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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Winchester July 12th 2009

So this is my first ever blog entry. Im going to Ghana in January to teach, travel and work in an orphanage with Projects Abroad- which is a volunteer company. VERY expensive way of doing it- but it means that i get the security of staff in the country, homestay which has been checked out, and everything organised for me. why am i going? Well I went to Kenya for a month at the end of my first Gap year in 2006. it was AMAZING! I did a big mix of everything- starting in a school building a library, then going to Mwalugangie an elephant sanctuary where we made poo paper, safari, and a week on the beach doing watersports and working in a sacred forest, and finally ending up at the Colobus trust working for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth July 12th 2009

hey so this is my first entry.! woohoo ive been planning on going back packing at the end of next year and mim soo excited already. ive found a company that help plan it all and sort things for you for a price of £449 which im willing to pay. and it sounds bloody amazing. all i need to do is save and pay it and book my flight. does anyone know of cheap one way flights to sydney atm ive been looking around for best details but if anyone can help let me know. so i cant wait to start buying my backpack and everything but at the same time i hate flying and ive gone for like the longest flight ever! and on my own. eek! any tips send me a message, ive been ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest June 17th 2009

A few photos of our recent camping trip to the New Forest in Hampshire. The weather was good so we headed for a small campsite in the forest called Matley Wood. It has no facilities except for running water so only campers with a chemical toilet can set up there. Thanks to this, there were plenty of pitches available and we had a bit of room to stretch out. Best of all, the site is a starting point for some beautiful easy bike and walking trails. We put our bikes to good use by spending the afternoon peddling through the forest. I had heard that the New Forest was full of ponies so I was looking forward to seeing a few ponies off in the distance. ‘full of ponies’ turned out to be a bit of ... read more
Hanging out with 'Brian-Not-Sexy-But-Good'
Riding in The New Forest. Hundreds of forest trails to choose from.
Wild Ponies roaming in the forest

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 19th 2009

The last leg of the cruise - from Spain through the Bay of Biscay to Southampton should have been a dawdle. However things didn’t go as planned, nothing strange about that. We had planned to get all our packing done in the 3 days from Spain to Southampton. What we didn’t count on was the weather…. Heavy sea swells and although not seasick, we would have broken our necks trying to pack 6 suitcases in the confined space of our cabin at the beginning of the crossing. So we decided to do our packing on the last day, before docking in Southampton… Mmmmm great plan… We sort of, enjoyed our last days on Arcadia, visited places and people on board and generally had a great if rocky time. On the last day before port we got ... read more
to southampton (1)
to southampton (2)
to southampton (3)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 14th 2009

Today was the survival section of the course - life jackets, life rafts, and sea survival. All very interesting and I hope that I never have to use any of it. It was rather depressing. For the practical part we were taken to dive pool and saw how the life rafts inflate then we had to jump off a 4 meter high board and get into the life raft. We ended with the mock abandon ship where we had to get into a life raft, using all the skills we had learned. I am impressed at how well the whole course is put together. I am off to kuwait tomorrow night so I don't know when I will next be able to add anything.... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 13th 2009

It was hands on today on the fire fighting ground of the institue. We were all dressed up in our Gucci gear and were given a taste of what it would be like to have a fire onboard a ship. It was a real eye opener for me. We got to try fire extinguishers and fire hoses. We were given breathing apparatus and went in to experience what it is like to feel a real fire. It was very strenous - the breathing apparatus - similar to dive tanks - was heavy to carry. I did get panicked when I couldn't see out of my visor when we went into rescue a casualty, however there were loads of instructors along the route to assist me. The Far green structure in the fire ground pic is built ... read more
Fire ground

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 11th 2009

I started the next course at Warsash Maritime institute. Lovely campus over looking the Hamble River - which we sailed up last week. It is a small class 9 people from a variety of backgrounds from captain of a ship to a 16 year old who wants to work on a private yatch. It was all classroom sessions today I am looking forward to the practiacl sessions of fire fighting and launching a life raft which comes later in the week. I choose the right B&B. The family are very friendly and really believe in value for money 20 pounds buy breakfast and dinner and transport to the college plus internet and they are all so nice. They have been doing this for years and Carol makes you feel very welcomed as soon as you walk ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 10th 2009

I have just finished my Day Skipper course 4 days of theroy and 5 day on practical. It was very intense. 4 other people were great, I was the only woman except for the instructor and it worked out well. We sailed over to Cowes, up the Bealueiu river, down to lymington. up the Hamble. cover over 80 miles in 4 days. We were not hampered by the weather which was up to force 7 (28-33knots) at times. It was cold as the pictures of us show the woolly hats which were necessary! We did some night sailing in very busy waters and saw everything we had learned about on the theroy part of the course. The people(4)on the course were like me keen and enthusicatic and we had a good laugh easp as we a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Lymington April 30th 2009

Well we are finally off tomorrow on our world tour. I think we’re as ready as we can be, travel insurance , 9 series of Southpark on the iPod , nothing but the essentials! The first phase of the trip is as follows…. 4 days seeing friends in the Netherlands then on to India. Starting in Mumbai and going down the west coast via Goa and Kerala and over to the east via Maduri and on to Madras. Then the plan is to fly to Calcutta and take a train to Varanasi and Agra and leave from Delhi, 2 months in total. From India we go to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for around 2 months. Then we go up to Japan for a few days then down to Singapore which will be a base ... read more

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