival. Folks in El Reno take their onion burgers seriously. The festival is like a chili cook off, except it is onion burgers; not chili. The winner will get bragging rights for a whole year. I rolled to a stop this evening at the Will Rogers Inn in Claremore, OK after a drive of 253.5 miles. Place has ... read more


North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno April 27th 2013

DAY FIVE: April 26, 2013 I came to roost this evening at the Super 8 in El Reno, OK after a drive of 251.6 miles. El Reno is less than a hundred miles from Sayre. The Super 8 is a shoddy old run down joint, but it is what I found. Folks hereabouts are not big on motels or restaurants I guess. I had an old army pal who lived here his whole life. He died a few years back and I would like to pay my respects at his grave site, but did not arrive until all offices were closed for the weekend. I tried calling some relatives but had to leave messages at both numbers. It is why I hate goddam telephones. Dinner tonight was at a place called Montana Mike’s. It ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma April 21st 2013

We started our travel to Woolaroc Ranch and Preserve in Pawhuska, OK at 8:30 am, as we anticipated that it would take us approximately 4 hours to get there. Woolaroc Ranch and Preserve derived it's name from woods, lakes and rocks. The preserve was established and built by Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum Co in 1925. It is a very large preserve for animals that roam the property such as water buffalo, many varieties of deer, zebras, ostriches,and other animals. The first stop in the Preserve was the Mountain Man Village. We spoke to the mountain man and he explained how they hunted and lived in the early days. He also show us how to throw tomahawks and we each got to shoot at a bear target with a flintlock rifle. We continued to drive ... read more
Mountain man camp
Mountain man
Ax throwing

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 14th 2013

18 years ago on April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh and his cohort decided to destroy the innocence of America. Even moreso, the innocence of Oklahoma City. Since I had known that I was coming to Oklahoma-one of the top visits were going to be the OKC Memorial. Before 9-11, April 19th happened. While I was in Minnesota, awaiting my first nephew (who came 3 days later on April 22) a bomb exploded on a rental truck infront of the Murrah Federal Building. I often ask myself why anyone would do this? Or 9-11? Or the Holocaust? Or anything that harms other people. I just can never and will never be able to wrap my head around it...NEVER. On the grounds are is the memorial of the victims, survivors, and rescuers. Included are the Surviving Tree, the ... read more
Started off like everyother day.
The floors of the building and where companies were located in the building.
That morning court proceeding

North America » United States » Oklahoma April 4th 2013

I left Connecticut at about 3:30am on Thursday April 4th. I traveled for about 8 hours down to Lake Anna, Virginia and stayed at my friend's place. It was a house full. She normally lives alone with her two pugs. However, her daughter and son in law put their house on the market because they were building a house. They certainly did not think that it would sell quickly but it did in 1.5 days!!!! So needless to say, they are staying with my friend. I originally was not going to stay there, I suggested I get a hotel room because I did not want to make anyone funky, etc. It was my friend, her daughter, her son in law, her grandchild and their two dogs, along with my friend's two pugs. Here I am and ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 31st 2013

I'm guessing most people will read this when the wake up Sunday Morning….good morning and HAPPY EASTER! We are driving into the wee-hours of the morning here in Oklahoma. Headed for New Mexico and plan to spend the better portion of a week there. A re-cap of the last few days since we have been “off the grid” and in the Louisiana Bayou. 3.28.13. Kisatchie National Forest- No showers, no running water, and free entrance! Most people had to carry their belongings into their camp since parking is off the camp site – however we pilled everything onto the kitchen and wheeled right in! We were excited to set up our awesome new tent (THANKS JACKS!!) and cook lunch. After lunch we took a little walk and explored our surroundings- the water was really gross, and ... read more
Thank you Jacks
Thank you Auntie Lisa
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