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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 5th 2013

We said farewell to our fellow bus riders last night and we were planning to stay at the hotel till check-out time at noon. Between breakfast & check-out we ran into some of our fellow travellers at least 3 times - more farewells, more air-kisses and more promises to try and stay in touch. It was a great relief to leave the hotel and head off to the Englischer Garten for a walk in the sunshine! This beautiful parkland is in the heart of Munich and the forecast rain stayed away so we had a very pleasant walk. We visited the Haus der Kunst - a contemporary art museum - and had lunch in the very ornate dining area. This building was one of the first monumental buildings constructed by the Nazis in the 1930's to ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne November 4th 2013

Cologne Bonn & Rheine River Valley Koblenz 31 Oct 2013 Well if it seems like we are beetling along, you would be right in thinking that. We have certainly turned the corner and heading for home. But Germany is such a beautiful country, we are trying not to hurry through….but are! After staying at Heidelberg and wandering around the town in the morning, we drove north to Cologne, and spent the night at a campsite on the River Rheine. We went into the restaurant that night and had lovely meals. Tom had a fillet steak and I had venison. As it was very cold outside, the beautiful restaurant was a pleasure to be in. Service was excellent and we challenged the waiter to tell me what meat I was going to eat as he didn’t have ... read more
Cologne Cathederal Germany 31 Oct 2013 (4)
Steak for Tom in Cologne Germany 31 Oct 2013
Venison for Pam in Cologne Germany 31 Oct 2013

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 4th 2013

This week-end I went to Berlin with some friends of Cologne to visit my dear friend Enhui, who is now studying there. I was waiting so much to go there but mostly to meet her and in the end, the week-end was even better than what I expected because this city is just great!!! Berlin is well-known internationnaly for a lot of aspects: historically, for party (electro mostly), for alternative districts, for street arts,... and I have to say that I was surprised to see how all this is so true! Berlin is a huge city so we could not go everywhere but we walked a lot around. I loved walking, wandering there because every corner is different and there are a lot of street arts everywhere. Firstly, I really liked Kreuzberg district: there were a ... read more
Street art
Nice view

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Arzbach November 4th 2013

Mosel River Valley 1 November 2013 We bought an excellent walking map of the Mosel (Moselle) Valley which gave us a lot of information on the Valley, Koblenz and the more southerly valley in Germany, the Saar Valley. After finding a ‘cash point’ (ATM) and baker and also finding that it was a public holiday (All Saints Day) we had to give the shopping a miss and headed out of Koblenz. This was after we watched a river cruise boat start its journey down the Mosel River. At the junction of the rivers, we noticed that the Mosel River water was markedly browner than the Rheine River. It reminded us of the scene we saw in the joining of the black and white Amazon River, but of course it wasn’t so distinct and it didn’t last ... read more
Mosel Valley Germany 1 Nov 2013 (5)
Cochem in the Mosel Valley Germany 1 Nov 2013 (5)
Cochem in the Mosel Valley Germany 1 Nov 2013 (17)

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg October 30th 2013

Stuttgart to Heidelberg via Heilbronn Germany 29 Oct 2013 On this Tuesday, we woke up to rain but it wasn’t too cold. Our camp site was 10 minutes walk from the Mercedes Benz Museum so that was our 1st destination in Stuttgart. We found it with no problems because it was huge! We walked past a big soccer stadium on the way, which was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. There was also a massive area where the city holds expos and major fairs and exhibitions next to the camp site. One would expect a pretty spectacular building from Mercedes Benz….and we got it! There were 8 floors (9 levels and 16,500 sq m)of displays covering the chronological history of the M-B vehicles starting in 1886, and how they influences the cultures and history of countries to which they ... read more
300 SEL 6.3 in Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013  (1)
300 SEL 6.3 in Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013  (2)
Mercedes Benz 1st car in Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013


Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg October 29th 2013

First actual touring day today. As anticipated, we had to be up with our bags outside the door at 7.30am and in the bus after having breakfast by 8.30. We're very used to taking it much more easily than that so this week will be a challenge. We have a young lady from Bosnia as our guide who seems to be very well-informed and speaks many languages. The tour is all in English however, even though 6-7 nationalities are represented in the group. We rode from Munich to Nuremberg where we spent an hour & a half looking around the very attractive central area of the historic city centre. The architecture is eye-catching and we were surprised to learn that much of the area was badly damaged during WW2 and that most of the ancient buildings ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg October 29th 2013

Up early for a bus tour of the remaining Nazi sites in Nuremberg. Apparently these are controversial: initially because many sites were destroyed after the war; now because people don’t want to pay the taxes required to restore the very deteriorating remaining sites. Our guide, Erika (Heather in English, she pointedly explained) commented that the sites were eroding so quickly that the quality must have been poor to start with. We drove by the Documentation Centre, where others returned later. A stark, prow-shaped entrance has been added to an original building to form a museum with a lot of original records. We also drove by a wide, long, 2 – 3 storey red brick building or complex that was used as barracks by the SS, then as American housing and offices, now as government administrative offices. ... read more
St Johannes Church
Doll store
Nuremburg roofs

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 28th 2013

A rather complicated morning to start our first day in Germany. We had to drop 2 bags at Munich airport - these held stuff that we didn't want to carry around on our bus trip - then took the rest of our luggage to tonight's accommodation before returning our car to the rental company. This involved about 2 hours of driving around and into Munich airport and environs. The weirdest bit was finding the Global Cars site where we had to drop off the car. When we picked the car up in Barcelona in August, we had trouble finding the place which was in an industrial area with no signage. This time our trusty satnav guided us to the drop-off site. We drove onto a narrow potholed road with a few old buildings at the end. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 28th 2013

After a train ride from Prague to Berlin, we checked in to a hotel near Freidrichstrasse station in central Berlin. Aside from the wind and rain, the first thing we noticed is that Berlin is a little cold (das is freezin mein weiner schneitzel). We are seriously failing at this whole chasing summer thing. This may be another Edinburgh, where the passage of time is impossible to tell from our photos because we are wearing all the clothing we own in every photo. I won't go on too much about the beer in Berlin, other than to say, the Germans have been doing good beer for a very long time. Enough said. We decided to do a 10 km bike tour of Berlin and had a fantastic day out. It was a great way to see ... read more
More of Museum Island
Start of Bike Tour
Shane's turn!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Freising October 27th 2013

Today marked our last long drive of our holiday - about 450 km from Torri del Benaco to Freising Germany. Our Satnav got us off to a great start by taking us through some of the narrowest and steepest roads we've ever experienced, but after half an hour of nerve-racking driving we were off and running. The mountain scenery in the Dolomites in Italy and the Austrian Alps was magnificent. We stopped for a morning break in Italy and lunch in Austria, then had dinner in a Thai (!!) restaurant in Freising - a very multicultural day. Tomorrow we part with our beloved car and start our bus tour of Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague & Budapest.... read more
Lake Garda to Freising, Germany
Lake Garda to Freising, Germany
Lake Garda to Freising, Germany

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