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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne February 13th 2006

just wanted to thank you for all your birthday wishes!!! im having a very relaxing day...unfortunately there are no pubs here but i went to a german pub the other day and the beer there comes out in 1 litre glasses!!!! have to go but thanks for the messages xoxox... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne January 9th 2006

We were posed with this question - why doesn't Switzerland need to spend that much money on advertising/tourism (compared to Malaysia and her Malaysia Truly Asia campaign, for example), and yet the world all over knows where Switzerland is (it's in Europe), knows its currency (Swiss francs as well as the Euro), and you know ... basically knows of Switzerland? We didn't get the answer. I think we were supposed to hang around the country and then find out for ourselves. About 2 weeks after we left Switzerland, my brother asked me again, and I thought, "Oh yeah. Forgot to think about it." I think its neutral status has got a lot to do with it. Well, whatever it was, we arrived in Lucerne at night. It was soooo good hearing English again. The Swiss speak ... read more
Lucerne by the river Reuss
Two famous landmarks of Lucerne
By the lake

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne December 24th 2005

Usually for me, Christmas is a long, warm day at the start of summer, with family around, lots of time spent at the beach and enjoying the beginning of the festive summer holiday season. This year îs a little different... In Switzerland, the days are short; it's dark by 5pm, there is snow on the ground and a bite in the air. Armed with my new selection of Moroccan winter clothes and stepping of an Easyjet flight from the warmths of southern Spain into a dull grey, cold and foggy Basel day, I found myself immediately questioning my sanity or lack there-of... But, it was not long before I found myself in the warm clutches of some of my great friends here and I suddenly remembered all the reasons I had come back for Christmas. With ... read more
Action shot at mealtime
Good bread!

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 29th 2005

Things around here have been going pretty well. we havent really done anything special since the last time i posted but i know everyone wants to see where i live so i took a trip into town with my camera. we had a game that night and sleeping in on game day never goes over well with my body so i t was nice to have something to do to get me out of bed. we won our game in Five to a team that is in the top four of our league. it was a pretty big win so we all went out to celebrate after. Today all we did was recover with a nice stoll to one of the parks. i know i said it before but i feel i must say it again. ... read more
Close but not quite
My Favorite Street
Open Air Market

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 27th 2005

Rather than returning to Zurich from Interlaken via Bern, we went via Lucerne and spent a very enjoyable afternoon there. We started out from the train station and walked across the famous "Chapel Bridge" - a covered footbridge originally built in the 14th century as part of the city's fortifications. We headed to the Lowendenkmal next, a huge sandstone carving of a lion created in tribute to Swiss guards who died in Paris during the French Revolution. From there we wandered through the old town area and did a little shopping. We had a delightful lunch along the lakefront where we were able to watch the swans. There are swans living in basically all the Swiss lake cities we've visited, but Lucerne had the most. We counted a group of over 60 swans! We wish we'd ... read more
Mountain Town
Autumn Reflection
Misty River


Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 16th 2005

14th, 15th and 16th of October, 2005. Lucerne, Switzerland. Tour Day 3 As we travelled from France and into Switzerland - all the while with the most endlessly blue skies I have ever seen in my life - the landscape gradually went from incredibly green hills to amazingly green mountains, and in the distance you could see blue Alps with white snowcaps. The road began to carve its way through endless mountains, and by the time we reached Lucerne I think we may have spent more time in darkly lit tunnels than on open-air roads. Lucerne turned out to be a really pretty little town. We stopped at their most renowned monument, the Lõwendenkmal, meaning The Dying Lion Of Luzern, which is a sculpture carved into the sandstone cliff's edge by Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen in ... read more
Swiss Cuckoo Clocks
Swiss Pub
Man vs The Mountains

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne September 4th 2005

We made our way from Munich along to Va duz, the capital of Liechtenstein, I’d never even heard of Liechtenstein until going on this tour! It’s a very very small country. It was named after the Liechtenstein family who bought all the land here many years ago and is still run by them today. There was an Orchestra playing a concert in the main part of the town. We got lunch at a little café - a hamburger which was delivered without a bun… we are guessing it was the low carb option!!! We continued along a very picturesque route with tall mountains and endless paddocks of feed, some spotted with cows and although the area seems quiet, it would be easy enough to see yourself living here, well me anyways!! We crossed the border in ... read more
The View
Nearly At The Top

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 8th 2005

We're now on our way to Lucerne, Switzerland bright and early in the morning because our tour manager, Amanda wants to beat the traffic. We leave Italy at 7am and things are looking great.. until.. halfway to the Alps we come across this huge traffic jam on the highway. There seems to have been some accident up ahead and within 5mins of stopping, everyone is getting out of their cars, tanning in the middle of the road, peeing on the shoulder in full view. People are having picnics, chatting with strangers in the other cars. Is this what people in Europe do? Finally, we start moving again and we're heading to Stanserhorn mountain. We take the tram and the gondola to the very top and the view is absolutely breathtaking! We climb a little ways up ... read more
Wooden bridge in Lucerne
Traffic jam in the Alps - European style

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 2nd 2005

i've now moved on from bern, back to lauterbrunnen and now in lucerne, which is a much bigger city than i imagined. bern was ok. nothing too flash but nice enough. not many people around as they'd all gone away for the long weekend. they had their national day yesterday and nothing was on. parliament house was open for free and that was it. i went (and they gave out free chocolate at the end so i was happy). no parades or performances or anything exciting. i got to lauterbrunnen last night and they had a massive fireworks display which was awesome. it was so strange, because we're in the valley, it was soooo loud and it just kept echoing. switzerland is really nice though. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 22nd 2005

After leaving Munich we drove to Switzland. After our creative efforts in Austria (dressing up as wounded soldiers) we had the luxury of sitting at the front of the bus, which was worth it, the views were amazing. Along the way we stopped at the tiny principality of Liechenstein for lunch. After that we drove to Lucerne and stopped for some shopping and browsing. I bought some swiss army knifes (I had to, I was in Switzerland after all!), and just enjoyed strolling along the streets. Everything was so pretty and cute, it was all very ordered and clean and just enjoyable to be at. Then we drove to the Alpine chalet in Lauterbrunnen where we were staying for the night. That night was party night (again!) in the chalets bar The Bomb Shelter, which is ... read more
Lauterbrunnen village
The view driving through Switzerland
80's night in the Bomb Shelter

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