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Europe » Germany July 9th 2014

Sunday 6th July Set out for a trip to Waldkirch and stumbled across a sunday street market with classic car festival and lots of stalls serving beer. It would be rude not to have at least a cheeky radler! Watching steve with the cars I thought I had swapped husbands for a minute.( 1st husban used to read the auto trader to me in bed ! ) Had a brief chat with a german chap about the tour de france in leeds - finally someone may talk about something else than manchester united when you say you are from england. Its about 28 degrees and rising Tried to find the tree walk but ended up going to simonswald to find our very first campsite from 2001 europe adventure the town seems to have changed in 13 ... read more

Europe » Germany July 9th 2014

Monday 7th July Lazy day today as weather is poor headed off to see the largest cuckoo clock in the world which was an anticlimax if ever there was one at least we only got there at 5 to the hour and not 25 to . Drove into triberg only to see a sign pointing to the largest cuckoo clock in the world so dont know how many there are and whether we saw the real one . As was still raining just had a drive round the area and back to camp. We started a glass of wine with the intention of walking a mile into town , then another glass still raining then decided greek restaurant 1/2 mile away then another glass rain heavier , camp restaurant , more wine - what have we ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Haigerloch July 9th 2014

I believe that we need to rethink our welcome gift for our German friends in the future. Bringing our February weather with us to share just didn't turn out to be very nice for anyone. It was a rainy first day of school for the group. We met together with our German partners in the classroom that they have set completely aside for our use. We were welcomed by the principal of the school. He is very genuinely excited to have us here and is eager to help in any way possible. We received our welcome gifts at the meeting, and were able to get answers to pressing questions which are integral to success at school, like "If Thiago Silva and Neymar had played for Brazil last night, would Germany have still won 7-1?" From here ... read more
Haus Rose
Morning Meeting
A Group From The Hill

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 9th 2014

Our museum for today was the Memorial to the German Resistance, commemorating those who resisted National Socialism through demonstration, writing, speaking, helping the oppressed, or just refusing to participate. We slept in today, because we were up late watching Fußball, so we missed breakfast at the Pension, and when we did get up, we had a bit of a lazy morning writing blog posts and reading up on things we were going to see and watching Big Bang Theory in German. Once we set out, we headed to La Piazza, where I tried their pizza (delicious) and Cheryl tried a pasta dish with pesto and lamb (also delicious) and we had Radler to drink (called Alsterwasser in Berlin). Our waiter correctly figured out we were Americans and chatted with us a bit; he had lived in ... read more
Inside the new church
Berliner Dom
Altes Museum

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 8th 2014

Today, we chose the Topographie des Terrors as our museum of the day. It's not all that far from Checkpoint Charlie, so the bus ride was familiar, right down to getting bottles of Mineralwasser mit Gasfrom the newstand thing near the bus stop. The bus is a double decker, so, naturally, we opted to ride up top. We arrived at our stop and to our left was this open field of large gravel, a building that looked like it was made from aluminum, a bit of The Wall that still stands, and some excavation showing the previous occupant of this chunk of land. Because there was construction, we had to cross the street three times just to get to the entrance. The building was not there, and the landscape was ungroomed when Cheryl was last there, ... read more
Selfie at The Wall
Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Haigerloch July 8th 2014

What a night! After a very busy and exorbitantly long day of travel, sightseeing and relaxing in Iceland following the emotional departure from family and friends, you would think that it would be a quick and easy lights out and deep sleep. That my friends, was not to be! An interesting phenomenon that we were all aware of, but nobody really saw coming, was that we have not seen darkness since the night before we left home. We have been consistently north enough on our flight to never see the sun set (just like the British Empire, ha). Then, here in Iceland, no sunset, light all night. We struggled all day to keep our eyes open with the carrot of a 7pm bed time dangling in front of us. So, copious amounts of activities and mid ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 8th 2014

Today sadly due to weather I jumped around different shops in Munich and checked out the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum which was pretty cool and talked about ancient beer making techniques, turns out wooden shoes were used to grind the grain before the batch was brewed. Bavaria being catholic means the churches here are much nicer and a more elaberate since lutheran churches because of the counter reformation as well. What was cool here was the St. Micheal church which had old Bavarian Royalty buried in its chanmbers in metal coffins. The church itself is beautiful though with lots of relics. I ended up watching the Germany game with Max, Michelle and their friend Erik and it was a good game, their host reserved seats for us and since he worked there too our tabs were ... read more

Europe » Germany July 7th 2014

We arrived by train today at our last stop on the tour de Europe. We are in Hanau which is just out of Frankfurt. Again we are staying in this home on an exchange. And this time it is a simultaneous exchange. Wolfgang and Annette are in our house in Brookings while we are here in their house. Two weeks from today we will be home. But there is still so much to see. Tomorrow I think we will explore Hanau and decide what else to see before we board that airplane for an 11 hour flight.... read more
Pretty Backyard

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 7th 2014

Apparently, Monday is a day when many of Berlin's museums are closed, but the Checkpoint Charlie Museumis open every day, so we decided to make it the main event for the day. Our Pension features Früstück every morning in the breakfast room, so we decided to take advantage and fuel up for the morning. I had scrambled eggs, some salamis and cheeses, a small bowl of Müsli mit Milch and some coffee and orange juice; Cheryl passed on the eggs, but had a bowl of Müsli with yogurt, plus some of the meats and cheeses, and also coffee and orange juice. Except for the eggs, we had this type of breakfast every morning while staying with Andrea and Ulf, and also when we were in Vienna in 2009, our Pension featured much the same fare, and ... read more
The sign
Maria Bonita Tacos
Selfie with Fernsehturm

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein July 7th 2014

So I woke up early today to get to the train station nice and early for my day trip to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Little did I know, the people, Max and Michelle, that I met yesterday at Dachau were on the same train as me but got kicekd at the next stop since their tickets didn*t start working until 9. Turns out though after grabbing breackfast and getting on a bus they hop on as well and we ended up traveling together for the day. The scenes were simply amazing and part heart attack giving since it was a 40 minute steep climb up the mountain. The bridge overlooking the castel Marienbrücke was cool, narrow and crowded which made it partially terrifying as well, the boards actually bounced up and down as you walked over and ... read more

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