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North America » Canada » British Columbia April 15th 2014

Just because it's in the list of top ten things to do in Vancouver doesn't mean you should go. I went to Burnaby Village Museum. It's a replica of the old British Columbia. They have old houses, banks, grocery store, cinema, train station, train, etc. There were people in costumes assuming the identities of people who lived in the era that they were trying to portray. It was nice to see the antiques and stuff, but it was really just awkward. It was a place where parents take their toddlers. Yup, that kind of place. I was the only adult there that didn't have a kid in tow. The ticket attendant said I should really try the free carousel ride. What a depressing picture if I did. It would have been okay if I had a ... read more
old train
train station in burnaby village museum
old car

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Powell River April 15th 2014

Pour tous ceux qui m'ont demandé des nouvelles: pas grand chose de spécial ! Je suis en cours tous les jours de 9h a 15h. J'ai tous les jours cours de Maths, Sports, Physiques et cuisine. En Sports je fais volley, football américain et badminton. En cuisine j'ai fait des cookies et une omelette, rien d'extraordinaire. Vendredi soir il y avait un petit concert organiser par des élèves, c'était pas mal. Le samedi une dame est venu tondre les moutons et le dimanche ont est allé a la fête d'anniversaire d'un ami d'Austeen, le père de ma "famille" canadienne, sur la plage...... read more
Je sais que je suis pas aux USA mais bon... un aigle.
Une étoile de mer... géante... et violette ...?

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver April 4th 2014

Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that there aren't any earthquakes overnight. I don't say that to sound facetious, but the first time I tried to make it Japan in 2011, the most devastating earthquake to hit the region happened right as I was packing the night before departure. I'll never forget the disbelief as I turned on my TV to watch the tsunami rolling in. So here's to another kick at the can. This is the most structured trip yet, as the popularity of the time of year in Japan makes accommodation hard to come by. I'll land in Tokyo and make my way south, stopping in key spots such as Nikko, Takayama, Kyoto, Nara, Mount Koya, Osaka, Hiroshima and finish off in beach bum style with a few days in the tropical Okinawa. Oh, ... read more

Bon, après 3 jours de cours, je vais pouvoir vous décrire la dure vie de lycéen au Canada... Faire du 9h - 15h tous les jours c'est trop dur... Sérieusement, le lycée est juste énorme ! Vous voyez le stade olympique avec les lignes de courses, les javelots, le lancer de marteau et tout, et bah ils ont le même !!! Apres tout est comme dans les séries: les casiers, les cours de cuisine et de travail du bois, les profs hyper sympas ... Et pour ceux qui sont aller au Costa Rica et qui pensaient avoir tout vu sur le travail des élèves.... Ce que je vais dire est un peu cliché mais un gars avec casquette a l'envers, jogging, écoutant du rap, milk-shake dans la main avec le prof derrière qui dit rien ça ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » YVR March 31st 2014

Donc ce week-end a été plutôt clame. Le samedi c'est simple j'ai dormi, 9h de décalage ça fait mal. Dimanche, je suis allé voir les deux agneaux qu'une de leurs brebis vient d avoir, ils ont 3 jours, ils sont trop mignons! Oui, ma famille a une ferme! Le midi il y avait de la famille a manger car c'était l'anniversaire de Henry. L'aprem, nous sommes allés a la plage et faire un petit tour de la ville. Donc voila, un week end tranquille, ça tombait bien puisque j'étais crevé. Demain je commence les cours...... read more


North America » Canada » British Columbia March 19th 2014

I've always thought I was the artsy kind. I used to paint and sketch when I was in grade school. I wasn't any good. I took music lessons and play piano, violin, viola and guitar. I never got past beginner level. Then I tried dancing and enjoy doing that until now but I can't dance without copying from the people around me in the studio. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy Vancouver Art Gallery but since I'm already here and I heard entrance is by donation every Tuesday night, I went. I think the regular entrance fee is about twenty dollars. I gave a three dollar donation. And I think that's just about right. The first floor has paintings. I don't really know anything about paintings but I didn't see anythings that I liked. I could ... read more
Vancouver Art Gallery
first day stash
Street food. They love Japadogs

North America » Canada » British Columbia March 17th 2014

Canada just keeps breaking the record of the most beautiful places I've seen. So today I went to Whistler village. It's where the 2010 Winter Olympics happened. They built it in the 1930's and bid for the olympics but it didn't happen until 2010. It's the most charming place I've ever been in my life! It's like im in a dream! Stopped by Shannon Falls on the way there. It was nice and all but really, what's the use if you can't swim and play in the water. It was cold so that was not an option. I went with a Filipino family that moved here two years ago. I used to teach their kids piano when I was in college. Plus with the Filipino hospitality they will take you somewhere. So weekends are booked with ... read more
First Snow angel
I'm a reindeer

North America » Canada » British Columbia March 16th 2014

It is every Filipinos dream to play in the snow. I live in a place where the "coldest" it could get is 20C in January or February. Now is the time to live that dream so off to Mt. Seymour I went. The first ones I saw were by the side of the road. Not exactly pretty. They were the snow that were brushed to the side of the road and salted. I don't know what the salt is for but that is a lot of salt if they had to put salt in the snow every winter. What a waste! They also put sand or something. Maybe so the roads wont be slippery. I have a tendency not to believe when the people telling me are not professional tour guides. That's just me. I was ... read more
Me Fake Skiing
Fake snow mobiling
Totem Poles in Mt. Burnaby

North America » Canada » British Columbia March 15th 2014

I went out with Annie again tonight. Friday night. She took me out to West Minster pier. I had to meet her in West Minster station. As I was looking for a place where I can wait for her where I won't be cold, a drunk/crazy looking man came to me yelling "Where the f$#£ is the liquor store?!". I think I finally blended in with the locals. Or maybe he's just drunk and crazy. Again much bigger than me, but I wasn't scared this time since there's only one of him and the place wasn't dodgy like that part in Gas town earlier. Finally saw Annie, we met in Starbucks and ordered our cups of coffee. I usually just order green tea frappe but since it's cold here I had to have something hot. Anyway, ... read more
Winner of best gellato in the world
Douglas college
Dog drinking fountain

North America » Canada » British Columbia March 13th 2014

It's my first time to see a park full of bare trees. It is so beautiful to me. I think I'd like fall even more. Or spring when the leaves and the flowers bloom! If I can afford it I'd like to see all of it. The scenery in this park I'm showing is so inspiring. Artists would never have a difficult time finding inspiration here. I love the different colors that I see. The brown grass. Red bushes. Green pine trees. The water that reflects the sky. Sorry for describing these. I know its a boring read. Always hated the part when Hemingway describes the scenery. But I cant not talk about how beautiful it is in this park. The locals are finally coming out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Now I know that they ... read more

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