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North Church built 1723 Old State House Faneuil Hall built in 1742 Granary Burying Ground The Boston Commons Park Street Church Paul Revere House... read more

Holocaust Memorial 6 glass columns to represent the 6 death camps.... read more

Dinner at the Hard Rock after walking the Freedom Trail.... read more

Walking around Harvard and learning about the history.What are the 3 lies about the statue?... read more

Well, I have been looking for these! I finally found images of Boston I took over the summer when they opened the new contemporary art wing of the MFA Boston! The new wing opened Sept. 18th, 2011 and unveiled seven new galleries with over 200 pieces by the likes of El Anatsui, Lynda Benglis, Mark Bradford, Kathy Butterly, and many more. So here is a selection of images displaying two of my favorite things; modern art and city lights. MFA Boston website: read more
Clock tower and fountain in the North End
Art can be..


North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston February 10th 2012

After a great day yesterday we didn't have much planned until our 3pm flight and so I thought I'd try and push my luck and ask Lauren if we could go back to the TD Garden as I thought there was a sports museum there. We've seen plenty of shops and shows so a little sports museum wouldn't hurt! It was the New England (Boston) sports museum and it was fantastic. Heaps of memorabilia and great photos from over the years of the Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox. We were also lucky because while we were there, the Boston Bruins Ice Hockey team were training on the rink that was a basketball court just the night before. I asked the lady how long it actually took to transform and she said their absolute minimum time ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston February 9th 2012

Up early and out of the hotel by about 7.30am to head to JFK before a 10am flight to Boston. The weather was perfect with the sun out and no real wind chill. Boarded the plane and the flight was only 40 minutes so you're basically there before you get settled. Our hotel is in the main theatre district which is in the main part of town, mostly everything is reachable on foot so we took off and went to Boston Common. This is a large park right in the heart of the city and has been there for close to 400 years. Boston is famous for their tree-lined streets and although all the leaves have gone during winter, you could tell that it would look pretty good. Without having much planned, we had lunch and ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston February 8th 2012

What do clovers, Guinness, Leprechauns, and Celtic crosses all have in common? They are all symbols of Ireland..Well, at least the cliches I know as an American growing up in the United States.Ireland's culture and reputation is one that has come to exceed the country's borders. Their traditions gone mainstream, now advertising makes great use of the folklore and their celebrations have turned into a great excuse to drink. It leaves one wondering; what does it truly mean to be Irish? This is the question Justin Bell poses in his documentary "Seven Shades... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 16th 2012

I turned 23 today. Looks like I'll be spending the first 20 hours of adulthood waiting in terminals, sleeping upright, and surviving on cold processed sandwhiches. Behind me, every influence that comprises me. Ahead, a road unkown. All I can be sure of now is that one chapter of my life has ended and the next will be written with the liberty I've only recently achieved. I sit here at gate 11, waiting for my flight to JFK. I feel very much at ease, as though, after months of paddling, my raft has finally reached the current by which I'll sail from Peru to Cuba. The comforts will be few and the risks will be many, but what I attain will be invaluable. This is how I wish to begin my adult life. I'm ready for ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 9th 2012

One week until my first big world travel trip! After one full day stop-over in London, we'll be landing in Delhi, and then have 8 days to make it to Bodhgaya for meditation retreat. I was planning on taking a train from Delhi to Bodhgaya, however my friend just told me that its a very bad idea as trains on that route in India don't have prive sleeper cabins and he discouraging me from taking the train... so with one week left I need to come up with another plan. India travel is already proving to be as difficult as everyone has promised!... read more

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