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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Jamestown June 13th 2013

Day 1675/14 Broken Hill To James Town, Via Silverton Despite little or no rain in the night, the morning started really cloudy, fairly cool but dry. Today could really turn out to be a mad kind of day, we are packing up this morning to move up to Silverton from Broken Hill which is only about 25 kilometres from our current location, despite this short hop, our day turns out to do another couple of hundred kilometres on top, but all for very good reason. Thursday morning is also free pancake breakfast day at the camp site we are on and the venue is the barbecue area next to the swimming pool, so of course we have to partake. The packing up was started before breakfast and then off we set with our chai latte’s to ... read more
Another Guys Landcruiser
An old cottage ruin
The Cafe in Silverton

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill June 12th 2013

The Big Australian Day 1674/13 (12 June) 2013 As we are in a the mining town of Broken Hill, the Original Home to BHP, how could you not call this blog the "Big Australian". How bad is this? I am on my iPad typing away and uploading photos to the blog and Andy is sat on the laptop tapping away and also uploading photos to the blog, I guess that's the way life is for the both of us, perhaps we should converse a little bit more, otherwise we can catch up on what each other is doing by reading the blog! What a day it's been, busy and wet, I thought we would float away this afternoon. We had been out all morning and for part of the afternoon, we had just got back to ... read more
Line of Lode
Rich in Mineral

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Menindee » Lake Pamameroo June 11th 2013

Sunday 1671/10 The day started slowly, I tried to get the camp fire on the go, but I am not really that good at it, my half hearted effort does not get it going, Andy appears and very quickly we have a fire going. We sit in the morning sunshine, gazing across the sparkling and still lake, watching the cormorants, darters and wading birds of some description do their morning fishing. I tried to look up what the waders were in my bird book, but I cannot seem to find them, it is only a small book though. Wendy wanders over looking energetic and says she is going for a walk, she also returns the hot water bottle that we leant her last night (it was a really cold night and Andy made a big sacrifice!) ... read more
At the Train Station
Menindee Station

Day 1668/7, 1669/8 & 1670/10 Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June 2013 We are settled in here at Lake Pamameraoo, just outside the Kinchega National Park, and North of Menindee, we are literally 12 feet from the water’s edge which is nice as you can hear the waves lap whilst you are in bed. Also to listen to the different birds calling, including watching the waders do their fishing, as they stealthily walk through the water not making a single ripple and then all of a sudden they move and a fish is hanging out of their mouth. Our spot is a prime spot, having a lake frontage and we are parked about 300 mtrs up from Wendy and Graham Savage, who own the awesome International D1100 that has been featured in the blog ... read more
Boiling the Billy
Airing the new swag
The Grave

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales June 5th 2013

Day Number 1667/6 It is moving on day again today, so as soon as I am out of bed I head off to the shower. When I get back there is a lovely hot cup of tea waiting for me, as we have power I pull the toaster out and do toast and Marmite for breakfast (yes the English stuff, not the Australian stuff (yuck, yuck, yuck)). Packing up was easy so we head off to pick up a chai latte from Macca's and then some diesel at a good price of $1.43 per litre, one of the best prices we have seen in a while. Then we head out toward Wentworth and Broken Hill. Whilst navigating Andy, I am also checking the road conditions, some of the roads closed previously are now open, so we ... read more
Jack & Gypsy
Our truck "Jack
The road ahead

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura June 4th 2013

Day 1665/4 & Day 1666/5 These cold and dark mornings really do not make you want to get out of bed early, but for a change I am out before Andy, that said, it was about 8am! I set about making a cup of tea, breakfast and generally getting active for the day, but I also boiled some eggs so that we could make a sandwich at lunchtime. We were not in any hurry and it felt nice to have an easy morning before hitting the road.I spoke briefly to some of the campers from last night, a few had already left but I never heard a single one of them go. I also never heard a thing overnight, bearing in mind our proximity to the main road, I really thought we would hear traffic throughout ... read more
We finally got our man
Sitting Behind
We were in hot persuit

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales June 2nd 2013

Beep Beep Day 1664/3 Finally it stopped raining, it was late but it was a relief on the ear drums, but no sooner than the rains stopped the wind whipped up into a frenzy, nonetheless we were warm and cosy. It was around 7am when I awoke, the sun was coming up thankfully, Andy got out of bed and made a cup of tea for us both, I drank mine in bed and read for a short while, but I needed to get up and shower ready for the day ahead. Sometimes when you are on the road, you learn not to expect too much from some places which makes things a nice surprise when you get more than what you expect. There is an amenities block here, they look old and have seen better days, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales June 1st 2013

It must have rained all night, the thought went through my head about the Wendy House on wheels,, Which was our camper trailer when we circumnavigated Australia, which was an entry level camper trailer, and made of Canvas, and listening to the rain throughout the night, when I was toasty and warm, I just thought to myself, thank god for Gypsy. There were to many times that we got in to a wet bed and had to sleep like that. As it was rain, rain, and more rain, we lay in bed listening to it thundering on the roof and reminisced about the previous adventures and relished in the fact that we were warm and dry. We did eventually get out of bed by about 08.30 as there was no rush, we had things that we ... read more
It rained and rained and rained
Off for a hair cut

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Hay May 31st 2013

Day 1662/1 Hi all, Since giving up the flat in Canberra 18th May, we have been at the farm “looking after” Helen who had a nasty accident with one of the Landcruisers and came out of it much worse off, (Well if you do try an act like a “sleeping policeman”) the Landcruiser will run over you. So with moving out of Canberra it was perfect timing to go to the farm and add a couple of pairs of hands in helping out. I accept we are useless on the farm, so our outlook is very simple, do anything for Helen we could to ease her work load so she could rest up and recuperate. They are pretty simple jobs, drive in to Wagga and collect a pallet load of chemicals, feed the dogs and the ... read more
Tiger Moth
Good airmanship
Save our Koala's

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba April 30th 2013

Anzac Day is fast approaching and so is the cold weather, I remember when we first moved into Canberra and everyone warned us how cold Canberra would get in the winter, I was still very disbelieving at that point, but the word on the street was that Anzac Day was the trigger point and the temperature would plummet. They were not wrong. Anyway, we have spent 3 years in Canberra, which also means 3 winters, which also means that we have spent probably 2 years and 9 months long in Canberra than we originally anticipated. I have grown to enjoy the winter, not from a temperature point of view, but let’s just say that the scenery in and around Canberra is beautiful in the winter, enhanced by the lovely blue skies and sunny days. After much ... read more
Angle of decent
The railway

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