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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 6th 2013

It was another early morning bus for us on February 6th. When we got to our connecting city we rushed to the other bus station where we caught a bus heading to the border just in time. We were not able to sit together but I was just glad we didn't have to wait hours for a bus. We did however not have time for a meal and just got a drink and bag of chips. Once the bus started to clear out I moved back to where Dan was sitting, he was talking to some locals who spoke some English. They were trying to get to Panama for a soccer game. We all got off the bus together but they were just trying to go to the border and we knew we needed an exit ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí February 4th 2013

Monkey business! We spent 3 nights in a hostel in the 3 rd largest city in Panama called David. pronounced Daveed. So our time there was brief, which will explain the brief blog......but I have to speak about the monkeys there. I had no idea the yard was full of pets and when we unloaded the taxi and dragged our luggage into the secured yard, you could imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw this little white head dancing around in front of me trying to get our attention! It was love at first sight, well at least on this end it was.....Pancha the white faced baby monkey was not to sure of me and played shy. Rosie, the lady who feeds all the critters every day, walked up to him and he leapt ... read more
My new friend

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí February 4th 2013

The Epidemic: A few nights ago a bug broke out in the guest dorm, and since there's only one dorm that everyone shares at least 6 people have caught it. Even though it only lasts for about six hours, the victims are subjected to violent vomiting and diarrhea. Kevin was one of the unlucky few who got sick and he compared it to taking ex lax and epicack. Lovely visual. So far we've only seen it strike at night. I've had so much anxiety about catching it because it looks really painful, and it's so inconvenient getting to the bathrooms in a hurry. I even went to the extent of eating three raw garlic cloves to boost my immunity. I made Kevin a broth of onion, garlic and ginger because I know it's hard to digest ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá February 3rd 2013

Panama City & Boquete We all have been there … with too many ideas and places to see and not enough time to realize it all. Usually it is a position in which all short-term travelers find themselves, however sometimes even long timers as us have to face the same. Then how to find the right balance and make the trip worthwhile? How to choose in order to feel no regret? With those questions in our mind we landed in Panama City to begin our Central America leg of RTW. We had no clue as what to do next but we just decided to let it be. It had happened before that people we had met and things we had read altered our way so we knew that eventually we would get 'inspired'. Just in case ... read more
The Old Town in PC
happy worker

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 30th 2013

So it's been quite a while, figure it's time for an update. Sorry about the long time between blogs but... I really hate writing them up. It has been a fun seven weeks though so I'll try and hit the main highlights here. After leaving Mexico City (no traffic issues this time), Max and I headed in a general south direction, through some volcano country and sugar cane fields. In Huajuapan, we spent an evening in a pool hall, watching the Manny Pacquiao - Juan Marquez fight Dec. 10. Marquez, a Mexican, knocked out Pacquiao out cold in the last seconds of the sixth round and the bar, town, and probably entire country, went nuts. Crossing over the mountains to the Carribean side again, one of my headlights blew out so I started driving with the ... read more
Last pollo asado in Mexico... it was a good one.
Tikal, highest temple in Central America.
View from Temple IV at Tikal.


Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 29th 2013

We flew into Panama city quite late at night arriving at our hostel Mamallena due to good reviews from hostel world. Unbeknown to us we had to provide proof to the airline in LA that we were leaving the country Panama and came across problems when cheacking in to catch our plane. We had no proof of exit apart from a plane ticket leaving Cancun in 3 months and this was not good enough according to their immigration law. So had to purchse a bus ticket in a hurry showing we were going across the boarder or a plane ticket. It was just our luck that all booking sites for the bus tickets where down for maintenance therefore left with no option but to purchase a refundable plane ticket and losing USD40$ on the booking fee ... read more
san blas islands
Panama city
scott with panana city in the background

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí January 28th 2013

Day #1 panama city: We visited Casco viejo today which is the old colonial part of Panama City. It was part modern and part dilapidated, with trees protruding out from the wreckage. We walked through a fish market that would've repulsed most people, but had jumbo prawns for only $4.50/lb! I would like to prepare fish at the hostel but I don't think I could bring myself to clean and debone a whole one. When we tried to get back to the hostel none of the cab drivers recognized it and we didn't have an address! Luckily by the fourth try, the cab driver knew the name. It's so cheap to get around $2-5 to get across town. No meters, just negotiation. We're hopefully gonna take a Spanish for travelers course on Saturday so we feel ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí January 27th 2013

Here we are in the Windy City of Boquete, Panama translated means ......... Gap! (Gap?) maybe this is because it sits in a valley in between mountains. Either way our trip here was uneventful, we traveled by boat from Bocas del Tora as it is an island......(and of course there was a gringo that got on the boat, late, because he was waiting for a bus...duh) then jumped onto a comfortable mini van with 4 others and proceeded to climb up the side of one mountain to the top where Boquete is situated. We were ready to leave Bocas del Toro. The food poisoning laid me up for almost a week, then the last few days we were there Ian came down with something too, so most of the time we stayed pretty close to home. ... read more
Our place in Bocas
View from the hamock
The other view from the hamock

Central America Caribbean » Panama January 23rd 2013

We safely made it over the Costa Rica – Panama border and have since racked up a few kilometres. First stop in Panama was Bocas del Torres which is on the Caribbean side and renowned for its surf. We stayed on the most remote island; Bastimentos, which seemed to be overrun by a million crazy but cute Arfo-Caribbean kids. Much to Tom’s disappointment we just missed out on a huge swell by one day and in order to get to one of the most consistent surfing beaches we had to trek across the jungle 30 mins each way in ankle, sometimes knee deep mud, safe to say the island was pretty remote. The beach was stunning though, surrounded by jungle and with clear water. We also enjoyed one of our favourite activities of chilling with our ... read more
View from Isla Bastimentos
Tom enjoying some hammock time
Isla Bastimentos

On the long journey from Ostional to the central capital we had decided that we'd skip the big city and take another long bus to the Caribbean coast and a beach side town called Cahuita. The journey was pretty spectacular, climbing and descending through deeply forested areas before reaching the flatter plains of the coast. We arrived after dark, but the hostel owner meeting us with his huge dog 'Scooby Doo' meant that we knew we'd made the right decision. Heading out into the town we immediately noticed a huge difference from the pacific side of the country. The Caribbean vibe was there in full flow, with reggae beats and dreadlocks the order of the evening. After a lay in we ventured out into Cahuita National Park and we weren't disappointed. The park stretched about 6 ... read more
Racoon - Cahuita
Scooby Doo
Starfish at Starfish Beach

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