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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Haigerloch July 11th 2014

The excitement just keeps on rolling here in sleepy Haigerloch! Like any lingering jet lag, the skies are continuing to clear here and the heat has been turned on outside. We completed our third day at school today. If I could use one word to describe Haigerloch School thus far, it would have to be "Genuine". From top to bottom, everyone at this school honestly loves being a part of it. The Principal, Bernd, is joyous in every encounter, be it with students, staff, or parents. He exudes positivity, enthusiasm and professionalism that rubs off on everyone. The teachers love the school, love their subjects and genuinely love their students. Conversely, the students really seem to enjoy being at school, and respect it and each other. Our students fit right in to this mold. They are ... read more
Practicing With Cups
Three Amigos
Stomp Performs

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 10th 2014

After the 37th assault on my head with some young offenders bag pack I've just accepted sleep on this 7 hour journey was a fairytale dream and I'd be better off starting a search party in Connemara for the children from the attic. Delirious with fatigue I can only imagine what sort of fascinating synopsis will result from this but I need some sort of activity to distract from the beads of sweat sprinting down every limb I own. From my own, or the perspiration glands of my Indian neighbors I find myself cosily wedged between I can't be sure. After much pondering I've surmised the one on the left is familiar looking due to his starring role in New Delhis adaptation of The Biggest Loser last August. Allegedly was forced to leave the competition due ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Deidesheim July 10th 2014

Picking up Oma, Opa & Bea Day 3 July 10, 2014 I Wake up , what a good night sleep. I like these HARD beds in Europe. Kirsten however is not a happy camper, she only sleep for maybe 3-4 hours. Sorry. We get cleaned up and head down stairs for breakfast. I was so disappointed. I was hoping for a Solar Powered Robot named Helga serving me breakfast. NOPE! A real person, well maybe next year. We pile into the car and head toward the airport. About half way there I get a text from Bea. We’ve landed. I text her back and say we’ll be there in 5 minutes. Kirsten drives through the arrival land and sends me in. I make my way to the baggage claim area and in about 5 minutes I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 10th 2014

Today was a "no-museum" day. So, naturally, we went to Charlottenburg Schloß, which is a museum. :) By the time we were ready to leave the room, we decided to just have lunch, so we found an Indian place on the way to the bus we were going to catch. It was a nice place, and the proprietor (I assume she was the proprietor) was very pleasant and put up with our German (to the point of asking where we learned it). Cheryl had lamb korma, and I had a lamb and chicken biryani, plus we had samosas as an appetizer, and rounded it off with garlic naan. The food was tasty, but way too much; even having eaten only half of our entrees, we were stuffed. We hobbled to the bus stop and caught a ... read more
Charlottenburg Schloß
Above the entrance to the chapel
One of many cool chandeliers in the palace

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden July 10th 2014

So of my whole trip, Berchtesgaden has been the most breath taking. The city here lays on the base of the alps, the streams coming from there are crystal clear and taste like bottled water (I got thirsty on my hike into town and the water looked too refreshing). The trainride here was cool as well, there were a bunch of silly late teens going to some concert in Salzburg who almost got thrown off the train for singing too loudly haha. Something interesting about this little town,it is the only place I saw a memorial to fallen German soldiers, there was a little monument in town and one on a little hill with the names and dates of fallen locals. Sadly, when I got there the tour had been filled so I was unable to ... read more


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Haigerloch July 10th 2014

There is nothing like a rainy day canoe trip to create lasting memories, and to forge bonds that will never break. Something about sitting exposed for hours as the rain pours down upon you while being forced to paddle on for fear of crashing into the bank and perhaps even tipping over and being flung into the raging torrent that is the Neckar River can bind souls like no other. We arrived ready to do battle with the monster that is the Neckar in great spirits. Jokes abounded of who might be the first to tip, and who would reign victorious at the end. Good spirited arguments raged over who should be the captain of each ship. After a few words from our guides, loosely translated hilariously by Heidi, it was time to depart. The departure ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt July 9th 2014

Gutten Morgan Herr Voghan Day 2 July 9, 2014 Gutten Morgan Herr Voghan Arrgggg, whattt. It’s breakfast time Voulds Uses like some kaffee? Yes, please, I sit up and Kirsten is looking at me and says “Good Morning Sunshine” I fall back into my seat and close my eyes. The pilot comes on over the PA and announces “good morning folks we’ll be landing in Frankfurt in about 45 minutes”. We land and make our way to passport control; Kirsten always goes first she flies through. Making small conversation getting the agent to laugh. Me they look at me, look at my passport and look at me. Vhy ares uses here Stephan. I try to make them laugh by answering I’m on Wacation. Sometimes it works, this time it didn’t. He finally stamps my passport and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 9th 2014

So it will be hard to say bye to Munich, but the city was fun. I find after time a lot of cities tend to offer the same things but one will be the best. For instance Bavaria for nature, Cologne for the Cathedral, etc. I will say this city seemed to offer a lot of fun things to do, I ended up doing a brewery tour of three of the largest breweries in Munich that was pretty cool, the city itself was overall fun and not too bad to navagate luckily. I did want to check out the Oktoberfest field, sadly there was not much there besides...well a field. I found it hard/frustrating these past two days not really being able to use the internet and keep up with this. Tomorrow I ride out to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Planegg July 9th 2014

On Monday, both the Americans and Germans took a two hour bus ride south to see the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein. Upon arrival, hiked fifteen minutes to nearby Tegelberg mountain, where we were given two options. The majority of us chose to ride on the Rodelbahn, a toboggan ride down a metal luge track on the side of the mountain. The other group rode a gondola halfway up the mountain, and then hiked up a steep trail to the very top of the mountain. After that adventure, we walked over to Neuschwanstein where, even though we missed our tour, we were able to walk the grounds and take lots of photos. Following that, we meandered over to a nearby bridge from which we could take pictures of the classic view of Neuschwanstein. After a bit of time ... read more

Europe » Germany July 9th 2014

Saturday 5th July Full days drive ahead with nothing interesting to report . At least we stopped for a supermarket sweep this time instead of getting there and everything is geschlossen. Only one flash of a speed camera so we will see if that manages to find us. Arrived at campsite at around 5.30 - nice quiet site with own bar and restaurant .mobile home very comfy all mod cons had a bbq walked down to bar and had a dessert and couple of drinks. Met the campsite cat which looks just like tevez but a lot thinner . Retired to the cinema ie laptop projector 52 inc screen .... to watch last tango in halifax with a glass of wine obviously. ... read more

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