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Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 22nd 2006

Je suis en Corée… Jamais je n’aurai pensé un jour me promener en Corée. Il y a seulement 4 ans de ça l’Asie ne m’intéressait tellement pas! Et puis il y a eu le coup de foudre, et j’ai choisi le Japon… maintenant je suis en Corée, où nombreux de mes films préférés de malades mentals ont été créés… Je n’avais tellement aucune idée de ce qu’était la ‘Corée’. Je n’avais comme image que ces vieux films de guerre qui se passaient dans le bois… la guerre entre les deux Corées… alors quand mon oncle m’a dit que certains coins de Séoul faisaient penser à Tokyo… j’ai fait : ‘Pfoua!’ (oui je sais c’est laid mais bon je dis ça de même que voulez-vous). Au courant de la journée, je me suis promenée un peu et je ... read more
Je ne connais pas le nom de la place, mais c'est joli
Un restaurant

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 20th 2006

On Monday we went to Alien Registration and then all around Seoul. We visited Samseong, which is the business side of town. Here we went up into the top floor of the World Trade Center (51st Floor). We later on went to one of the largest Buddhist Temples in Seoul. I will let the pictures tell the story this time!... read more
Group Photo
SMALL city ?
Taste of the recent past

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 19th 2006

Sunday February 19, 2006 Today we went to the Gyeongbok Palace, which means “The Palace of Shinning Happiness.” This palace is from the Josen Dynasty and was the largest of all the palaces in Korea. It was burnt down in 1592 during the warfare of the Japanese. They began to rebuild it in 1993, but this restoration will not be complete until 2010. We managed to get a tour in English, which took a good hour. The palace was covered with visitors and it was very touristy, though almost everyone there was Korean. Our group was about 40, yet amidst the huge walls and mass chaos of people, we did not feel so large. Next to the palace was the National Folk Museum. It contained a lot of history and showed how the farming techniques were ... read more
Palace Gaurd
King's Quarters
Side Street

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 17th 2006

And a merry evening to you all... Hope you've all eaten well and are resting like good little boys and girls... ready for a big weekend as usual... We went to see some sort of stage show today involving cooking... knives... kung fu and all sorts of jive... it was pretty good! We had our mid semester exams... we both did fairly well... scoring 80s and 90s for most stuff... After the exams we had a bit of a party... at the end of it matt disappeared and came back 3 hours or so later with a box of frosties... who knows! Any hooz... I'm sure I'll find something more interesting to say once I look through the photos of this week... ... read more
A thankyou drink
The Toad

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Sinchon February 17th 2006

Thursday Afternoon: I have just had the most traumatic last few hours. Two to be exact, and they were spent in the Woorie Bank. I first had to exchange the rest of my USA currency. Then I went to go open my account. I gave the teller my money order and she stood up and hurriedly escorted me back to the currency exchange speaking to me in Korean the whole way. This was after she had asked me if I spoke Korean and I told her that I did not. So I waited in line again at the currency exchange (after waiting in line at the bank). When it was finally my turn, the lady told me that the money order (which contained all of my money other than what I carried over on the plane) ... read more


Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 12th 2006

Well, its February in Seoul...and its a lot like January, haha. We had a good snow on Tuesday, and i promptly fell on my butt walking to school. It was pretty embarassing until the guy behind me fell down too. Saturday I got up at 4:30 am to get myself to Seoul and run along the Han River with my running group. We ran 11 miles and then went to the U.S, base and ran a 5k! So a total of 15 miles. Needless to say, I am a little sore today, but I feel more ready for the Seoul International marathon in March. Then after the run I was off to Damdaemun for a little shopping trip. I was overwhelmed by the staggering number of Gucci purses for only 20 bucks, so of course I ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 9th 2006

Hey all... been studying a little too hard... not only did I have 4 hours of class this morning... I had an oral exam... and I've been studying as well... so many hours... this is much more than I'm capable of, as you all know... Anyways... so we don't seem quite as alcoholic as we have to date... I thought I'd take a break and make an update before we have our after exam parties... hehe. As for our pass times here... we've been doing a lot of singing... we met some deaf people while we were out one night for dinner... and have managed to communicate with them on paper and play a few games of pool with them. There's also been about 16 hours of snowfall and some fairly cold days... Overall, life goes ... read more
I don't wanna be a star!
English at its best...
The National Museum

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 7th 2006

I leave on my trip in a little more than three weeks, and while I'm whittling away at my to-do list, I still have many things to do. The past six months have flown by and I have not been as active in my planning as I should have been. For example, I am still looking for a way to get the bulk of my possessions from Korea to the U.S. in an inexpensive manner. I think I'll have it figured out by today because Jackie, my girlfriend, is calling movers today and if their quotes are good, I'll use one of them. Otherwise, I will end up leaving quite a few possessions in my apartment for the next occupant to use, throw out a bunch of old clothes (which I should do anyway) and shipping ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 6th 2006

Happy Lunar New Year! I’m a few days late but apparently we just got through one of the biggest Korean holidays. My students explained to me that it is a time of offering to ancestors where the whole family gets together for the weekend to wear traditional clothing (hanbok), eat foods that are strategically placed on the offering table, and bow to their elderly who then in return give the children money. For Colin and I it meant a three day weekend and an empty city because everyone headed back to their home towns outside of Seoul. It was the strangest feeling to walk the streets with so few people. It felt like we were walking down a street at home actually…like downtown Edmonton on a Sunday morning. It made us realize how used to the ... read more
Near the first peak
Gimbap snack at the top
Jun and Colin

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 6th 2006

What is it about Itaewon that draws one so consistently back? I know what people that have been here are are lazy tourists that want to avoid the authentic experience and hide away in your own pre-established routine and plethora of expectations and don't want to be challenged or embarassed (HA! to those who think Itaewon can't embarass you). I think it is the hockey. Jen and I had an errand running day....back in Bundang. We were wandering the suburbian streets last night at 2 o clock in the morning because we were too tired to argue with the Korean cab driver about expenses and street names. Where's the logic there I wonder? So we have time to kill. So what if we chose to stick to the familiar. It is a very strange place ... read more

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