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Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Luleå April 5th 2006

Okay okay, so I am bad at updating sometimes. So here's a post to let you know what I was doing when I wasn't updating. I went sledding. They have a hill here, called malmberget. It's a lot of fun. I did get myself covered in snow, though, but no worries. Lukas and I had a snowball fight too. I ended up covered in snow that time too. Another thing, it seems like almost every weekend there is some sort of party here. Well, since last Saturday was April Fool's Day, they had a party to celebrate. They had people dress up as from the ancient cultures that celebrated April Fools' as New Year. This means: Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, and a few others. So, people came in togas, towels, and kilts, among other things. I ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Jukkasjärvi March 29th 2006

Some pictures of the church in jukkasjarvi, as well as the centre of kiruna town with the townhall, the famous church and some pictures of me in action around kaupinnen.... read more
the jukkas church
the jukkas church
the jukkas church

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala March 27th 2006

I've been spending my first month since I quit my job at my parents house in N. Ireland lazing around, relaxing and meeting up with school friends. I've also managed to incorporate a trip to Sweden for a week (11th-19th March) to go skiing in Åre (pronounced 'or-a', I think...) which was wicked fun. I went with Jenny (a friend from university) and her boyfriend (Per) and friends (Bjorn, Nicholas, Hannah, Sarah, Andreas and finally Sandra and Hans - her sister and her sister's boyfriend). A big thanks to them for speaking English everytime I was in the room, putting up with questions about 'weird' swedish food, embarrassing me with their skiing technique (well, it's hardly fair, they learn to ski before they can walk...) and generally making me laugh all day long - was quite ... read more
Lunch time on the slopes
Whiskey time on the slopes
Fika time on the slopes

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg March 23rd 2006

hi... im just tryin to work this thing out.. soo... later..... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm March 22nd 2006

Stayed in excellent hostel (City Backpackers) with free tea and coffee, free sauna, free internet and best of all.. free pasta! Excellent for saving the shekels on food, although Sweden didn't seem as expensive as Oslo or Copenhagen. Got to see the King and Queen of Sweden by chance, as there was a state visit by the President of Botswana when we were visiting the Royal Palace. All the military and Palace Guard were out, and we even got a serenade from the navy band. Given the finery and regalia that the King and the army were wearing, the President must have felt a little underdressed in leather jacket and slacks! One of the highlights of Stockholm (aside from wandering around the Old Town in Gamle Stan which was fantastic) was a visit to Skansen, a ... read more
The Royal Palace
Palace Guard
Royal Carriage


Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping March 16th 2006

Ok, so I am back. I got a thermic shock when I got off the plane. It is freezing here!!! :o) The end of my trip was just as lovely as the rest of it. Brazil was the most wonderful country I have ever been to and I am already planning my next trip. It is not possible to describe how fantastic my whole trip was, but I will put out some pics for you to see. Some of them I already did put there, and some will get there later this WE. I just would like to say that those of you that have been thinking about going to Brazil, go there, you will never regret it. And thank you all of you amazing people that made my trip unforgettable!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg March 14th 2006

My backpack is full, not quite to the brim, but close enough. It's going to feel really good tomorrow to be off again. The cold here is really starting to get to me - I need to feel the sun on my back! I'll be flying tomorrow at 11.40 and I'll be in San Jose, Costa Rica ten at night local time. There Adrián, Lisa and Jorge will be picking me up and I'll be staying with Adrián and his family who are kind enough to house me as long as I'm in San Jose. From then on I have no big plans but I want to see some of the beautiful nature as well as most probably spend some time on a beach or two - I'll be catching a few waves for sure! OK, ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm March 14th 2006

Wow, has it been a while since I've written. In my defense, I wa sin Germany for a week and change to begin the month, and I've been keeping my thoughts recorded in my more conventional journal for the past few weeks. Still, from the expectant spark in your eye, I can see that you missed hanging on my every word. I'll try and update more regularly from now on. Anyway, yeah. Germany. I took German for two years at college, mainly because the bastards wouldn't let me take Swedish, so I sought out the language that was the closest. And in actually going to Germany, I was plesantly surprised that my German still functioned, more or less. I wasn't able to disguise the fact that I was an American, but I found that Germans were ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping March 8th 2006

Hello there, hope your all well! Today is another beautifull sunny day, but -5 deg! the last few days have been the same but colder, about -10. So winter still has a firm grip on Sweden, It has actually been one of the coldest winters for about 20 years, so they say! There has been complete snow coverage over the whole city for three months now, It's really nice, but im ready for change, I'd love to feel some sun on my body and take a paddle in the ocean, Im feel a bit like a caged rat ! Next week Emma and i are going to Rome for 4 days, were really looking forward to that, well just do the usuall tourist spots i guess, but we also have a friend of Emma's dad to ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Jukkasjärvi March 7th 2006

The sight of seeing the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the northern light is simply breath-taking. Even if you have the possibility to see it almost every evening up here in jukkasjarvi, it is different every single evening, every moment you look up it is a feeling of magic. ... read more
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis

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