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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth August 29th 2012

All the while we are getting around, we try to pop in on people on the off chance and we had been lucky so far, but what does seem to be clear is that after the initial welcome all our conversations just continue where we left off and most people comment that it is as if we left the room 5 minutes ago and just wandered back in. How true that is, but no matter how easy it is to pick up, saying goodbye is a hard thing to do, what makes it easier at this stage of the trip is the fact that we are still on holiday and still have a few weeks ahead of us, I know from past experience that it will be harder the closer we get to going home. Oh, ... read more
View from the Floor!
View Over Portsmouth Docks

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Romsey August 25th 2012

I am not sure that we can attribute any day numbers to the blog at the moment, would it be the day number for the day we originally left the country or should we have day numbers for this particular trip? I shall ponder that thought. Our Friday night brought a visit with our friends Julian and Alison in West Winterslow, they own an old public house, long since converted to a lovely home, I could not be exact but their house is hundreds of years old, Andy used to motorcycle with Julian, and these guys were a planned visit in our schedule, before they went off on their own holidays. We arrived and after hugs and kisses just sat down and started the conversation as if we had never been away. Alison had cooked a ... read more
Alison & Julian
Len & Sarah
At the steps

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Eastleigh August 24th 2012

With the first part of our trip underway, we said our goodbyes in Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire) and headed South around the M25 toward Basingstoke and the next stop on our schedule. We have been working with our excel spread sheet that identifies all of the stops on our tour, detailing where we are morning, afternoon, evening and overnight. Without it I think that we would find this trip quite difficult, Andy says it’s like being on tour with the Rolling Stones. We had wondered if we should find a base and make our visits from that base, but that is quite a tricky thing to do unless we rented a house somewhere so we will see how this trip works out, equally by staying with friends and family we had dedicated time to spend with ... read more
Jon & Lorraine
Caroline & Lorraine
A roast Dinner

Day 1379 It was weird being on the M25 again, my first time in four years, everything seemed to be whizzing past so fast, far faster than we drive in Australia, but maybe it was just the jet lag. We had collected the hire car from Hertz, a little Kia Ceed, we were offered an upgrade to an Audi A4 for another twenty five pounds a day, but we were not interested, originally they wanted one hundred and twenty five pounds, but it must have been the initial look on my face that put him off trying to drive, (in his eyes) that bargain. It was the most beautiful morning and we were heading clockwise around the M25, towards Junction 24 (Potters Bar and Welwyn Garden City) we both felt completely wrecked from the last flight ... read more
My Mum
Ted and Jan Davies
Travel Pressy

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 17th 2012

Hi All, Firstly sorry, about the mix up,we published this last night and we had a technical difficulty,(me) I amended a spelling mistake and deleated the whole blog entry, Doh !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We had gotten back from our adventures in Derby and I only had three days left at work before our next big trip began, which has been planned since March this year and time has passed ridiculously fast. As I type this it’s five past three in the morning and I am wide awake, we were so shattered from the flight, but I will get to that a bit later! Caroline said to me a while ago that she wondered if I would have ever been excited about going back to the UK, but truthfully now, I really am to reinforce the connection with ... read more
Smiley Faces
Qantas Tucker
On the Wing

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 14th 2012

Day 1372 I was up at 6.30am feeling very tired, but very keen to get on with the next leg of my journey, today I fly up to meet with Andy in Broome. At 8.30, Rob and June very kindly drop me off at Perth Airport, we say our goodbyes and they head off to get on with their day and I head into the airport to drop my luggage in. I am not sure if we have mentioned before but we use the Qantas Q tag system, we have a coded bag tag and you place your luggage on the baggage drop conveyer belt and then scan your boarding pass (the one on the i-phone usually) and then it reads your Q tag and your luggage is sent on it’s way. Now for me, my ... read more
Ride em, Cowboy
Eject, Eject
Lets Do it again,

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 13th 2012

Day 1371 What a funny start to our day and maybe for two reasons. Andy’s alarm went off and thus signalling it was time for him to get up, alas it was still quite dark, so he checked his watch it was 3.15am. I was awake too and checked my phone it said 3.15 am, and we could not work out why but his phone seemed to have reverted back to the time in Canberra, where they are 2 hours ahead. It felt like only 5 minutes later when Andy woke me it was 6.30am and time to get up, Andy is off to work today but we are on a mission this morning to visit the Kimberley School of the Air (KSOTA). Usually Andy has gone by 6.00am but as we were going to the ... read more
David Felstead

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 1st 2012

Day 1359 Ok, so while the apparently “better half” of Kangaroo Jack is “bustin’” his “chops” some of us are languishing in the privilege of adding more travel to the agenda, whilst I was in Fiji we had decided that I should join him whilst he is working away. After all, when else will I get this golden opportunity as I am planning on picking up the “W” word when we return from England in late September. I spent a couple of days in Sydney, thank you to Jan and Ted once again for their kind hospitality, whilst there I managed to catch up with Richard Cordukes, it was Richard’s (cough, cough) birthday and despite Andy not being able to attend I decided that I should still go. Some of you regular readers will remember we ... read more
Cheeky Statue
Hilary's Marina
Hilary's Marina

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 30th 2012

Kindred Spirit. Blog Day 1357 (Firstly) a quick message to Helen Sheridan at Woodstock,-Get well soon!! Here we go again, the alarm went off at 4.00m and I sprang out of bed, showered, shaved, grabbed my bags and was waiting outside on the pavement at 04.55 for my 5.00 am Taxi. There was a light drizzle on of rain, on this Thursday morning in Canberra, so I waited underneath a canopy for the Taxi to arrive, the morning was cold, dark and wet, and suddenly there was an unusual rumble, and to my left down the road I saw the lights of the taxi about 500 Yards away, the rumble was getting louder and so was the taxi and when the taxi was only a 100 yards away, the rumble had turned in to a massive ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 23rd 2012

Fiji continued, this entry is based on the trip report I wrote for the 4wd club. Adrenaline junkie A nice easy start to the day, everyone being a little tired from the long day of travel yesterday. A hearty breakfast was taken in the open air tropical surrounds of our environment, but it was soon time to get down to the business of the day and that was to find sunbeds for 10, the biggest decision being which pool to sit next to as the choices were endless, the final decision was based on the one with the least number of children. It was clear that not having access to a 4wd over here was not going to deter anyone’s fun, investigations took place into some ... read more
One of the Swimming Pools
Bridge over the Pool
Another Swimming Pool

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