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Asia » South Korea » Seoul November 24th 2013

This week we went to Seoul, South Korea for 2 days, 3 nights. It was our first trip in Asia outside of Beijing. It's really interesting to think that by way of default (or lack of reflection) we took Beijing to be a representative of all of Asia. We figured life wouldn't be too different elsewhere. We had a hint that our assumptions were incorrect when some friends went to Hong Kong and raved about how different life was there. Hitting the pavement in Seoul unraveled our assumptions even further and got us excited to see the many and varied places around Asia. There was a different feeling in Seoul; one might describe it as freedom or openness. It felt like Seoul is being itself, while Beijing is wearing a corset, maybe some make up with ... read more
Hotel Room
Hotel Room 2

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Suji-gu November 16th 2013

Hello old friend! Wow… It has been way too long since I have done one of these things. I have been meaning to write on here for months now. Unfortunately because of a combination of work, life and fun my laziness hit me every time I was home in my apartment. Haha. So here goes a quick recount, probably in no particular order of the last several months. Lets see… Well, the last time I wrote on here I had my old kindergarten class. I now have two classes of some adorable 5 year olds who adore me. They started out not knowing any English and my first two months were pretty rough. But you should see them now! Most of them can read entire reading passages and small books. I’m so proud of them. I ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Paju » Heyri Art Village November 16th 2013

We left earlyish from Seoul, around nine thirty in the morning, as we wanted to get there fr around 10, when the galleries, shops and cafes were meant to open. We took the bus from Hapjeong station. The queue for the bus was really long, and we let the first one go, as we didn't want to stand. Luckily the buses come every 10 minutes or so, and we managed to get a seat. The bus journey took about an hour as we headed north from Seoul, you can deffo tell you're getting closer to the north as there is a bigger military presence. Heyri Art Village is a community for artists, writers, painters, musicians, architects, and other creative types to live and work, and create in. I think the village has been around since the ... read more
Heyri Art Village
Heyri Art Village
Heyri Art Village

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Daejeon November 3rd 2013

A dream come true! I finally got to visit the Hello Kitty cafe! There are a couple of Hello Kitty cafes knocking about in Korea. I thought that I would have to visit the main one in Hongdae, but on a recent trip to Daejeon, we found one there. What a lovely surprise! I am slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty! I have far too much Hello Kitty merchandise for a grown woman in her thirties, but I think this is one of the reasons I love living in Asia, it is perfectly acceptable to do so. I haven't flown Hello Kitty Air or given birth in the Hello Kitty hospital, but they are definitely on the to-do list! Hell Kitty is actually about forty, she's not looking bad for an old girl. Hello Kitty aka Kitty ... read more
Hello Kitty Cafe
Hello Kitty Cafe
Hello Kitty Cafe

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 31st 2013

I was here with some friends just a few months earlier. The Seoul stopover on our way home to Manila after our Mongolian adventure ended up like one major food trip. We certainly didn't waste time during our 2-night layover. And it was only fitting to use "Food Coma In Korea" as title for my blog on that May trip. Oh, how we indulged ourselves! Celebrating With Family Then October came. Family from Madrid and Sydney arrived to celebrate another milestone in my life. We earlier planned to have a big party but instead decided on a family trip to South Korea. I'm happy with that decision. And so was my entire fambam. Because we were a party of 11 pax, I asked a travel agent to package everything for us. The package included airfare... read more
Nami Park
Teddy Bear Museum
Seoraksan National Park


12th Oct: We were picked up not long after eight am. The highway bus stop was heaving. Obviously it's the place to be on a Saturday morning! The traffic was moving pretty well, so we got to the first stop pretty much on time. Our rest stop was at Dodamsambong, which is three rocks in the river, where the emperor used to come to chillax and for sexy time, if I remember correctly. I had been here before a few years ago, but the place looked very different. Last time I came the area was pretty quiet. I don't remember all the shops or the pavilion halfway up the hill. Maybe we came from a different entrance or they have done a lot of development in the area. We walked up the the pavilion and got ... read more
Dodam Sambong
Dodam Sambong
Woraksan National Park

Asia » South Korea » Cheongju October 10th 2013

Before I forget the rest of my weekend story.... here is what happened on the day i went hiking to Songnisan - a small hiking destination about 1.5 hours away from Cheongju. So i get up and go back to sleep and then get up again to find my friend and his mom suddenly making a fuss about getting up late. His grandma walks in and then soon his aunt also pops in.. there is a lot of rush early morn. His grandma thinks am not being taken care of (as a guest) while his mom rushes to get ready for an alumni meet. Alumni meets are taken seriously here. So while his aunt hurries his mom into getting ready, his granny, dear sweet old lady bent with age, deftly whips up our breakfast, all the ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Odaesan National Park October 9th 2013

Happy Hangeul Day! Hangeul is the Korean alphabet and it was invented by King Sejong in 1443, during the reign of the Joseon Dynasty. Hangeul Day used to be a public holiday, but it was dropped in 1991. Why you would want to get rid of a public holiday I have no idea? Anyway this year it was reinstated. An extra day off? Yes please! Anyway enough of the history lesson and back to a lovely day off. We were going hiking and to the beach over on the east coast. We left from Suwon not long after midnight and the bus was full. In fact there wasn't enough seats for everyone and there was at least one person sitting on the floor in the aisle. I tried to nap on the bus, but sleep eluded ... read more
(Limited) View From The Peak
Odaesan National Park
Odaesan National Park

Asia » South Korea » Cheongju October 8th 2013

Chungwon Organic Farm Festival - and as per our Indian mindset... i was prepared for a dusty affair with the farmers calling out to buyers with one of those offers you couldn't refuse - buy one kg, get another kg free! From Cheongju, a 45 minute drive to another smaller town - Chungwon, we sped off into the green landscape, lazy rivers, passing by neat farm houses and come-hither restaurants... and as we were about to reach our destination.. the traffic thickened with cars jamming up towards the venue. It was hard to find a parking space.. but we managed to quickly get into a tight spot. Ajhussi paid for our entry tickets while me and my friend tagged along behind him. A nice gate. Good crowd. Clear blue sky and green hills dotted with tents, ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Cheongju October 7th 2013

10 days in Seoul and i was already packing bag for another city - Cheongju... the hometown of my Korean friend. He invited me to visit his place and meet his family ... an offer i wouldn't refuse. It was a chance for me to see a tier-2 city... experience differences if there were any. I met him at the Dangsan station at 8 am in the morning and we took line no.9 to the express bus terminal. The subways are the easiest mode of transport and pretty well connected and before you know.... we're running toward the ticket booth. I dunno why he loves to run.. but i had no choice but to run behind.. catching up with my red duffle bag. He had mentioned about a wedding we needed to attend in place of ... read more

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