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I was able to upload some pictures! Check em out! Day 5 Blog forthcoming...... read more

Dia 5 Planning to make this a shorter entry... we shall see! So wake-up was earlier than normal today, as breakfast was at 6:30 instead of the normal 7. Because today we were off to the village of Balsamo to finish their school! The last step was laying the cement flooring in the three classrooms and main walkway. This was to be a loooong, tiring, but productive and fulfilling day. However.....there it goes again...Matt was feeling a little sick, and due to doctor's orders, we had to return to the clinic once again to provide a stool sample. We left with the rest of the group after breakfast on the bus, since the clinic was on the way to Balsamo. We got there a little after 8am, and Matt was kind enough to offer up his ... read more
Me and Juan, down by the (new) school yard
Pobre yo

Dia 4 If anyone thought yesterday's entry was intense, or crazy, wait until you read today's! Normal morning, and I still can't believe how I was not that tired. Started with a breakfast of eggs and potatoes, and 2 cups of coffee for me today. (just in case) Yes, I am drinking plenty of water. Not to worry y'all :) The coffee here is so good, and strong, which I usually don't prefer. But the sweetener we use is sugar cane sugar, so much sweeter and so amazing! In fact, all of their soda is also sweetened with the cane sugar, unlike in the states where they use that high fructose corn syrup crap. I was very much looking forward to the work today, where we would be laying the floor in one of the classrooms ... read more
Always a team effort!
Burrito lunch! YUMMY

Dia 3 Day 3.. what can I say? First of all, I am not able to upload any pictures due to some problemas tecnicales... however, if we are friends on Facebook you can see what I have posted there. Waking up to a breakfast of platanos (mi favorito) and breakfast baleadas, we were off to work on the wall behind the Children's Home. Villa Soleada is protected all around by 20ft cement walls and locked gates, with security guards on duty 24/7. (Hoping that eases the concern of many mothers out there) To build the walls here, there are many different parts to the process. In the morning, we were responsible for carrying cinder blocks to the site, along with the necessary materials, including but not limited to shovels, buckets, 95lb bags of cement, and wheelbarrows ... read more
View from the watchtower - calm before the storm

A long 52 hours in transit and a couple of nights spent in some of the most dangerous cities in the world saw my arrival in Utila - A scuba diving focused island about an hour by ferry off the northern coast of Honduras. After checking into my hostel I went and looked into signing up for my beginner open water diving course. Utila is meant to be one of the cheapest places in the world to do it and I figured that I'd spent so much of my life in the water I might as well take the jump and learn how to dive. I signed up with Captain Morgans Dive Centre for a four day PADI course that was $268 and included confined water, four dives and two fun dives as well as all ... read more
Private beach anyone?
Island party times


Lo siento por el atraso del blog! (sorry for the delay, internet is very spotty here in Honduras!) But at least it is available at all! So today marked day 1 of work in Villa Soleada. After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes, we were off for the grand tour of Villa. What an unbelievable amount of work that got done since last summer! So awesome to see all of the progress and to know we would be a part of what is yet to come. When we stopped at the Bilingual School for a brief informational session and update, I had the honor of seeing the plaque which bears my name for my fundraising efforts last year. I was filled with such an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that I (along ... read more
Proud of my name on this plaque at the Bilingual School in Villa
Lifting my first of many cement buckets this week!
Top of the sand pile

I am in Honduras! I say this with a certain level of enthusiasm, as I almost didn't make it on the plane! After a delicious dinner at Outback, I developed a severe allergic reaction to what I can only blame on the lobster tail. Hives all over! So I took a Benadryl and went to sleep. I woke up about an hour later in so much discomfort that we ended up at the ER at 2:30am. Having explained to the triage nurse that I needed to be on a plane in 6 hours, we hoped to be in and out with the necessary meds to get me cleared up and on my way. A little after 4am we were on our way back to pack up the car and find a 24 hour pharmacy to pick ... read more
Like I could beat a Honduran to the ball...
Mi buena amiga Julie

We started out the winter cruising season of 2013 in the Bay Islands of Honduras. We sailed from Guatemala to Isla de Roatan where we met up with our friends Greg and Willena on s/v Kajun Diva. We did an island shuffle during the winter months along with Kajun Diva between West End, Roatan, French Cay Harbor, Roatan, and the island of Utila leaving each harbor whenever the weather changed. West End, Roatan was our favorite hangout but when the wind blew out of the west as it always did right before a norther, it became very uncomfortable since there was no protection from the waves when the wind was blowing out of the west. So of course the day before a norther blew through, we would head out either for French Cay Harbor or for ... read more
Utila beach 3-4-13
Halfmoon Cay, Lighthouse
Lighthouse Reef

Nothing too blog-worthy in the last six weeks or so, as I’ve been spending most of my time learning some Spanish. I started with four weeks in Colombia - two weeks of school in Bogota before moving along to Cartagena on the Caribbean coast for a couple of weeks. I spent the most recent two weeks in Montezuma, Costa Rica for another change of scenery. The good news is that I’ve managed to pick up the basics of the language and some vocabulary; the bad news is that it is going to take months to become reasonably proficient! It has been good to challenge my brain (frankly, it was over-challenged on a few occasions) and interesting to hear, even within the same country, how the language varies. I spent most of my time in Bogota staying ... read more
Museo del Oro - Bogota 8
Salt Cathedral - Zipaquira 1
Botero Museum - Bogota 2

Hello friends, on May 10th I will be embarking on another great adventure! This time, I will be on a journey to Honduras as part of a giving back initiative with Habitat for Humanity. A lot of people ask why I choose to go outside North America to give? Simple. In developing countries, government assistance is limited (corrupt or non-existent) and many lack formal social assistance programs. In North America, low income families are cared for with access to funding, financial assistance and resources. In most developing countries, all they have is hope. Unfortunately, hope does not provide the basic need for food and shelter. Right now, there is an immediate need to help families in Honduras and I will be helping a family who work along side our volunteer team to build their new home. ... read more

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