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I think we left around 7:30 and we drove for a couple of hours. We arrived at Taean and headed to the beach. We went to Sambong Beach. It's a nice beach and I had been here previously, last summer when we came to Taean and Anmyeon-do. We had good weather and we spent about an hour to an hour and a half wandering along the beach. There were a few people on the beach, but it was really quite empty. We walked along the beach, looking at all the little crabs that were scurrying about, I'm sure I accidentally scrunched a few under my boots, sorry little crabbies! There were also some beautiful shells and The walk was going well, until we hit a spot of water that was flowing down the beach to the ... read more
Sambong Beach
Sambong Beach
Sambong Beach

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju April 20th 2014

I need to snap out of my negativity and remember the reasons why I came to Korea in the first place. I love history. At least I think I do. Gyeong-ju is Korea's open air museum with lots of history. So I should be loving this experience. I picked Korea because Korean pop is very popular in the Philippines. Korean songs make it to the top of the weekly countdowns on the radio although nobody understands them. I love Korean movies. I love their type of humor. They can make you laugh without being rude and obscene. I'd hate to be one of those prissy tourists who always complain so I'll put on my happy face. That the landscape is not as stunning is not a problem. You don't get to choose where you're born and ... read more
Cheomsangdae Observatory
cherry blossoms

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu April 19th 2014

Since I never blog about what I do in Seoul, I thought I should start. Most of the touristy stuff I've done before, but never blogged about it. Anyway... I met up with the others in Itaewon. I was very late. Evil traffic and insomnia the night before were to blame. They were already settled in in PLANT and had ordered my meal for me. I had nearly missed my subway stop as i was too engrossed in deciding what I wanted to eat. PLANT is an amazing vegetarian and vegan cafe run by two women, who make delicious food. I wish they could cook all my meals for me. I had ordered a mushroom burrito with corn soup and kettle chips. It was delicious, the soup was served cold and it was great after the ... read more
Namsan Park
Namsan Park
Namsan Park

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju April 19th 2014

I left for Korea the same day that I arrived from Canada. Going to Korea first before going home was not an option because I had too much luggage. So I had to unload them in Manila. It’s spring in Korea and I would only be there for a few days so one backpack was enough. After wallowing in my depression and distributing the presents for my family, I slept a little then went back to the airport. Arriving at the Incheon airport, the prices confused me. It was more difficult to compute. 1 PHP=23.8 KRW. I had a much easier time in Canada in mentally computing 1CAD=40PHP. Maybe it’s because of this reversal that things seem more expensive. Or maybe because I was in the airport. I met Mindy and Savitha in the immigration line. ... read more
The smog.
Stopover. Those mountains should not be hazy.
My street.

Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 14th 2014

Back to South Korea again. This time I opted for a tamer, rejuvenating trip instead of singing until the early hours at karaoke. Got to hotel early morning again about 8am and headed to bed for a little siesta. Forced myself up about 2ish and hit the gym! Quite proud if myself. Not really a gym fan, don't really get it but I managed about half an hour which isn't too bad. Met the crew for dinner and just went locally to a Thai restaurant called St Augustines. Had my fave - green curry. Was delish. Couple of the crew had watery eyes from the spicyness of the food but the more chillies the better! Headed back and got to bed. Met couple of the girls the next morning and we headed out exploring. One of ... read more
Foggy days
Rush hour at the subway!
And you think the London tube can be confusing?


Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo April 8th 2014

“Wait... I don't think they're going to cook it,” I say looking down at the freshly slaughtered sea cucumber we just bought; chopped rings of flesh still wriggling and pulsating on the plate. It was alive seconds ago... and maybe it still is...? One of the women gives us a spicy sauce for dipping and some seaweed. We plop down at a table a mere 20 feet from the sea. “Cheers” we say tapping our chopsticks together and then slurp down a slimy animated morsel... More about the squirmy seaside delights in a bit... Known as Korea's signature honeymoon destination, Jeju Island boasts a giant volcano right in its center and is blanketed endlessly by flowers in the Spring. Charcoal cliffs and jagged formations rule most of the coastline causing waterfalls to pour directly into the ... read more
stone statues
Penis Rock
Soph and Matt seaside

Asia » South Korea » Busan » Haeundae-gu April 3rd 2014

22ndMarch Busan, South Korea After the peace, tranquillity of Japan not to mention how courteous everyone was, welcome back to the real world. We had great welcomes and sailaways whilst in Japan and we arrived in Busan (formerly Pusan, don’t ask me why) on a beautiful morning with no formal celebrations whatsoever. And this was Queen Elizabeth’s maiden call to South Korea. A very modern port on the outskirts of Busan itself, they seem to live their lives at 100 miles per hour. Technically North & South Korea are still at war following the Armistice which was signed in July 1953, but no peace treaty was concluded. Our guide on the tour mentioned several times that they live with the threat of some conflict with the North, even since we have left there have been incidences ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Nami Island March 29th 2014

We took the shuttle bus from Jamsil at 9:40 am. The bus is easy to book, I think you just ring a number on the Nami Island website, transfer the money and they send you an email receipt, which you give to the bus driver and he gives you your bus and ferry tickets. Our bus driver was worried because we didn't have return tickets, but we explained that we weren't coming back on the shuttle. The bus journey was really quick. I'm sure it only took about an hour. Once we arrived at the ferry terminal, we headed straight to the coffee shop to get our caffeine fixes and have a good natter. We finally managed to drag ourselves away from the cafe, and we got on the ferry to head across to the island. ... read more
General Nami's Poem
General Nami's Tomb
General Nami's Tomb

Asia » South Korea » Busan » Haeundae-gu March 22nd 2014

Hi Just to let you all know that we have had no internet whilst in Japan. It has been full on with four ports in Japan and now in South Korea. Japan has been great and hope you will enjoy the blogs when I get to put them up. Off to China next. Cheers... read more

We arrived at the Songrisan National Park around 10ish. By the time, we had all used the vile drop toilets, and took photos of the pretty waterfall by the entrance and walked to the proper start of the trail, it was about 11 am. There was a pretty stream at the start of the trail and we took some photos of that. The hike was a lot tougher than I had imagined. It started off okay, but as we started to rise the trail got muddy and as we climbed even higher it was snowy. We hiked for about an hour to an hour and half and we caught up with the others, who were all taking a break, in a kind of clearing, where you could look down on the valley and scenes below. The ... read more
Janggak Waterfall
Janggak Waterfall
Songnisan National Park

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