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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver October 5th 2008

It doesn't seem possible that we have been retired for almost 2 months now, and starting on our long awaited adventure. I haven't been very good at keeping in touch. The intent is to have this blog do that... give you some ideas as to our location and timing for you to visit us along the way. Jeff and I rented our house In Irvine, CA on Sept 6th and scrambled to move our belongings out on time for the new family to pull up with thier moving truck. We hugged our neighbors goodbye and drove off in our van with our dog, Ben, and a trailer attached to the back with all the things we might need on a boat for a year or two. We're in Denver now visiting with our daughter and son-in-law, ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 25th 2008

So i got to do some fun things with some local colorado-ans...It is a pretty crazy story and i think God is pretty funny when he does stuff you dont expect. Especially when it is out of the blue and far beyond co-incidence. So as i mentioned earlier, i stayed with a couple called Kenny and Sue (this was as soon as i arrived). I had never met them before or even been in contact before i arrived, It had been organised through Andrew and Lisa. The first day i was staying with this couple they had to work so i ended up just taking it easy and walking round a bit, checking stuff out but mainly staying round the house. Sue rang me up cos the night before she had been up thinking to her ... read more
Ice Hockey game

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 22nd 2008

On Sunday afternoon after all the travelling i had done for the past 16 hours i arrived at my final destination. DENVER. Home of the Rockies, the Broncos and 16th street. This is my home for the next 3 months =) I arrived at the airport and had some confusion as to where i would be meeting Andrew and having no idea what he looked like or anything this proved to be difficult. So i went to the games machine which has internet and put in my $2. To my dismay the flippn mouse didnt work! That machine ATE my money!! Then i went to the one next to it and quickly wrote down Andrews number because i so Blondly didnt write it down before i left, and made my way to the phone booth. They ... read more
The Rockies
On our way from the airport
Sue and Kenny's lovely abode

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 20th 2008

Sailing through Wyoming is sometimes tedious. I was, therefore, understandably excited by an op-ed piece in the Casper ?Star-Tribune? which mentioned some plans for a Billings to Albuquerque high speed rail connection. Turns out it is still in the dreaming stage and probably only from Cheyenne to ABQ. Why don't the states and the feds build the multiple new tracks needed and then let transportation companies compete to move freight and people up and down the Rocky Mountain front? Took some things to an auctioneer where I found some odds and end from various parts of the 20th century. They had a whole display case full of working slide rules which raised the temperature of my almost dried out nerd juices quite a bit. We saw a couple of baseball games at Coors Field, but the ... read more
Where Old Slide Rules Have Been Hiding All These Years
Scenery in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado & New Mexico
A Mile High View

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 15th 2008

After coming to the lower 48 faster than i had imagined, i found myself looking for what to do next. I spent some time in Omaha and with Josh at his families ranch in western Nebraska. Then i decided to go a little west and caught a ride to Denver where i visited with some old friends and looked for a new place to chill until i figured out my next move. Found the Blacktail Cooperative just NE of Denver. I went out on my birthday and got there just in time for the DNC to begin. Spent some time with the Food Not Bombs folks and attended some protests and marches that were going on during the convention. The started digging basins around the trees at the cooperative to trap some of moisture we got ... read more


North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 9th 2008

After 6 unbelievable months....The Amazing Alaskan Adventure was over....and Seth and I headed to Colorado........ read more
Colorado View
Fall Color
Colorado View

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 6th 2008

Today was a drive free day! We hung out in Denver, shopped for some winter clothes & went to the Rockies game. Jen made a new friend...Dinger. 0 Miles traveled. (whoo! we needed that after yesterday) ... read more
Matt Holliday Hitting
Rockies vs Astros

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 5th 2008

Well the drunk guy just left our hotel room. Dorothy let him in, NOT me. How can that be you ask? Let's begin with how difficult it was to find a room near downtown Denver during the Cedia convention. Not easy! I took probably the last room available at the Ramada Inn. The train goes downtown the person in reservations told me and then you can catch a cab to the hotel. After we landed in a thunderstorm (I was okay, thanks for asking.), we started looking for the Information Booth so we could figure out the quickest way into town. I asked the nice gentleman with the orange vest on, who was standing behind the information desk, how two people could get into town. "Can we take the light rail", I ask. (This is where ... read more
A Toast to the Trip

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 5th 2008

We spent the morning hiking around Zion. We walked the river and saw the weeping rock. Then we drove and we drove and we drove thru Utah, ended up in Vail for dinner. They were celebrating Octoberfest, instead of Lederhosen & das Dirndlkleid, there was lots of Uggs & Prada. 628 miles of travel in the day, 1,082 miles total. 9E to 89N to 70E to 6E to 25N.... read more
Really old Tunnel
On the Road
On the Road

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 30th 2008

Hello Friends! It has been a while since we have sent anything out, but this past week we were able to attend the Democratic National Convention and I have some pictures to share. Mike and Linda (Sean's parents) came to Denver last weekend to visit and to be apart of this exciting politically historical time. They were so kind to find tickets to Barack's speech and then hand them over to Sean, myself, Katie, Dana and Richie. Mike and Linda stayed home with Cecelia to allow Courtney and Dave to come, too. How lucky we all are to have such selfless people in our lives and to have this memory forever. The event was incredible. The crowd was sooo excited and proud to be apart of this great country. The speeches and performances were also incredible. ... read more
Invesco at Mile High For the DNC
The Media
Stevie Wonder

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