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We left Pedasi, about 9:00 a.m. Thursday for our trek to Boquete, (pronounced Bo ket a). The trip required us to backtrack through Los Tablas and Chitre’, both towns we were lost in on our way to Pedasi. We did get lost (briefly) in Los Tablas, but I was able to find the way out with little trouble. In Chitre' we weren’t quite as lucky, and drove around for a half hour only to find out we were a mere block away from where we needed to be. If I’m ever president of Panama the first thing I will do is order every town identify itself as you enter and every street has a street sign that clearly marks its name. The trip to Boquete which should have been 5 hours, stretched to 7.5, because of ... read more
Our cabin, the first on the hillside.
Enjoying coffee and the view from the front porch.
Love these.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! We were sailing to Panama, albeit a day late due to a cockup by the captain of the boat we were supposed to be going on. But the Almande was a fairly large boat with two French seadogs, Loic and Franck, to keep her on the right path to the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. There were 9 of us on the boat; Vicky and Ed were a couple from Essex doing a similar trip to ourselves (always a wonderful thing to meet likeminded people); Jo and Jade an Anglo-Australian couple who were both big characters (if you are an 18 stone, tattooed, ginger beared, Australian bloke with a girls name you are going to be an awesome person, you don't really have a say ... read more
If I could come back as anything....
Sailing is a hard life.
This occurred every morning.

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos February 27th 2013

Wednesday - 2/28 Good news, we didn't get lost today! Of course we only went to to the beach, but we made it there without asking directions! We traveled on Tuesday from San Carlos to Pedasi, and it was slow going due to road construction between Chitre' and Los Tablas. Panama is building a new highway, which is about 90% completed, and to keep traffice at a safe pace, they have set the speed limit at 40 km or 25 mph. That added an hour to our previously planned 3 hour trip. Arriving in Pedasi we found a quiet little fishing village about a mile off the Pacific coast. It is clean, quiet, quaint and a melting pot of nationalaties. When we arrived at the B&B where we had reservations it was locked up tight, so ... read more
Feeding the Emu bananas
Macaw Parrot
It was "nap time"

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Coclé February 26th 2013

Great day today! Jim and I traveled back up the coast today to Punta Chame to see Nitro City Panama. Once known as Motel Punta Chame, the resort has been refurbished and is now the home of the Nitro Circus a/k/a Nitro City Panama. For those of you unfamiliar with Nitro Circus, this is a group of extreme sports such as motocross, wake boarding, kite surfing, sky diving, skateboarding etc. The resort is associated with Travis Pastrana a well known motorcycle stunt rider, rally and NASCAR driver. It is set up to be a travel destination for the extreme sport enthusiast, which means Jim and I only went to observe as we're about 40 years to late to be participants! It was fun to visit and enjoy the ambience of the resort, and we got some ... read more
Standing on a bench made out of a wakeboard.
Travis Pastrana's play bike.
Pool at Nitro City.

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Coclé February 24th 2013

Sunday, February 24th Playa El Palmar, San Carlos We arrived in Panama City last night at 7:15 pm.(EST) right on time. The flight was six and half hours long but we can't say enough good things about Copa Airlines. The plane was new, with mini televisions in the back of each headrest that offered four new movie releases, movie classics, sitcoms, comedies, and games. Also, we were pleasantly surprised when the crew served lunch and dinner as well as complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks. We highly recommed Copa Airlines in your future travel plans. Tocumen International Airport is modern and easy to navigate. We made it through customs in no time at all, and found Budget Rental Car located right outside the doors that exited customs. The car rental representative was very nice and helpful, ... read more
Panama City
Panama City
Hotel Continental


Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 23rd 2013

The last night in our jungle lodge was interesting. When we left our chalet for dinner there was a member of staff outside with a torch. He was there to tell us to tread carefully because a poisonous viper had decided to have a sleep in the middle of the path. It was definitely time to leave. The stupid Copa airlines 03:52 flight from Manaus to Panama got even more stupid when the aircon on the plane broke after take-off. They could either leave it on freezing or boiling. They decided on freezing. It was so cold you could see your breath. And so to sweltering Panama. We got chatting to an elderly American couple at the airport. They live here. They told us roughly what to expect – high rise concrete, traffic jams, banks and ... read more
IMG_2379 Panama
IMG_2421 canal

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 20th 2013

Today I start my next adventure. Cuba bound Via Panama. I choose to fly to Havana with Copa Air. I could have gone a bit cheaper going with Areomexico/Cubana however I wanted to avoid using Cubana. Yes they have a terrible safety record but I actually wanted to avoid them as I read that they are notorious for delaying flights – including delays of 48-72 hours. Apparently if they 'delay' a flight and not cancel it they do not need to organise accommodation etc. As I was doing the tour I didn't want to risk a late arrival. Therefore a took advantage of a chance for a layover in Panama. Copa was a nice airline to fly with. Like reviews said they look after you enough and did 2 food services on a 6 ish hour ... read more

BOCAS BOUND: After three and a half weeks we're leaving our "home" at the lost and found for Bocas Del Toro. Bocas is made up of several islands, but only three of them are the main tourists destinations: Isla Colon (the main island), Isla Bastimentos, and Isla Carenero. We currently have reservations at the Mar E Iguana hostel on Isla Colon. They have given us an opportunity to volunteer there but we only have a little over a week before we need to start making our way to the Pacific side of Costa Rica. I wish the festival was in March so we could cover the Caribbean side of Costa Rica after Bocas. Looks like we'll have to go back through David one more time, ugh. The main island has a reputation for being a crazy ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 17th 2013

Day 478 Thursday 31st January Got up at 8.30 feeling like we could have slept till midday. I don’t know why but yesterday knocked the stuffing out of us and we both felt wrecked. After breakfast we took a long time to get into gear and head out the door to explore the city. Hadn’t planned on anything today other than just checking out our new environment, which was probably the best plan in the state we were in. Panama City has supposedly a population of 1.2 million but looks like it would be double that. Pedestrian wise, walking the streets the city doesn’t feel that congested, but the traffic is horrendous and the drivers are really, really aggressive. I am sure most would gladly run over their Grandmothers to get through ... read more
Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Panama City

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta February 16th 2013

I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seat for a new update, so here goes. (Also, I'm sorry there are no pictures, but I will add them to the blog later and republish it. You'll have to wait a week, though, because I'm headed to Culbra again tomorrow morning.) I left off a few days before I set out for Culebra, to Erick Olmos' cattle rancho in the middle of Parque Internacional La Amistad. Alejandro and I left Finca Dracula at 5am to get a taxi to Boquete where we grabbed some breakfast, bought some supplies, and hit the trail by 8am. Nine and a half hours, with mud and water in my too-big, too-short boots, we made it to the rancho. As we crested the hill and saw it for the ... read more

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