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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 6th 2013

Hi Guys and Gals Since we last spoke we were heading off to Vienna. So where do I begin. Vienna – We arrived around 5.30 o’clock. We went to the Liechtenstein Palace for a Viennese Concert that was a tribute the music of Strauss. Everyone got tarted up, I wore my suit and all the girls had there sparkly things on. The show had a bit of everything, Music, opera and some dancing which was well performed. Show went for 1 hour, then back to the ship for evening drinks and planning for the next day. We went on the Schonbrunn Palace tour which was good, had some free time there so Gaynor hit the Christmas markets in the forecourt and I went for a walk to get some more photos. Had a squirrel crawl up ... read more
View from the Ruins (Durnstein)
Rugged up
Crossing the finish line

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Gauting December 6th 2013

Liebe Angelica, hier auch alles ok., es schneit etwas, Temperatur um 0° C. Heute Morgen war ich in der HNO - Klinik. Arzt hat die Fäden gezogen und das Ohr sauber gemacht. Nächste Woche am Freitag will man die restlichen 10 % der Verkrustung im Gehörgang entfernen und den ersten Hörtest machen. Ich bin gespannt. Arzt fragte mich, ob ich das Gefühl habe, mit dem Ohr hören zu können und ich sagte: ja. Er fand es in Ordnung. Wolfgang... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg December 5th 2013

We just had a wonderful one week trip to visit our dear friends near Freiburg, Germany. We had first met Angelika, Achim and their 3 children when we were only 26 years old back in Botswana! Fortunately our friendship has lasted over the years and distance. We have seen each other a few times since then, but the last time we saw them was 7 years for Achim and 13 years for Angelika. With friends like these that doesn’t matter as we were able to pick up right where we left off without any difficulty. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the children (who are now grown with families of their own) but we did get to see Gitti (Angelika’s sister) whom we have known for many years as well. Thanks to skype we did get ... read more
Great Wood Sculptures
The Wind Was Howling
The Alps

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Aschaffenburg December 5th 2013

Today we have booked our tickets for New Zealand. The flight is on the 30th of December. We will have a one day stop in Taipeh. So, we take the opportunity of doing some sightseeing and getting some bits of Chinese culture. Next stop will be our flight to Auckland at 11 p.m. Will be cute to see all the fireworks from above........ I am so curious what is awaiting for us.....If have heard of a country where people forgot about time ....people who are not interested in making career and being superior.....people who laugh just because they see the mere beauty of everyday's miracles........... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 3rd 2013

This morning we set out to catch the train to Brandenburg Tor, but when we reached the station we discovered that the line that we had planned to take is one of the ones that is closed for renovations. So we changed our plans and decided to go first to the old Reichstag building that fell into disuse between 1933 and 1999 after it was severely damaged by fire. Reconstructed between 1990 and 1999 the building is now the home of the Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament). Although this was on Bernie's list of things to do in Berlin his research did not discover that, although it free to enter the dome, you have to register to do so. So, we queued up to register for a visit to the dome later in the day. It's quite ... read more
Brandenburg Tor
Jewish Memorial
Golden Hat


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 2nd 2013

When we got back to our room last night Bernie fiddled with his camera a bit more. Each time he turned it on he could snap about four or five shots and then it would display Err 01. He tried his other lenses and had no trouble with those. Then he tried his lens on my camera and the same error message was displayed. OK, that narrowed it down to a lens problem rather than a camera problem. On line forums that he checked discussed the pros and cons of using an eraser or pure alcohol to clean the contacts between the lens and the camera. At breakfast we asked Agnes if she knew of a good camera store. The only stores that she was able to suggest were more suitable if we wanted to buy ... read more
Berlin Wall 2
Tracey at the wall
Altes Nationalgallerie

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 1st 2013

Oh no! There's no hairdryer in the room. What the heck, I have a hat on most of the time anyway so it doesn't really matter if my hair starts off flat I will have hat hair in no time at all anyway!! With naturally dried hair we ventured over to the communal area of the pension to have breakfast. With the pension fully booked this weekend it was a very busy Sunday morning for breakfast. Angelika and her niece, Agnes, put on a lovely buffet spread for breakfast which we really enjoyed. We were seated with a German couple who stay at Pension Gallerie when they come to visit their son in Berlin. We started out for the day looking for the Route 100 bus which the German man had told us does a circuit ... read more
Berlin Cathedral
Bode Museum
Bode Museum Entry Hall

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate November 30th 2013

Berlin - Bavaria - Paris - Bastogne - Christmas Markets -- our German vacation was so full of spectacular sites, that I just would not be able to fit it all in one blog! Therefore, I will write this in sections, with each major segment of our trip having it's own post. This is segment 4: War and Peace! We have been planning this vacation for years! Well, sort of. My friend and old co-worker, Lisa, is stationed in Germany. Ever since she moved there I have been threatening that I am going to come visit. It was always "maybe in the Fall", then "maybe in the Spring", "maybe just after I graduate" get the idea. Well we finally decided it was time and purchased the going back now! We planned our trip in the ... read more
Driving to Bettendorf, Luxembourg
Driving to Bettendorf, Luxembourg
Just outside Bettondorf, Luxembourg

Europe » Germany » Bavaria November 30th 2013

I can't believe it but here I am sitting at MCD at Munich Airport waiting for check-in. And again auto-correct is set to german :-( The last days were really busy. Finishing work, final packing, trying to get a working phone... So about my phone, I bought a new one today, a Samsung DuoSim - and I HATE Android. The good Thing is that I can use Tethering to connect my Lumia to it, even with SIM lock. On friday I spent some hours to Flash new ROMs on it (but that is another Story) and I had to give up unlocking it. Then today I had to get my bicylce to the Airport. A good friend helped me carrying it to the subway Station and here I am. Unfortunately check-in is still some hours away, ... read more
Repacking at MUC

Europe » Germany » Bavaria November 30th 2013

Check-In was not a problem at all. Two bulky lagguage pieces, two kilo too much but thx to Air Berlin and Etihad I am sitting in the lounge, reading the playboy (articles only! :-)), drinking coffee and water and try to relieve my back, which is quite in pain because of the heavy luggage. Just don't fall asleep FloRider!... read more

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