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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 24th 2006

Hello from the Dancing Queens of Sweden! Still no decent net cafes that will let us upload photos, so I'm afraid you're still stuck with the whole 'reading' thing for now. Went to Stockholms 'Ice Bar' last night....very very pun intended! The entire room is made of ice, the seats are ice, the tables are ice, the bar is ice, even the glasses are made of ice! One of our more intelligent bus friends stooged a glass as a souvenir, but is wondering why he cant find it anywhere today........ We got to wear huge silver coats with hoods and sip vodka (and eat your glass if you so desire) for 45 minutes til you're kicked out so you dont get hypothermia!! Awesome experience....and micky didnt even have to learn his lesson the hard way ... read more
Home of the Nobel Prize
Temporary home of future nobel prize winners!
Changing of the guards

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 23rd 2006

Two new blogs from my time in Sweden, Lund and Stockholm: read more

Europe » Sweden May 22nd 2006

So I am definitely getting my fill of palaces and castles here in Denmark. On Thursday I headed north from Copenhagen to the town of Fredensborg, home of the Queen’s spring and fall residence. The town of Fredensborg is actually quite charming; it is very small made up of about two streets, with a wonderful little bagel shop right in the middle. It only took me about 45 minutes by train from Copenhagen and perhaps another 10-minute walk to the Palace. The thing about Fredensborg is that it is actually more of a compound, with the main palace in the center, then with two wings coming out and around to form kind of like an unfinished pentagon. It is also surrounded by a large park filled with gardens, statues, and 16 kilometers of paths that border ... read more
Nice Hats
Park Paths
Kronborg Slot

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping May 22nd 2006

Hi everyone! Its been a while since my last entry, there's been plenty of action the last few months, we spent 4 days in Rome in April, that was really nice to get out of the cold and see the sun again, we mostly walked the city by day, checking out all the amazing roman ruins and eating out at night. Easter weekend was spent in the north of Sweden at the biggest ski resort called åre, that was a really cool trip, good snow and great weather! We went up by an over night train about 12hrs, we managed to squeez our self's and gear into our own little cabbin and actually sleept ok! I've spent the last 5 weeks at Emmas family farm, helping out her father look after the place as he's just ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Luleå May 21st 2006

Okay so..this is a big deal, although it is more important in some countries than others. In Sweden, it starts with Melodifestivalen, their country's round of it. Melodifestivalen's first rounds are held in cities around the country, like Goteborg, Stockholm, Linkoping, etc. So then the groups that win each of those, compete in the final. The person that wins that gets to go to Eurovision. This year, Sweden's winner was Carola. She went onto the semifinals of Eurovision and secured a spot in the finals, though it was the 22nd spot-a little low on the totem pole. Well, the finals of the contest were tonight. They had people from everywhere. Croatia, Armenia, Israel, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Moldova, Greece, etc. So I watched them all sing. Some of them were good and some not so ... read more


Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 16th 2006

Hi Everybody, We are just about to leave the beautiful city of Stockholm Sweden behind. We spent the night at a hostel dowtown in a cool old building. Everything here is just beautiful. The architecture is just beyond description. Walking through Gamla Stan (the old town) is like stepping back in time. There are bridges everywhere which connect the different islands to each other (the city is spread out over several islands big and small). There are parks everywhere and full of swans, ducks and pigeons of course. We went to the main harbour and saw an awesome reproduction of a dragon prowed long ship. It looked so authentic, you could almost picture a crew of vikings on board. We are nearly broke so we never made it to any museums, but the whole city itself ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 15th 2006

It almost slipped our minds since they don't seem to celebrate mothers day here in Sweden! Happy Mother's Day to both of our wonderful, lovely mom's! We wish we could be there to help celebrate and give you loads of hugs and kisses, but you are both in our minds. All our love to the most important women in our lives! We miss you and will see you soon! Thanks for the update on the pups. I'm glad to hear they are enjoying their surrogate parents! Gothenburg was ok. It is quite small with very few sights to see (kind of like Ottawa, lol). There was a soccer game (or should I say football?) game yesterday so the locals were a bit riled up to say the least. One drunken asshole slammed into Mike while we ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 14th 2006

Hi Everyone, Lets take a moment of silence for the death of the Ottawa Senators in this years playoffs once again...... Damn you Hasek, Damn you to hell!!! On to happier news, we have arrived in Göteborg Sweden safe and sound last night after spending 10 hours on the train. We left Bergen early on Friday morning and headed to the village of Flåm Norway which was unbeliably beautiful. It is right at the mouth of the Sogenfjord with snow capped mountains all around. We took the Flåm railway down into the valley and it was quite a trip. We passed some amazing waterfalls and steep cliffs that were phenominal. We had a good laugh when a Chinese tourist and her daughter got off the train to take photos of a valley. We weren't supposed to ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö May 14th 2006

I realized that I'm not very good at updating you guys! Well.. part of it is because I moved back to Malmoe from Stockholm. (Where I studied ethology for 10 weeks) I'm currently back in my apartment in Malmo, studying genetics and microbiology at Lunds university. So... what's happened since my last entry? Well.. My dad turned 60 in the middle of april. He invited all of us (the family + Johan) to Dublin, Ireland, where we spent 4 days at a very luxurious hotel. I really enjoyed the people in Dublin. Everywhere you went, people were friendly and talkative. I would hate living in a city being infested with tourists, but they didn't seem to mind. Ofcourse we visited the Guinness factory, several pubs, we saw the book of Kells, Liffey river, the Temple bar ... read more
Mom and dad
Irish boy...
Dad and Guiness

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Luleå May 10th 2006

Okay so this just happened but: I woke up early this morning. I go into the kitchen and do toast for breakfast. Johan comes in, has breakfast, we watch TV. He left to go to school. Well, I'm sitting there watching TV since Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were on Oprah. Then, the aiphone rings. (For those that don't know, the aiphone is a phone in our common room. Downstairs, you can ring a bell in each person's room when you come to visit or do the aiphone on each floor.) I didn't answer it. Instead, I walk down to the door and find a man there I don't know. Well, I let him in and then he starts to call my name. I was like, "Uhh yeah?" He says, "You are Michelle?" I said, "Umhm." ... read more

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