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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 8th 2012

Why would Floridians travel to a tropical island? Where else would you have a big sea, mostly to yourself, cute fish, an afternoon trade-wind rustling the palm fronds, and new local adventures, all at the same time!!! (Not in Florida!) We taxied it to the airport in San Salvador and hopped on a propeller plane for Roatan, Honduras. See photos. The one-hour plane ride saved us about ten hours of road travel due to the lack of good and fast roads. This island is along the same reef as the one in Belize (Meso-American), but you do not need a boat to get to it. TranquilSeas is the name of our hotel (actually, ecolodge). This place is completely cool. We feel like part of the Swiss Family Robinson. The whole place is basically a tree-house. Our ... read more
Our private dock!
Three poles, Ann and a boat.  Nice!
Guy cleaning his fresh fish.

Two days in lush gardens, hot showers and Eggs Benedict included, for less than a rate at Holiday Inn Express, should make you jealous!! People are smiling at us and are happy we are here. We are in a quaint small town with cobblestone streets. December 1stwas a day for rest and exploration. We were told to leave our laundry in bags on the bed and they would have it done by the afternoon. No problemo! Our room was magnificently cleaned and even our toiletries were organized, including toothbrushes (which were stood upright) and toothpaste. Jeans were folded on top of the suitcases and Wilson was given a very special place on the desk. We travelled around town on foot for quite some time. The roads are uneven stone, but we have learned to maneuver in ... read more
Not a bad view down the road...
A cobbler plying his trade.
Ann all alone at Copan ruins

Sadly, we have only two tickets left in our Gerlinde book. First up is the “private transfer” from Rio Dulce to Copan, Hunduras, which includes some sights along the way. Secondly, we have the 2 night stay in Copan. Although tickets sound boring, the stories that come from them are far from it! How we now wish we had documented our “normal” days at home all of these years or other trips abroad. This morning, we packed up and headed to the dock and the awaiting ferryman. Without much fanfare, we boarded the small boat and were on our way. Once across the river from the Tijax (it was then raining), we hoofed our backpacks to the Sun Dog Café where we were to meet our driver at 8 a.m., whom we did not know, and ... read more
On the road from Rio Dulce 2
El Boqueron #2
El Boqueron (the front/back of our boat!)

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Guanaja November 30th 2012

Bonjour, Le 16 novembre nous jetons l’ancre à l’île de Guanaja. Après 30 heures de navigation. Pendant la navigation Guy a pêché une belle Dorade de 7 livres et un gros thon à queue noir de 9 livres. La position est le 16.27.28 nord par 85.52.13 ouest. Non loin de la côte du Honduras, de Roatan et aussi d’Utila, qui étaient des îles anglaises qui ont été cédées au Honduras. Ce sont des îles reconnues pour la plongée sous-marine avec de l’eau cristalline. Nous pouvons voir le fond de sable dans 50 pieds (17 mètres) Les gens y parlent anglais du moins les natifs, ceux qui viennent du continent parlent espagnol. La grande île de Guanaja est habitée par des gens de partout dans le monde, des américains, des canadiens, des suisses ... read more
le blackfine tuna
vu de la mer
le site du Géralda

6 hours bus ride and I finally arrived in the small town of Copan. To get through the boarder overland, we were asked by the shuttle driver to fill-up 2 custom papers. The declaration questions I find quite bizarre; I must declare about anything and everything I am bringing to Honduras with no exception to my personal belongings. Maybe it was just me or the alcohol still floating in my system from the night before in Antigua but I found myself repeating the declaration statements over and over again. In my head: how the heck do I answer this!? ... Anyways, confused and feeling like an idiot, I just declared the gifts I purchased in Guatemala and see how it goes. To exit the Guatemalan boarder, I was asked to pay 10Q about roughly $1.40 US. ... read more
macaw's breakfast
all a hard days work


Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern November 15th 2012

Boga Cay sur le banc de Vivorillo Honduras Bonjour de nous deux, Nous aimerions vous informer que sur ce blog vous pouvez clicker sur une photo et vous verrez la photo plus grande mais en plus vous pourrez clicker sur les flèches pour voir toute les photos qui sont sur cette page. Nous sommes partis de Providencia le 10 novembre, sur notre route nous avons fait détourner par 3 fois des navires cargo de 600 pieds avec qui nous avions des gisements de collisions, certain de jour et certain de nuit. Le Seaboard un bon example est passé à moins de un demi mille de nous. Vive le AIS qui est une fonction du radio VHF en relation avec notre système de navigation et qui nous permet de voir sur notre écran un bateau qui passe ... read more
coucher de soleil
un trou dans les ruines
la nature

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila November 9th 2012

Tuesday 30/10/12 – Last night the hundreds of dogs that we see on the roadsides must have come to town to growl, bark, fight and chase each other all night long. Not to be outdone by the howling dogs running riot in the streets, the many roosters spent the night joining in the chorus by wailing at the full moon. The dogs here are amazing, but it is a hard place to visit if you are an animal lover. You can barely ride for 5 minutes in Central America without seeing at least one dog that is usually in pretty bad shape. All are really skinny, all have scars, many are limping with broken or past-broken legs, and many have crooked tails or missing an eye or an ear. The only dogs that aren’t obviously mentally ... read more
Sunset on Utila bay II
Route through Honduras
Halloween party in Utila

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Copán Ruinas September 19th 2012

Went to Copan in Honduras, near the Copan Ruins...spent two nights here in a lovelhostel called via via. Cute town. This is where I eearthquake my first earthquake! About 4am everything starts to shake, John slept through it! 4.5 on the Richter scale, the source of it was about 25km from us..very strange feeling. On to Santa Rosa de copan via 3 interesting bus journeys, crammed in with the locals and the odd chicken. not much to do here and we were staying in a dingy hotel room more like a jail cell! So we decided to high tail it across the nearest border to El Salvador...... read more

Guatemala Lago De Atitlan We departed Antigua and headed for Lago De Atitlan in western Guatemala having heard and read that this lake was a picturesque place to stay in the highlands. The lake is situated amongst several volcanoes and there are several villages dotted around, each offering different vibes from the rough and ready and relatively busy San Pedro to the hippy hangout of San Marcos La Laguna. We pulled up in the usual minibus stuffed full of backpackers and decided to stay the night in San Pedro, our place of arrival. This may have been a slight error as we soon found that San Pedro (or the Guatemalan Phuket as James put it) didn´t have much to offer other than relatively simple accommodation very close to a throng of average bars and restaurants. We ... read more
Macaw Mountain
Macaw Mountain

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