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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi September 19th 2013

There is very little that can be said about Ephesus that hasn't been said before and better. It is a wonderful restoration of life in the 5th largest city in the Roman Empire. As we wander through the streets and visit the sights, we can get a good idea of what it was like to live in Ancient Roman times. Obviously, religion paid a central part in everyday life, yet business was being conducted daily. We can hear the echo of St Paul as he preached here in the giant amphitheater. We can walk in the footsteps of Anthony and Cleopatra as they made their way from the old harbor to the central city. We can imagine resident scholars visiting the library to refer to scrolls. We can see the people visiting the agora to buy ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi September 19th 2013

Kusadasi, Turkey Nautica arrived in the Turkish port of Kusadasi to find a huge Royal Caribbean cruise ship already docked and towering over us. By the time we tied up at the pier two more cruise ships entered the port, not as large but adding to the expected crush of tourists. Most tourists come here to tour the ancient city of Ephesus. I could have done the same but chose instead to join a group of 7 others in a small van to visit other sites that would be less likely over-run with the waddling masses. First we drove to see the ruins of a Greek city named Priene. It is several miles out of Kusadasi and has to be reached by a steep climb from a small parking lot. The climb was well ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi August 3rd 2013

Time moves along so quickly and it is nearly a week since we have entered on the blog. So what’s been happening? After beautiful Santorini we arrived in Kusadasi (pronounced kushadasha) Turkey (the home of Ephesus), we spent the day around the markets haggling for some cheap bargains. Not sure yet if we were ripped off or not but we were happy with our purchases. That evening the Cruise ship had organised for a private open air classical concert in Ephesus so at 7 o’clock we were loaded on buses and driven to the ruins at Ephesus, we arrived to a beautiful setting, tables and chairs all dressed for the event complete with snacks, champagne on arrival and the back drop of Esphesus, absolutely stunning. The orchestra played all sorts of classical music; it was just ... read more
Steve & Janet

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi July 4th 2013

It is all a mixed bag - the excitement of travel to exotic destinations and the reality of the journey - finding lodging (some hotels completely different than depicted on their website and having to forfeit our pre-payment), the noise of big cities, catching a sunset that a Marin teenagers across the world from here, locals, tourists and ancient ones alike would marvel at, traversing our route by bus, tram, metro, taxi, boat and foot, the time it takes to get around, getting lost going from place to place but eventually finding our way, old train stations serving as hubs to pass through one another's lives. And sometimes a friendly innkeeper, who at the end of the long day of travel arranges at 10:00 pm for a Hamam to wash it all away and leave us ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi May 26th 2013

I just found the day that I lost! On this day we went to Kusadasi in the morning which is in Turkey. We visited the ancient ruins of Ephesus which is kind of similar to Pompeii, a massive city that is still being uncovered today. Later we had a carpet making demonstration where we got taught about the different types of Turkish carpets, silk, wool and cotton (silk is the most expensive!). We then went to Patmos where we just chilled on the beach for the afternoon and had our feet cleaned but fish! Later we had a Toga party back on the ship. I will put photos up shortly and try and sort out the right dates for everything!... read more


Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi May 22nd 2013

Kusadasi, Turkey is the port from which you travel inland several miles to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. Other cruise ships have joined our trek and so the fellow travelers with their buses are with us as be sightsee. This is our second trip to this partially restored Greek city, the first being last year in a driving rain storm. Rain accompanied us this year also but with no wind and better conditions. Wandering about these Greek/Roman remnants of a thriving, rich city is an amazing lesson in early civilizations. The most interesting remnant is the communal toilet with side by side holes in marble seats and running water flushing below (privacy didn’t come to fruition until the Victorians). The partially restored “Terrace Houses” have wonderful artwork in wall paintings and inlaid flooring. The gift ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi May 13th 2013

Monday May 13, 2013. Kusadasi, Turkey. Kusadasi is located on the western coast of Turkey. Itis a resort town that attracts tourists from all over the world. The area was first settled by the Leleges in 3000 BC and subsequently has a rich cultural history. Many ancient ruins can be found relatively close to the town; the most important being the famous Greek temple of Didyma, the Amphitheatre, Ephesus and Artemison which is known as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. We awoke this morning to find that it was tipping down with rain. We hadn't planned to do anything in particular today (having done all the ancient stuff before) but had thought that a boat ride around the local islands would be nice - but not in this weather. We also noticed ... read more
2. M on Kusadasi Promenade
3. Entrance to the Castle
4. D in front of the Castle Tower on Pigeon Island

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi May 13th 2013

Kusadasi...the derivation of this word is kus, meaning bird and ada which means island, Bird Island. We would see later why it was named Bird Island. We arrived into the port of Kusadasi early in the morning and quickly realized it was raining. We grabbed our raincoats and umbrellas and started our day, excited to see Ephesus! It was not a great day for photos (Many are filled with umbrellas) but we still enjoyed seeing the beauty of the ruins of Ephesus. Ephesus was famous for the Temple of Artemis, 550 B.C. It was one of the Seven wonders of the Ancient World. Constantine rebuilt much of Ephesus and erected public baths and public toilets. Ephesus was one of the seven churches of Asia that are cited in the Bible in the Book of Revelations. The ... read more
Downtown Kusadasi
Coming into Port

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi January 9th 2013

Well, some people who are following our blog have been kind enough to say that they are enjoying our photos of the amazing sites that we are seeing. On the other hand, some of our followers just want to see pictures of my hats!! I didn't realise that mentioning my hat purchase would create so much interest. We were on the road by 8.00am again this morning. Very cold again today, but clear and sunny here on the Aegean Coast. It only took us about 25 minutes to drive to our first stop today at the legendary City of Troy. Before exploring the city ruins we were able to see the Trojan horse. As with most other sites that we have visited there were lots of stray cats and dogs roaming about but, of course, these ... read more
Troy VI Wall
Dreaming of Sheep

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi October 16th 2012

We were on an organised tour for this day - Kusadasi is in Turkey. One of the main attractions there is the huge number of Greek and Roman ruins found there at Ephesus which is a gloriously reconstructed city. Lots of rubble I say.... sorry but am not a lot into the history or seeing so much of rocks etc... but do appreciate that others do. There was also remains of the municipal baths and a brothel. One area which I found fascinating was the communal toilets where you could sit next to many people .... not my idea of privacy. From there we went to a carpet making factory where everything is made in the traditional way and quite fascinating to watch. We saw how the silk was taken from the cocoons and spun ready ... read more
Ephesus ampitheatre
Carpet display
Carpet weaver

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