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Europe » Germany July 7th 2014

We arrived by train today at our last stop on the tour de Europe. We are in Hanau which is just out of Frankfurt. Again we are staying in this home on an exchange. And this time it is a simultaneous exchange. Wolfgang and Annette are in our house in Brookings while we are here in their house. Two weeks from today we will be home. But there is still so much to see. Tomorrow I think we will explore Hanau and decide what else to see before we board that airplane for an 11 hour flight.... read more
Pretty Backyard

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 7th 2014

Apparently, Monday is a day when many of Berlin's museums are closed, but the Checkpoint Charlie Museumis open every day, so we decided to make it the main event for the day. Our Pension features Früstück every morning in the breakfast room, so we decided to take advantage and fuel up for the morning. I had scrambled eggs, some salamis and cheeses, a small bowl of Müsli mit Milch and some coffee and orange juice; Cheryl passed on the eggs, but had a bowl of Müsli with yogurt, plus some of the meats and cheeses, and also coffee and orange juice. Except for the eggs, we had this type of breakfast every morning while staying with Andrea and Ulf, and also when we were in Vienna in 2009, our Pension featured much the same fare, and ... read more
The sign
Maria Bonita Tacos
Selfie with Fernsehturm

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein July 7th 2014

So I woke up early today to get to the train station nice and early for my day trip to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Little did I know, the people, Max and Michelle, that I met yesterday at Dachau were on the same train as me but got kicekd at the next stop since their tickets didn*t start working until 9. Turns out though after grabbing breackfast and getting on a bus they hop on as well and we ended up traveling together for the day. The scenes were simply amazing and part heart attack giving since it was a 40 minute steep climb up the mountain. The bridge overlooking the castel Marienbrücke was cool, narrow and crowded which made it partially terrifying as well, the boards actually bounced up and down as you walked over and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin July 6th 2014

As I am walking down the streets I hear live music, not knowing where it is coming from I kept walking. As I got closer behind the beautiful church that is currently under construction there is a festival going on. There are plenty of food stands, drink stands, and different other kind of stands as well along with a live band playing rock and roll. Many people dancing the middle of the dance floor enjoying this sunny Sunday. Sitting by the water fountain enjoying a fresh squeezed orange juice that I purchased on one of the stands felt so refreshing especially since todays weather was a little hotter than the usual. I am not sure how often this festival happens but it was fun and I hope it happens more often during this summer. I seen ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin July 6th 2014

There are some people that you walk by and they stare as if they have never seen an American in their lives. To me the ones that seem to be nice and friendly are the adults around 20-30. I have met other people that speak Spanish as I do that have come on vacation as well to take in this beautiful city and what it has to offer. I have also noticed that in some restaurants the beer is cheaper than the soda or even water! Its understandable seeing as most of the natives drink a lot of beer. Today I went to what seemed to me to be like a little fair. It was nice I liked it there was live music and little stands selling clothes and other souvenirs. The German people really seem ... read more


Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 6th 2014

So waking up early to get to Munich turned out to be a good idea since it was a 5 hour train right, luckily my hotel was right by the trainstation so hopping back on was easy. I decided to go to Dachau today, it was maybe 30 minutes away but rather informative. I seemed to get through it faster than the other guests and I think that may have been that I found a lot of features and information similar to that of Buchenwald. The camp today is much smaller than what was and the barracks had to be burned in most concentration camps to keep disease in postwar Europe from spreading, but they did have two remodels of the buildings themselves. Dachau is one of the first concentration camps to be erected in Europe ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 6th 2014

Today, we said goodbye not only to Ulf, Andrea and Lars, but also to Barbara, Laura and Joe, who will be flying to Bristol tomorrow, and starting their British tour off in Bath. But, first Döner! We got up much earlier this morning, showered, finished our last minute packing, ate Früstück (breakfast) together one last time, and headed to the bus stop for the trip to the Hauptbahnhof to catch our train. Our train didn't leave until 13:16, so we had planned to get to the station and then find a nearby Döner, because I still had not had not had any good Döner. As expected, it was quite tasty, and when we were done, our server dude offered us Turkish tea, which was very strong, but with enough Zucker, was also very tasty. Finally, it ... read more
Our room

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 6th 2014

After settling into our hotel and watching a bit of Le Tour, we decided we needed 1) some Eis, and 2) to see some things since it was still early and light out and we were restless. So, we set out for Kant Eiscafé, which was not too far from our Pension, and looked interesting on the walk from the S-bahn station to the hotel. On the way there, I joked with Cheryl that I was sure it was going to end up terrible, and that she'd be able to blame me. (In case you missed it, this is foreshadowing). We took a couple of seats on the sidewalk, and proceeded to wait. We had plenty to talk about, but it soon became clear that nobody was going to come ask us if we wanted anything, ... read more
Cheryl, in front of Reichstag
Wurst :-)
Brandenburg Tor Selfie!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria July 6th 2014

For the first month of our trip we have leased a car - a Citreon Picasso, we've decided to name it 'Pablo'. Day 2 we set off to collect Pablo and head off to a destination recommended by my brother Greg - Garmisch Partken kirchen. The weather was wet and rainy, so we didn't get to see what was obviously spectacular alps, but the place was so charming and pretty, we just wandered the streets and found a place for lunch where we had schnitzels, sausages (for George) and apple strudels ...oh my goodness - to die for!! We looked at postcards to see what the town looked like on a sunny day...I may overuse the phrase 'so pretty' (apologies).... Breathtaking, stunning, charming, all words to describe this part of the world, thanks for the recommendation ... read more
Garmisch Partenkerchen
Lost in Moosach

Europe » Germany » Berlin July 6th 2014

With the World Cup coming to an end, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend these festivities, how lucky was I to come to come this time a year! A Truly unforgettable experience. Although I could have stayed in my hostel to watch the games, my roommates and I headed out to the Brandenburg Gate every time Germany played. It was the place to be people from every parts of the city gathered near the Brandenburg Gate to watch Deutschland play the world. The whole street was closed down and filled with more than 100,000 people displaying their country’s allegiance by wearing black, yellow, and red. More than four giant screens were spread along the street so watching the game was inevitable. Alongside the street there were countless number of places that sold ... read more

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