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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 23rd 2006

So, after another tiny bout of homesickness that was quickly cured by all my good friends at Royal LePage (The best really do live there!), last night and today have been great. Nothing special really, but just feeling much more at home and settling in with some people that I hope will be good friends. Yesterday, I was walking towards downtown when I was asked "Do you speak English? We are looking for...." in an accent I immediately identified as French Canadian (or as these separatists might prefer, Quebecois! haha). After a quick chat, I had met Caroline and Yan from Quebec, and Caroline will be studying here in Ljubljana for the year. The world really is so small, and God is so great to have crossed our paths right then! As they were obviously brand ... read more
Pivo and Sunglasses

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 22nd 2006

One thing I definitly appreciate so much about Ljubljana is that I have yet to leave the house without hearing some sort of beautiful or strange music, either drifting from the speakers of one of the thousand coffee shops here (NONE of which are Starbucks! Strike one for monopolies! muah ha ha ha...), from a flute or violin or any other random instrument whose case is lying open on the ground with hundreds of Tolars thrown in, or from some sort of small band playing to ever increasing crouds in the street. I hear accordions from my balcony, and yesterday I walked out of my gate to hear a construction worker belting out a beautiful opera song... It really is just a city that is somehow filled with music, and generally GOOD music too. Every ... read more
Two guys who played a TON of Beatles covers
Simona's Hip Hop Group
Hip Hop Moves...

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 19th 2006

Hello all from Slovenia, No that is not part of France in case any of you are wondering. And its Slovenia, between Italy and Croatia, not Slovakia next to the Czech republic. Quite a small place really. So France and the walking is all done. Need time to digest but all in all it was a great experience and although my French is not good, probably not even average, I can understand a great deal and can even hold a basci conversation. I like to bring up the Zidane headbut as often as possible. Fortunately for the French I then point out that in next years Rugby world cup this will be almost legal and perhaps Zidane was getting his practice in early. The last few days on the Chemin were really difficult. Partly because I ... read more
Rather hot and sunny

Europe » Slovenia September 17th 2006

Very long travel day to Bled Slovenia from Pula via Rovinj and Ljubljana. Totally rooted by the end of it. Bled has beautiful vistas of the Julian Alps with a funky old castle built in 1004 and quaint church in the middle of the lake. Bit of a tourist town, which turns into an alpine resort in the winter. Managed to do a walk around the lake, and through the nearby Vintgar Gorge. Locals are very house-proud with flowers in every windowsill. If you didn't know it you'd think you were in Switzerland. Plans to go onto Lake Bohinj and do some outdoor activities (hikes, canyoning, whitewater rafting) in the Triglav National Park had to be scrapped due to seemingly endless crappy weather, which was a damn shame. Decided to pull up stumps and head back ... read more
Church of the Assumption
Bled Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 11th 2006

Since my last entry, I have been to lake Balaton, in Hungary, and Ptuj, Nazerje and Ljubljana in Slovenia. The sun has been kind and I have seen some interesting sights and done loads of biking (some great downhills on the ski slopes of mt Golte, in Slovenia). I have even been paragliding, which I enjoyed, but did not find as exciting as I expected. Balaton lake is huge. From where I camped, you could see water on the horizon in one direction. Whilst there I did a fair bit of biking, even some off-road. Saw some interesting cattle there, Nat, I challenge you to name the cow in the picture (not Daisy etc, but the breed). Stopped in the second main town of Keszthely at Balaton, which was ok. Moved on to Slovenia after a ... read more
Me, a mountain bike and a mountain
View from a paraglider


Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran September 10th 2006

Yesterday, after partying with a big group of Erasmus (European) students on Friday night, I took off with about 18 of them to a beautiful little town called Piran. The day started out pretty slowly, as they didn't realize how long it would take to rent cars. Car rental places are a little reluctant I think when a group of 18 or so 20 year old show up! Anyway, one girl, Malic, from Austria had her own car there, so after about an hour and a half of waiting for the rest of the group, 5 of us decided to take off on our own. One of the neatest things about our little group was that we were all different nationalities! There was Malic from Austria, our trusty driver. Sylvia is from Poland and she navigated ... read more
Sylvia climbing trecherous stair case
View of Castle wall

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 7th 2006

Hello all... The past few days have been... well... hard. Yesterday was a complete write off... I spent 5 hours trying to manuver my way through about 8 blocks of the city to get my student card and bus pass. Let me tell you, it made me really appreciate UBC systems and kelowna city planning! I guess I shouldn't complain to much, at the end of the day, after crying about 4 times and twice seriously considering packing everything up, I did come out with what I set out for. Anyway, night times are a little lonely right now because I'm alone in my apartment meant for 3. Well, really I'm not alone. There are 7 other people aparently living above me. But I have yet to even SEE any of them except for my manager ... read more
Castle tower from below
The View!
Castle Courtyard from Tower

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 6th 2006

Al went to catch up with another friend which meant she had catch a train back across to Paris where she´d already been. Claire and I decided that she was too smelly anyway, and continued without her, heading south to Slovenia. Just quickly, anyone travelling to Europe HAS to visit Slovenia and its capital Ljubljana. It´s awesome. Claire and I arrived reasonably late and went looking for a quick bite and a beer. This turned into just finding a pub and sinking lots of local brew. The next day we did the tourist thing and went to all the sites, incluiding (yes i have my guide book with me) St Nicholas´cathedral, Dragon Bridge, Cobblers Bridge, the castle, the three bridges and a heap of other lovely buildings. For night time fun, we had a traditional type ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 5th 2006

I have a little home! I moved out of Simona's beautiful little house yesterday... very hard to leave such a wonderful family I must tell you... and into my new appartment! It's very close to the faculty.,.. about a 5 minute walk if I don't get lost! I will be sharing a room, but right now its just me because the place was just renovated and I was the first to move in. Its a bit farther to downtown, but only like 7 minutes by bus so not to bad... (ps the buses here are wonderful... they don't really have a schedule, but guaranteed if you miss yours there will be another in like 10 minutes max... usually more like 5). I've already put up some decorations to make it feel like home a little more, ... read more
Kitchen table
Microwave/More Cupboards

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 5th 2006

From Ljubljana, I took a public bus to Bled, a resort town and home of the Lake Bled for a day excursion. Bought a one-way ticket to Lake Bled first and would figure out where to go next once I got there. The drive to the lake was interesting passing by rural villages and countryside with mountains in the backdrop. Lake Bled is surrounded by the Julian Alps and Triglav Peak and natural forrests. It is very scenic. Its natural beauty is exceptional by any standard. Had pizza and beer for lunch in a restaurant. It was delicious and the portion was huge. Took a leisure walk around the lake. Took it easy. Sat by the bench to stare at the glacial crystal clear lake as it mesmerized my mind ..and my soul. Also took a ... read more
Lake Bled
Bled castle

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