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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Redondo Beach September 12th 2013

Woke up in in sunny Redondo Beach. Had Breakfast in the hotel. Packed up and went and chilled on Redondo beach for an hour. Weather was beautiful and really warm. Set off at 11.00am for our 7 hour drive to Arizona. 7 hours sounds horrific, but driving in America is completely different and so much easier than England. No traffic, automatic car and cruise control. We drove through the desert and Palm Springs. Even in the middle of nowhere literally, there is a McDonald's. Baz has gone Junk food and Walmart crazy. We stopped off at a Walmart to get some more supplies for the journey, big case of water etc, and grabbed a sun way for lunch. Drove all the way on the 10, reached Arizona about 6.00pm. Arrived at our rented Vacation home, it ... read more
Redondo Beach

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Redondo Beach September 22nd 2012

So, I’m back in Redondo and back to reality, but I still need to fill you all in on my last couple of weeks in Costa Rica. My trip in Bocas Del Toro was coming to an end and I wanted to get back to Costa Rica and see and do a few more things that I had been planning on. I had an amazing friend that planned a way for me to get back to the north of Costa Rica by researching bus times and scheduling shuttles, but unfortunately I messed everything up by missing my first boat taxi at around 5:45am. I was so upset with myself because I not only wasted my friend’s time, I was wasting valuable daylight. It ended up taking me over 14 hours to travel from Panama to La ... read more
A Toucan of La Fortuna
Río Celeste
Río Celeste Waterfall

¡Hola mi amigos! Just one more week and I’ll be exploring the beautiful Costa Rica! This is the best way I will be able to share my experiences will all of you as my adventure unfolds. I’ll be posting many photos and letting you all know how this crazy trip works out, so I hope you enjoy! Angie... read more

Well we have been quite the tourists in the last 24 hours. Any chance of us thinking that we may just blend in with the locals went out the door as we joined a “hop on hop off” bus tour of Santa Monica and Hollywood. I also need to confess another reason that we stand out is that I fell for the oldest newbie fault of not using sunscreen while on an open top bus - I write this with a face several shades redder than it should be. Hopefully by the time we meet the tour group tomorrow it will have soften a bit; either that or I will have to say I am a welder by trade and forgot to wear my mask. The bus trip took us out through the Santa Monica area ... read more
Rodeo Drive
Dinner with Jonathan & Jessica

My original plan takes me from southern asia all the way through China. Then Korea and Japan, depending on how much time I have.... read more


I'm planning a world trip. Here are some tips I'm listing for anyone interested in making a similar trip. 1. Immunizations - There are places that specialize in international immunizations. I went to Passport Health in Los Angeles. 2. Gear - I've had two major long-term traveling experiences. The first was lugging around a huge backpack in Europe for 3 months. The other was a roller bag I used as a business traveler for 8 years. This time I decided to combine the two and go with a wheeled backpack from REI. The nice thing about this is that is has a daypack that attaches. I opted for the 22" because it is lighter, carry-on, and will force me to consolidate. Also, you should pick up a url= read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Redondo Beach November 10th 2011

O.K. Sorry for the LONG delay, i know that I'm about 5 weeks behind, so I will try to get caught up as best I can. So, to keep it interesting, I will continue to drink beer as I write, so maybe it will get funnier as it goes on! We left Las vegas (cue Sheryl Crow) on a windy afternoon heading North then West to Death Valley. The wind was pretty strong and gusty varying from head-on to straight across the highway. This made the ride take a little longer than anticipated. We got into the park and quickly began to decend to over a hundred feet below sea level. We Drove around the park and found a field of sand dunes and decided that it was time for a nice break. We took our ... read more
A rare cloud-lit sunset in Death Valley
Big Dunes

Dec. 1, 2010 Well, it's finally here - the eve of our trip! It's been 6 years in the making, two weeks of packing, & it still seems unreal. We've got the house packed up, sold the car, our bags are ready to go and only one more load of laundry to do before we leave tomorrow. I'm actually amazed at how well we were able to pack - we still have some wiggle room in our bags, which seems like a good sign (I say that now...but we'll see how cumbersome things get on the trip). We've made phone calls to the family and had a yummy farewell dinner tonight with Trent & Will. Mmm...Peruvian food is sooo good; I will miss it. (Nick has already said he wants his "final CA meal" to be ... read more

Soon I will be living in Surat Thani, Thailand. When the sun sets here it rises there. It is 14 hours ahead. 14 hours into the future. Those 14 hours are a greater separation than the 8263 miles between where I am and where I will be. As a traveler you lose that time on your way there and you gain it back when you come home. It is a neat and predictable loop. But what happens to that time when you move? When the loop is stretched out like a long straight curveless path? I would like to think of that time as a tether; a guide line home that doesn’t pull or weigh you down, a reminder that no matter where you are going you will always be tied to where you are from. ... read more

It's only proper form to get the travel mistakes out early and often, and our little band of travelers did not disappoint. A few words for the readers about booking flights. Much like driving and operating heavy machinery, it's best not to book flights, pick dates, etc...while drinking, or after drinking. Case in point, me! I admit that I booked the flight from Indy to L.A. a couple months ago after a Happy Hour, seems harmless enough, I wasn't seeing double, just couldn't navigate the mouse straight I guess. And why would I want to double check Anna's itinerary when I'm on the phone with her? She can tell me what day we're leaving right? Whether it's the 3rd or the 4th? Right? So, to the blogging world, I place blame at 99% Lucas and 1% ... read more

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