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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire November 26th 2010

Situated in the heart of Hampshire, Mottisfont Estate possesses a large acre of parklands and woodlands scattered with big farms. There is a historical property, i.e. Mottisfont Abbey and Garden, which is managed by the National Trust and is accessible by the footpath starting from Dunbridge, the nearest railway station. The highlight of Mottisfont Estate is walled garden which houses the National Collection of old roses planted by Graham Thomas. Between June and July, a huge variety of old roses, lavenders, foxgloves, clematis, blue geraniums, and herbal plants are on display alongside the geometrically trimmed hedges, red brick wall, pergolas, obelisks, stylish white benches, fountains, and statues. Roses, scented flowers and garden furniture not only create lovely colour coordination but also provide a therapeutic atmosphere. As such, Britain’s rose lovers flock to this garden i... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Basingstoke October 30th 2010

Saturday in a sunnyish (!) October in Basingstoke - looking forward to starting our travels in 2 months. whooooo heading in to town to find a backpack! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 25th 2010

Ron was very sad to have to disembark mid morning at Southampton, I think he would have liked to keep sailing back to Australia instead of flying. After picking up our hire car we decided to travel to Heathrow via Lacock which we had heard was a pictureque village and somewhere we could stop for lunch. Lacock Village, dates back to the 13th-century, it has remained largely unchanged over the centuries and has many limewashed, half-timbered and stone houses. During the Middle Ages Lacock became a prosperous and thriving town through its wool industry. The village was well placed as it was on the 'cloth road' from London and the River Avon, which gave access to the sea at Avonmouth near Bristol. The village has been used as a film and television set, notably for the ... read more
The tithe barn
Ford over the river Avon at Lacock
The Red Lion Inn

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Winchester October 9th 2010

Well it’s has already been a couple of months since we retired and tomorrow we are to set off on the first leg of our exciting journey. We have spent a very busy time visiting family and friends and sorting out the house which we left in early September. We have attended a family wedding of our niece in Bradford on Avon, attended a christening of our great niece Phoebe, attended our daughter, Kerry’s 40th birthday party which was super as we were able to catch up with my brothers and sisters, Malcolm & Sue, Frances and Gillian as well as some of their families and attended the 60th birthday party of our very good friend Alison where we caught up with some more friends although it was sad that Judith and Evan could not join ... read more
Tintagel Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton September 30th 2010

Ok have finally packed. One day left at work. Gotta leave my boy at the kennels Saturday, not looking forward to that! Next entry will be from sunny Bangkok Bring it on xxx... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton September 27th 2010

Only 4 days left at work and come Saturday evening I will be flying out to Thailand! Stroll on the weekend and best I get packing!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton September 27th 2010

Hi Guys I have just set up my own Travel Bog and will update this whilst we are away and hopefully attach photo's. I have added you guys so every time I make an entry you will get an email. Just adding this now to test I have set it up correctly ! Not long now !!! xx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton August 25th 2010

My First Blog Today marks the first day that I decided to stop being lazy and start creating a blog for all my travels onboard the Queen Victoria. So far, I've traveled to several countries in Europe, a few in Asia, and one in Africa (Egypt). I've also been onboard the Queen Mary 2, in fact I started my first contract on the Queen Mary 2 as the Assistant Printer. I am now the Chief Printer on the Queen Victoria and I plan on being here for at least a few years. It's hard to say how amazing traveling is in just a few words, but for now I'll just say, people say that college are the best years of your life, but I think that these will be even better. Nothing beats a clash of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Basingstoke August 22nd 2010

Hi there everyone!!! Just doing a little tester to make sure this works!!! Only 4 weeks to go till the big off getting very excited!!!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Fareham August 3rd 2010

Hi all, Well just a quick message to update you on how we are doing with the planning of our trip. Also this is a little test to make sure our family members are linked into the blog!! Well we are both immunised now and had our boosters. Bags have started to be packed with all the items we have bought so that they don't get lost in the move - if we ever move!! Anti malaria tablets have been ordered and are on their way. Hair has been dreadlocked and I look a little less like sideshow bob now its settled down a little!!! Not long to go now!! ... read more

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