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Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 19th 2006

Well, we've made it to Seoul and have checked into our hostel, Guesthouse Korea. I don't think I've stayed in a worse place. It's cheap, yes, but pretty cruddy. We have our own room, and our own bathroom, but no sink at all. I guess we'll be brushing our teeth in the bathtub! It looks like it's seen MUCH better days, so I think I'll wear those flipflops while in the shower...... Eeew. We walked around the nearby area today and saw some neat things: street vendors selling everything from tempura shrimp to watches to shoe repair guys to fortune tellers. Weird. There is a McDonalds, Burger King, and Mr. Pizza all near the closest subway station to us. We also hit Pagoda Park (ok, it has another name too, but don't ask me to find ... read more

Asia » South Korea August 18th 2006

Yes, that's right, I climbed a mountain today! We're staying in Mokpo, and we took a bus to the outskirts of the park. The intention was that we would go out to the Wolchsan National Park to find the suspension bridge. Little did we know that we would be climbing up for 2 hours. The signs said 1.9km, but we didn't know that they meant up! It was brutal, climbing up and up and up over rocks and me with a sore ankle and knee! Anyway, we made it to the top and got some pictures. (I finally found an internet cafe that would let me put pictures on here!) Erika was a little hesitant about crossing the bridge; apparently she doesn't like heights, even though it was her idea to climb to the bridge!! When ... read more
Suspension Bridge
View from the Top
Two of the Fab Four

Asia » South Korea August 18th 2006

I decided to go to Songtan because I had a deficiency of teaching shirts, and I needed to find new ones. A bunch of my friends were going and I thought it would be a fun outing. Songtan is a city right next to an American army base, so the shopping is good because it is geared to the Americans on the base. My friend Cat and I searched for clothes that would fit me, but they were very scarce: Korean women are deceptively tiny. I figured Steve would have a hard time finding clothes here because of his height (although I have since learned that Koreans are taller than I expected), but I figured being a small back home, I would still be able to find clothes here. I have to say I have never ... read more

Asia » South Korea August 18th 2006

Sorry it' s been so long, I 've been insanely busy with work the last few weeks. We have been holding summer intensive courses for the past 3 weeks and it ' s been a bit crazy around here. Our schedules have been quite hectic: get up around 8 am, try to have a quick bite to eat, at school by 8:45, class from 9:30-12:30, lunch, gym or Korean class or work meetings (sometimes all three), class 4:20-10:20, dinner, bed. As you can see I haven 't had time for much else. Things get back to normal next Wednesday when our summer school classes end. Then we only work from 4:20-10:20 Monday through Friday. Not too bad. A few updates though: we have started taking Korean classes through work and we have joined a gym! ... read more
CDI Teachers
Love Summer Time

Asia » South Korea August 17th 2006's now 11 a.m. Korea one hour i will head back to the airport. I actually have several hrs before i leave Korea but I have been going nuts here in my room. There is nobody around to talk hoo...ya i i'll go hang out at the airport...have some decent coffee and a bite to eat..finish my book...have more coffee.. and i'll eat before boarding the plane cause the food on the airlplane SUCKS. At least at the airport i can entertain myself by people watching....walk around and spend some of this korean money..not that i have much and even if i did it wouldn't go very far. Things are very expensive here. And I've requested steak for my first meal back home.Thanks Adrie for not making spaghetti even tho its my fave ... read more


Asia » South Korea August 17th 2006

We're sitting here in the ferry port waiting to board our ferry when we discovered internet access at 500 won for 20 min. That translates roughly into about 60-75 cents for 20min. Not bad! Just a quick update then.... We hit Mr. Pizza last night with the Fab Four and they were so sweet! One of the girls had showered and changed into pajamas... a little strange but funny. They treated us to dinner (which I thought completely unnecessary) and when they mentioned karaoke I was all for it! Erika was a good sport about it, as she is not a singer but came along anyway... I treated us to the karaoke and Erika bought them a round of beers. Only fair, right? It was a lot of fun and we were all really silly. I ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju August 16th 2006

Sooooooooooooo i'll give you the latest installment of carla the waygook in korea. It's been nearly five months since I ventured over here which is scary considering how quickly it has gone, time just disappears here. Last weekend I finally got my hiney up to Seoul. Like London, big smelly and concrete and far too many foreigners ahah didnt feel like KOrea at all. We took beth and travis for a leaving do surprise day out and spent a few hours water rafting, it was hilarious esp with the raft guide being very slight built trying to pull us all back into the raft when we fell out. We all had life jackets on which had straps for around your waist and between your legs ( sweaty gusset string) I spenmt the next day gettting ... read more
big night out
big night out
big night out

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 16th 2006

Just when i thought i got it all figured out...bang...welcome to Korea. Let me backtrack a bit. Left Chaing Mai on Monday nite train...thought i'd be ok with just a fan...mistake. Not as great a train ride as the first time. Oh well..i slept most of the trip. Get into BKK. and i feel like a pro..I know exactly where i'm going to stay for the next several hrs., how to get there, how much the taxis and tuk tuks should charge me...ya...i'm cool. After a nice cold shower i head out for a coffee and a bite to eat..a bit of window shopping then back to to guesthouse for yet another shower before going to pick up my luggage at the train station. Get a taxi to the airport...and the waiting begins. First off...i used ... read more

Asia » South Korea August 16th 2006

Well, we had another tour today. The funny thing was that it was the same tour guide, the same bus driver, and most of the same people as yesterday, including the four young Koreans who offered us tangerines (or Mandarin oranges) and made me laugh. The tour started off with a shopping expedition at a very pricey store. I didn't buy anything, but Erika got a mask to hang on her apt. wall. It was actually a pretty good price. Then we headed to Elephant Town where we were told that to get in to see the show, it would be another 12 000 won each. (That's about $15.) We decided to opt out and then the guide handed us free tickets. Strange but nice!!!! The guide had also asked the four young Koreans (who had ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Suwon August 16th 2006

And thus it begins again... the walk down the slime-covered, demon infested path to one's current location. Little has come to pass, yet feeling the urge to write, one has come to give birth to abomination once more. Since the last chapter there has been a few meetings, greetings, gushings and splatterings. It all began with an arranged walk down a stream in Seoul (one mentioned a few times in this blog, previously known as "The Homestead") with the one and only Mengyu. Friday night took us there in the discernibly cooler, yet still hot, muggy weather we've been despotised with recently. Beginning with a short walk we moved down the stream until finding a place to sit and eat a few nibbles. We then moved a little further down and found a place to dip ... read more
Hard at work...
Is it forever?
Happy children

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