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Asia » South Korea » Suwon September 4th 2006

Welcome again to the dribble I leave upon this webspace. I hope my absence has not left you all bereft of the sour juice that makes this life so disturbingly fruitful. Anyhow, welcome back to my onslaught upon the common mind. Wishing you well as we dive back into the abyss below the surface of popular concience... Since my last update things have changed a little. I'm a little weaker in heart than I have been, but life goes on, the world keeps turning and the spread of this filth known as the human race continues. At which, I will begin my tale. Week days have consisted mainly of photo shoots... I've been delving into portraiture and heavy post processing... you'll see all this on my website tomorrow. Semi-teacher quit today because wonderland is a little ... read more
All there

Asia » South Korea » Busan September 3rd 2006

6 weeks later and we're finally gonna start the traveling! We're sad to leave cuz it's been a blast living here, but we're ready to go. So much has happened here that it'll be impossible to write it all, so I'll keep it to the more interesting stuff and tell you the rest when i see you next year....hahaha...just kidding. We'll probably be home in 3 more months. but things change daily here, every time we talk to someone new. So anyways, work was great. I got used to the disorganization of the school and figured out I had to ask a million questions and figure things out for myself or I would be out of the loop with everything and it would all by my fault. If a school functioned like this in Canada, no ... read more
Penguins at the aquarium
DMZ soldier
Looking into North Korea

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 3rd 2006

Had breakfast/lunch with Duncan this morning. He told me a little more about him self over the morning bulgogi (which was very, very nice and different, not like the stuff you get at home) - for those not in tune with Korean Cuisine, it is bbq beef in AUS, but here is is bbq beef stew you have with rice). He told me he was in Athen's and the first TKD athelete to represent South Africa at the Olympics. He was beaten first round by the Gutalamia guy, who also bet the AUS guy. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked/surprised at this, as he is such a humble guy. He also introduced me to some of the Thai team today, most of the overseas teams who are training at the school eat at the ... read more
The Hill

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 3rd 2006

Well gang, This is my first ever blog. I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet, but long-windedness is my specialty. So here I am in South Korea teaching little Korean children how to speak english. This is one of the first things that really hit me when I got here. In Korea, I am a full blown teacher! I teach kids english, gym, science, math - the whole nine yards! My first day of being in the school was crazy. Kids runing around everywhere. It was nuts. All the kids pointing and screaming and laughing. "Mr. Kovats very very tall". I've heard that enough times since I got here. Also, in Korean, ko = nose, and v and b are interchangeable, so Kovats to them sounds like nose bats, and I've gotten ... read more
Old Meets new
Samsung at night
Korean Krew

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 2nd 2006

Today we went into Seoul because the Seoul Museum of Art had a Picasso exhibit going on. I'm not a huge art junky by any means, but it seemed like a good way to explore some of the city because we had not been into Seoul during the day. Before going to the Art Museum we first walked around one of Seoul’s many historical sites, Deok Su Gung Palace. It felt pretty weird to be in an area fenced off in the middle of downtown Seoul. In front of you are these buildings that are over 500 years-old, and then towering over the surrounding landscape all you see are skyscrapers from the current era. When leaving we were also fortunate enough to see the changing of the guard at the gates, even though there isn't really ... read more
Very Colourful
Old Meets New
Main Hall


Asia » South Korea » Gwangju September 2nd 2006

Me LIz and lizzie decided to finally head down to Busan. I have been looking forwards to going for a while and it was as nice as I had thought it would be. Koreans have very specific beach seasons so even if its sunny as , if its officially not beach season then they dont go on the beach which happily works to our advantage. So we headed down and chilled on a nice unbusy beach. Me and LIz checked out the aquarium which was really wicked, loads of weird exotic fish in there, and you ca n swim in the tanks with the sharks so we are going to go back in a few months and do that! We came across a subway sandwich place so everyone was queefing themselves with glee lol slight exaggeration ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 2nd 2006

Was greeted at the airport by InDong, one of the people from AUS who are training here. I was promptly told that the south african, phillipines and thailand national teams are also training with the school (more fun for me). Lucky for me, i was also told that there is no training until tomorrow afternoon (2:30) I have time to sleep and adjust. The high school is approximately 1.5 hours from the airport, south east of Seoul central. What hits you initially about this place is it is similar to both Singapore and Hong Kong - tropical and hot, and just as busy as Hong Kong. Indong initally took me down the street to show me where to eat, buy drinks, etc. He also showed me where to have Dog if I wanted it. I then ... read more
Soccer Field
Training Hall

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 1st 2006

New people are exciting. The past few weeks have been a blur. People moving in and out of chairs, of rooms, of apartments...of my life (and everyone elses I suppose). It is one of the little things that keeps you going around here, one of the things that is guarunteed to change. The dynamic of the office and of the compound gets thrown completely out of whack when a new bunch of people arrive, and for the transition period that exists between pre-arrival of the new teachers and post-departure of the 'old' life feels completely and utterly unstable. But underneath the surrealism of the experience lies the deep, aching reality that people I have developed serious emotions for are walking out of my life. And yes, I do know that we are all adults, and it ... read more
Brianne and Andrew, goodbye dinner
The crew, goodbye dinner
James, Ray and Allie, goodbye dinner

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu August 30th 2006

Yes, I've finished my second week at my new home on Dolsan Island (in Yeosu) and a week-and-a-half of teaching at my school (on mainland Yeosu). What can I say so far? Well, many things. My first week of teaching was fantastic. The kids are so energetic and excited, and they seemed to learn things while having fun. The teachers, too, were wonderful. They have all been so kind and open with me, inviting me to dine with them in the cafeteria (even the non-English-speaking ones), to eat ice cream, etc. They all ask me how I'm adjusting and if everything's okay at the school and if I have any problems. Everyone is so considerate, including my principal and vice principal. I'm really lucky! So, the Korean high school classroom is a little different from the ... read more
Dolsan Bridge by Day
Lights and Water Fun

Asia » South Korea August 29th 2006

Ok, so it's been just over a week and i'm sufficiently recovered to start remembering and writing about our experience in Korea at Easy I English Camp. For those who didn't receive emails from me cursing and bemoaning the state of affairs at the camp i'll fill you in on what went on....Basically the camp was completely disorganized and was run so shambolically that we thought it was going to be shut down after the first week! Let's see, where to start the list of things that went, how about not having textbooks til the 3rd day of classes and the ones we did receive were utter shite and completely inappropriate as they were to be used with students in the UK and the books were filled with loads of slang and references to ... read more
Teachers Chris&Emma reporting for duty
First day of class...
Teacher Emma with kids

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