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Yesterday we decided to get some "real" exercise so we took off in the morning and headed for the north shore of the Caye. It was a warm sunny day and the iguana's were sunning themselves everywhere we went. Our walk was about 4 miles roundtrip and we finished it up out on the Paradise Villa Dock, where we met a nice guy from Canada who just got his dive certification. We sat and talked with him for about 45 minutes and then just relaxed by the pool. The end of the story is that we both got more sun than we needed, but not to the point we uncomfortable. This morning when we got up, the seas had finally laid down and we were able to dive. So we headed off for Hol Chan Marine ... read more
Tiger Grouper
Gray Angel Fish
Drum Fish

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I haven't blogged for a couple of days because we have been laying low and taking it easy. It's still too windy to dive (but that's okay because that also means we're not hemmoraging money) so instead we snorkeled yesterday, took some long walks and met some really nice people. Today being Christmas Eve we planned dinner with an elderly gentlemen we met during the beginning of our trip by the name of Ted Smith. Ted brought along a couple of people he met, Kara from Missouri and Mike from Texas. We all met at a restaurant called La Caprio, big big mistake. There were only 6 people in the entire restaurant beside us, and it took 1 and 1/2 hours for us to get our meal. EVEN I can boil pasta in ... read more
Dog that Wandered into the Church
Ted, Kara and Mike
San Pedro Town Roman Catholic Church

I know the next thing I should blog about was my last week of school, that ended last Friday. But to be honest - I was SO busy with end of school stuff, packing, trip planning and hanging out with Saima who got here last Tuesday - that I had no time for writing blogs! Plus, I still haven't totally processed the whole experience yet so you may just have to wait for a coffee date to hear about how that went. Suffice it to say, the last week was busy, fun, fast, and full of Christmas pageant practices. Leaving the students was really hard, I wish I could stay and finish the year, despite their craziness. It was so nice to finish all my work and actually leave for a trip where I wouldn't spend ... read more
Saima at Yuma's
Scrabble and Wine

Today we took the Caye Caulker Water Taxi to Caye Caulker. $17.50 round trip, a quick 40 minute boat ride. When I saw all the people waiting for the boat, I begin to think it would be similar to stuffing a phone booth or a volkswagon, another words 5# of vaseline and a shoe horn would be needed to get another person on board, and add to that several thousand pounds of luggage and freight! But I was pleasantly suprised to find that when everyone and everything was loaded we were quite comfortable. Caye Caulker is smaller than Ambergris Caye and must less progressive. Dirt streets, no cars just golf carts and bicycles. If they had shore diving, we would pack it in tomorrow and move there, unfortunately the diving there is more expensive than it ... read more
Crowd at the Lazy Lizard
The Sand Box
Downtown Caye Caulker

Yesterday was a full day, but full of what we are still trying to decide. Note to anyone traveling to Ambergris Caye. If two nice young men in a golf cart stop you on the street and ask if you would like to have a free breakfast and participate in a drawing for a prize tell them NO. The second day we were here, Jim and I were on our daily walk when a golf cart with two nice young men stopped to talk to us. So of course to not be rude to the locals we listened, nodded and somehow I drew a ticket worth $100 of "stuff" at Captain Morgan's Retreat (fancy name for a resort). Well that meant a free breakfast and of course the preverbial hitch it's a timeshare pitch. Our friends ... read more
Trumpet fish
Victoria Canyon
Glassy Sponge


Missed blogging yesterday, as it was somewhat of a ho-hum day. We did a lot of walking around San Pedro Town as it was too nasty out to dive. It rained off and on all day long and we couldn't dive or snorkel. Today more than made up for it however as it was just a little overcast when we got up, more blue skies than gray, warm and a nice breeze. So we decided to dive at 11:00 and are so glad we did. Like an idiot I forgot my dive watch, but thankfully Michael had recorded my tank pressure, and he allowed me to go ahead and dive without my computer. I stayed close to him so I made sure not to go to deep. Marine life was great! I went back to the ... read more

Woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m. to the rain pounding on the roof. Now we get rain in Chandler, but this was "big boy" rain. This was torrential rain fall and it went on for quite a long time, so it was easy to fall back to sleep. We decided yesterday to not dive today, but to rent a golf cart and see the island. Things were iffy until we woke up at 8:00 and the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. So as planned we picked up the golf cart and headed off to the southern part of the island first. We went to the local mangrove area to look for crocodiles, (unfortunately we didn't see any) so we continued on our journey south. Soon the cobblestone streets gave way to a ... read more

Started the day with a long walk to the north end of the Caye, and saw some truly beautiful homes. North end of the Caye is very quiet, only saw one food mart, a few beach bars, and a couple of resturants. There is a very distinct difference between the north and the south, both having their own special ambieance. We had planned a two tank dive today, as it was sunny and warm when we left at 11:00. Waves were pretty big on the way out, but we got in right away and it wasn't too bad. By the time we came up 45 minutes later things had changed. A storm had blown in that quickly, waves were about 3-4' and it was raining. Luckily we were only 10 minutes from the dock, so it ... read more

First full day on the Caye and it was memorable. Did a litte grocery shopping, ate breakfast at The Bakery and then set up a one tank boat dive with Reef Adventures. Great group to dive with, Divemaster Michael took us to The Tacklebox dive site and right out of the boat we were swimming with several Nurse Sharks, a nice big turtle and the very first close up Spotted Eagle Ray we have ever seen. Later in the dive we saw a large green moray eel who wasn't as excited to see us as we were to see him. Finished the night off with dinner at the Blue Water Grill, which was outstanding until the power went out! Was only out about 10 minutes, but it was the second outage of the day. Possible interruptions ... read more

Cloudy here this morning, but has improved as the day goes on. Right now sunshine, blue skies and 80 degrees. Did 2 dives today with Reef Adventures (great dive outfit if anyone is coming this way to dive.......ask for Michael). I realized one of my goals today and killed my first Lionfish!!! For those of you who think I'm some kind of barbarian with a goal to kill a fish, you need to understand that the Lionfish are killing the reef fish in the Carribean. They are quite beautiful as you can see by the picture but they lay 20-30,000 eggs per month and eat 10-20X their body weight a day. They are a spiny, venomous fish that eat fry (baby fish) and which of course greatly reduces the numbers of the Carribean reef fish. So ... read more

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