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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano November 11th 2008

035 - Switzerland - Lugano 11/12/08 - 11/22/08 Banking with the Brooks in the land of chocolate watches Okay, the title is misleading since we didn't really do any banking, eat any chocolate, or buy any watches... but we did hang out with our friends Jane and Darren Brooks, and newly born Matthew, a.k.a. 'Lil' Baby Nug', in scenic Lugano, Switzerland. First, Hannah and I flew into Milan and unanimously decided that Italy IS our favorite European country. People are what make a place for us, and Italians are the type of people we love: friendly, warm, grateful, and with an exubarance for life that is unique from other European countries we've been to. We only spent a couple of days in Milan but here are some photo highlights: click here. Lugano is a short hop ... read more
Darren and Matthew "Lil' Baby Nug" Brooks
Jane and Darren
At the 'Goldeneye' dam

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano September 9th 2008

Ciao Gente, sono tornato a casa sano e salvo (mia madre che gridava: ce le hai ancora tutte e due le gambe?) Mi spiace non essermi fatto sentire ma ho avuto un po' di cazzi miei sentimentali. Foto non ne ho per il momento, ho dimenticato la pennetta in Brasile...figata eh? Tutte le foto che avevo fatto sono li, a parte quella della duna su feisbuc e quelle che mandai all'inizio. Dovrebbero spedirmela...speriamo. Sono riuscito a rompere ennesimamente la mia quasi nuova macchina fotografica, a due settimane dalla fine. Dovrebbe essere ancora in garanzia, senno vado avanti solo di usaegetta, oppure mi compro una Lomo, sembrano più robuste. Domani si parte con l'organizzazione Madrid. Fatemi in bocca al lupo, sono ancora senza un tetto e lunedi inizio a lavorare. Farmacista senzatetto... Baci a tutti.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano August 28th 2008

Hey guys, To summarize the past week....well. lets start in houston: well i arrived smooth and sound. Saw some almost scarrily accurate texan steriotypes all discussed in the last post. So i pass through as quickly as possible. I get to my assigned gate and wait...wait... and wait. turns out the sign is labeled mexico city. I fugure it will swich. It never does. I miss my flight to newyork. go to customer service. they send me to a gate on the furthest corner of the airport. with 10 mins till departure... so i sprint through crowds of large southernly accented men with cowboy hats WAY bigger then god intended. But luckily i barely made it. Flight lands in luguardia. so more dippage to find a shuttle to JFK. When i get to JFK I'm greeted ... read more
top of waterfall
jumpin off the bridge

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano August 24th 2008

How yowl doing? Splendid I trust. We are still in the land of cheese, chocolate, watches, clocks and pretty red army knives with white crosses on them. Today was hot again. I went for a swim in the lake by our camp site this morning and completely dried out in about 40mins, shorts and all. We decided that we should spend some time doing washing, drying washing, sorting photos and updating our blog which was about 5 days behind as we have a free hot spot at this camping ground. Wonderful!! However, by the time we did all that it was 3pm and we were planning on doing some sightseeing today too. But never fear one and all, we still went anyway. We pilled in to our trusty focus and roared off into the midday heat. ... read more
A Lane in Lugano
Daniel & wine

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano August 20th 2008

Hello all from Switzerland somewhere near Lugano, even we don’t know exactly where we are - we just followed the camping ground signs! Another travelling day for us today - all the way from Sestri Levanto in Italy to Lugano in Switzerland. We took some of the back roads through Italy to see the country side on our way to Switzerland. The towns are all quite small yet really close together. They have that real Italian feel with a small town, narrow footpaths, clothes hanging from windows and always an old man or two sitting outside watching everything going by! Daniel has decided that the ‘I’ in the Italian number plates must stand for ‘Idiots’ as this is how the Italians drive. They overtake in the dodgiest areas - right by corners or in narrow streets. ... read more
Beach in Italy


Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano August 12th 2008

It is widely known, the general consensus of Europeans is "The Swiss are rude". Can't prove this by me as I have yet to meet a rude Switzer. Perhaps the European's mistake the pride.... & proud they should be! A glorious country! Clean clean clean. Pride in their shops, pride in their homes, pride for their public parks & waterways, etc! Even construction sites are impeccably kept. Trees pruned, lawns neatly manicured, clean air, healthy looking people, GREAT food & so much more! Switzerland, not being a member of the European Union, takes great pains to remain separate. They still use the old slide/carbon paper to accept credit cards, heh. They do things differently & so they should. The Cathedral images in this entry are of San Lorenzo. Writings as old as 875 AD refer to ... read more
'neath the swaying Swiss Palms
Around town

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano June 25th 2008

Ciao a tutti! This is just a test!! Let's see how it looks like. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano April 16th 2008

In honor of the one year anniversary of April 16th, our group decided to go on a hike to San Salvatore to reflect and celebrate the lives of the 32 innocent victims who died that day. God was present today, not only in our hearts but also in the beauty of nature and in the sunshine. neVer forgeT 4-16-07. ... read more
after the 1st set of stairs
the group on the trail
photo op

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano March 17th 2008

What a great weekend! I spent this past weekend in Lugano with about 15 other people who decided to stay around the city this weekend. It was fun but also relaxing. On Friday me Allie and Brittany went to the park and played around on the kiddie toys and then just sat and talked in the sun because the weather was so nice. Then we headed back to the Montarina and we all hung out and Brittany and I watched a movie in my room and had dinner together. On Saturday I got up and ate breakfast outside on our little porch overlooking the mountains and lake since it was so beautiful and then me Brittany, Allie and Caitlin got ready and went to hike up Mount Bre. It was really neat to be able so ... read more
the View from Bre
Serious Hikers

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano January 29th 2008

Here are some pics that i thought you would like, its from around Lugano. Some are of my cozy bungalow, from Monica and I's internet cafe adventure, and mostly from Jason and Kayleigh's bday extravaganza where we celebrated their 21st by visiting some of lugano's finest bars and then for the grand finale sipped wine by the lake. Fun!... read more
my bed

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