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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 5th 2006

From Ljubljana, I took a public bus to Bled, a resort town and home of the Lake Bled for a day excursion. Bought a one-way ticket to Lake Bled first and would figure out where to go next once I got there. The drive to the lake was interesting passing by rural villages and countryside with mountains in the backdrop. Lake Bled is surrounded by the Julian Alps and Triglav Peak and natural forrests. It is very scenic. Its natural beauty is exceptional by any standard. Had pizza and beer for lunch in a restaurant. It was delicious and the portion was huge. Took a leisure walk around the lake. Took it easy. Sat by the bench to stare at the glacial crystal clear lake as it mesmerized my mind ..and my soul. Also took a ... read more
Lake Bled
Bled castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 4th 2006

Took the train from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia in the morning. Bought the train ticket at the train station just before departure. Wasn't a problem. Found the platform and boarded the train minutes before it pulled away. Shortly moving, the train stopped. It was time for an exit stamp courtesy of the Croatian Customs. We stayed on the train and a custom agent came by to check out and stamp our passports. Then moving again to the no-man's land (between the borders of the two countries) and the train stopped again. This time was more "serious" from the Slovenia Customs. There was even a police K-9 dog accompanied the agents. It was all courteous. We arrived in Vibriant Ljubljana few hours later. The train station was not too far ... read more
Bird-eye view of Ljubljana from the castle
Soup and beer at the Sokol restaurant
market and the top of the church

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 3rd 2006

Man, one thing that is different about Slovenia that really catches me off guard is that service here does NOT come with a smile. Cashiers, waitresses, even customer service reps... they arn't forced into the humiliation of pretending to like their jobs as in Canada and the U.S. For me it's hard because I am so used to the friendly, chatty, smiley, "Oh Hiii... how ARE you today?" said with a whole lotta sugar on top... so when all I hear from them is a price I feel like they are mad at me or something... but that's not it at all! They are just... doing their job, without any Splenda on top! Anyway, today was fairly uneventful due to my lack of energy after the hike yesterday, but it did have some little beautiful moments! ... read more
River boat girls 2
Bowling girls!
Forget their names but they were really nice!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 3rd 2006

Ljubljana It was love at first sight. What I will remember most about Ljubljana was the heavenly angel in human form who was the receptionist at my hostel. I fell head over heels almost instantly. I lost all composure and level-headedness. It was as if I had been cast under a spell, with my judgement and thinking just completely thrown out the window at the hands of this merciless sorceress with her modest and extravagant beauty. Out of the one day I spent in Ljubljana, The One was by far the most memorable aspect. I was not even going to stay in Ljubljana, but instead go to Venice a day early to see it before flying off. One of the best random decisions ever, as not only is Ljubljana a very pretty city to walk around, ... read more
Church of Santa Maria dell Salute
The Three Tier Bridge (I think that's the name) and the Pink Church
The Grand Canal of Venice

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 2nd 2006

What can I say but I love Slovenia. I have had the most wonderful 24 hours, first with the party last night and then an amazing, culture-experiencing, death-defying, leg-burning hike today. Last night, after spending the day touring (see Beautiful Day entry) the city and doing a few errands, Simona took me out to a going away party for a student leaving for France for a year. The party was out at this little cabin/barn thing, and apparently the guy who was leaving invited everybody from his cell phone… even people he couldn’t remember who they were! Needless to say, there were a ton of people there, all getting pretty drunk and all waiting on this enormous stewing pot of traditional Slovenian Goulash. We drank good wine (they make excellent wines here mom!), and danced… even ... read more
Tradional Goulash and Polenta
My trusty mountain guide Matej
Rad old church along the path.


Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec September 2nd 2006

Well, writing about a STAG do is a little taboo. Suffice to say we had an excellent weekend. Sampled the amazing Slovenian Alps around Bovec, canyoning and hydrospeeding and a little drinking and eating. I recommend the Pink Panter (not a typo) night club! We also spent an excellent two nights in the capital, Llubjiana. A beautiful city, compact but with everything on offer for culture hungry STAGS. We stayed in a hostle that used to be a prison. A very individual place with quirky rooms and in an area full of arty people and buildings! Much more interesting than a travel lodge! Obviously we spent time walking around the city - went to the castle and were lucky enough to see a medieval parade. Over the weekend we had literally no sleep and returned exhausted. ... read more
Our Hotel
Watersport the order of the Day

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 1st 2006

I've spent the last 2 days touring around the city with my wonderful tourguide Simona. Yesterday we were a little tired after partying all night, but we managed to get out and see Preserno Trg (the main square) and a little bit of the city. Today we saw more, including parts of the old city and this huge park that is kind of in the middle of the city that is very beautiful! Its been really nice having a tour guide, especially one that knows the city so well and has the same sort of interests as I do. While many Slovenians do speak English, most of the time it is fairly broken, so I have been SO greatful to have a translator as well, especially for sorting out things like my apartment and cell phone... ... read more
Ljubljanica River
View with the Castle in the background
Statue of Preseren

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 1st 2006

So today just got better and better... I spent the afternoon by myself wandering around the city. I started out in the main park again, and found out it is actually more like 25x the size of city park in Kelowna. That, and it includes a huge, lushly forested mountain that compares to Knox in size and has great walking trails all over it! So I hiked around for about half an hour, of course in my skirt and crappy shoes... but it was too nice to not go! Every hundred metres along the trail, there are signs that have different stretches on them for you to do... Of course I had to stop and do them! And when you get to the top, there is kind of like a gym made of mostly wood set ... read more
Sign giving you stretch
Serbian Orthodox Church
River view

Europe » Slovenia August 31st 2006

Before booking our trip to Slovenia, we didn’t actually know too much about it. As it turned out, it was one of our favorite trips. The people were super-friendly and everyone we spoke to was fluent in English (many Slovenes spoke German and Italian as well.) We rented a car, which we did not originally plan to do, but it turned out to be a good decision because the roads were great and we were able to do day trips into Austria and Croatia, and to drive by a few extra castles and other sights along the way. The capital, Ljubljana (loo-blee-on-a), had a great downtown historic area, interesting architecture, and fun cafes and restaurants. The town is set up with kind of a medieval layout with a castle overlooking the city, a river flowing through ... read more
Franciscan Church in Ljubljana
Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana
Central Market in Ljubljana

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 31st 2006

Bled Like Alice I had stepped into a fairytale; plunged down the rabbit hole into a world of magic and wonder. After yet another sleep in a train station (this time Ljubljana), I arrived in Bled and what a sight I saw. A deep turqoise lake, so clear you can see rocks metres below. The water was almost unbelievably calm and placid as if it had never even been touched by the forces of nature. This lake was surrounded by mountains around the horizon on all sides; towering above with its grey peaks and lush green forests below peacefully leading up to the lake's edge. Right on the edge of one side of the lake stood a hill the whole way down the side, and in the middle of this hill was a steep stone cliff, ... read more
Julian Alps
Kayakers on the Soca River
Bled Jezero (Lake Bled)

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