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Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete February 14th 2009

1. Make friends with a Canadian from Hamilton, Ontario, who's one of those old, fat and bald Westeners with a Filipina wife. Make enough noise discussing his original home town Durban, SA, to completely piss off a grumpy French tourist who'll come telling you to shut up. 2. Walk around the pleasant little Dumaguete and once at the market look up for a beauty parlor. While being manicured and pedicured by two elderly, friendly Filipinas discuss politics, economical situation in Iceland (is it really bankrupt? Geez.) and cock fights with your manicurists husband who's hanging out there at the parlor. 3. Experience an odd sensation of unexplained euphoria which you just can't shake off. 4. Get some more pampering. It's time to find a blind masseuse to whisk you to heavenly bliss. 5. Make a recommendation: ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete February 9th 2009

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! We arrived in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia the night before my birthday-so I had a Bornean Birthday. Matt brought me breakfast in bed (the backpacker lodges' complimentary toast and milo), we toured the Sunday market, and read our books on our hotel's roof deck. After our Malaysian dinner (Mee Goreng) we even found some chocolate ice cream cake for a birthday dessert! Back to the Philippines. After our introductory week in Siargao, we made our way over to Dumaguete, Negros to spend the holidays with our friend Wilson. Wilson is a friend from Miami, who is originally from the Philippines, but is now studying for his PhD at RSMAS. When we were talking about our prospective travels last summer he mentioned that he would be home for Christmas and New Years ... read more
New Year's Eve fireworks
Casorroro Falls
Matt and Wilson

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete September 14th 2008

Manila is not for the faint of heart. Even if you’ve been to some pretty nasty places on the face of this planet, it is hard not to feel sad and disgusted at the sight of Manila’s slums and squatter areas. I made a cursory walking tour just across the Pasig River from Intramuros, and what I saw was not a pretty sight: a hodgepodge of settlements; makeshift houses made of corrugated sheet metal, cardboard boxes, plastic awnings, and other junk scavenged from a dumpsite; naked homeless kids washing in dirty unsanitary water; people begging; people sleeping on the pavement; pickpockets; people with that hazy look of somebody high on drugs; people selling drugs. It’s pretty hard not to run into this kind of destitution when walking around Manila. It will find you. Manila is good, ... read more
Kid at the park
Jose Rizal Statue

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete April 17th 2008

I gaar var en fantastisk opplevelsesfull dag! Jeg var oppe tidlig om morgningen, rett paa markedet for aa kjoepe frokost og lunsj, valgt etter sanser i full akt. Deretter bar det ut til baaten "Dolphine 2" som tok meg, og ti andre filippinere, paa en fem timers lang baattur. Etter en times kjoering begynte moroa: delfiner kom svoemmende mot baaten vaar, hoppet opp og snurret rundt, svoemmte om kapp med baaten. Lekte seg. Ertet oss. Fantastiske skapninger! Saa vidunderlig vakre, og saa smarte og lure! Etter en stund kjoerte vi videre til en av Negros' mange skjulte vidundre: Sandbar. Nei, ikke sandBAR (som i: drikk-deg-drita-paa-stranden-bar), men SANDbar (som i: en oey av sand, der flo g fjaere bestemmer om den er en oey, eller en langrunn strand under vann)!!! Saa inderlig vakkert. Saa krystallklart vann, saa ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete March 24th 2008

Wow! I can't believe I'm blogging again... I've been travelling for quite some time and I wasn't able to document it and I promise myself that I'll start doing blogs to save an online copy of the pictures and write the experiences that I've had. And the best way that I can think of is to do it here in travelblog... I've got so much information from other travellers/bloggers that Im gonna use for the travel plan that I'm making for my December holiday... it's my turn to share I guess... hehehe... March 22, 2008 Right after work at 1AM, I went straight back home to pack some stuff for just a 3-day adventure to the nearby island of Negros Oriental. I went to my friends hotel room to pick her up and around 5AM went ... read more
Our Boat
Nice Game
Life at Sea


Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete November 1st 2007

Looking for somewhere to go to for the Nov.1 long weekend, I chanced upon a website promoting Dumaguete City ( In a couple of hours’ time, I had booked our flights going to the City of Gentle People - and unknown to many, probably the only place in the Philippines with a different time - Dumaguete time is consciously and uniformly set 15 minutes ahead of the rest of the country’s. It’s a quirk even the locals can’t explain but it sure makes for good conversation Day 1: Apo Island Still sluggish after our 630AM flight from Manila, we arrived in Dumaguete City at around 745AM. Kim’s friends, husband and wife Anis and Daphne, picked us up from the airport. After a brief stop in their home (they own popular pizza place Neva’s), they brought us ... read more
Dumaguete 2007
Dumaguete 2007
Dumaguete 2007

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete August 12th 2007

Nach "The Frensch", "Bottle Boy", "The last frontier" (Palawan), dem schoenen Bacuit Archipel und einem kurzen Flug nach Cebu, fuhren wir von Cebu City, zweitgroesste Stadt auf den Philippinen, direkt nach Dumaguete auf Negros Oriental. Eine vier- bis fuenfstuendige Busfahrt (PHP 250) an der Kueste Cebu's runter, einmal mit der Faehre uebersetzen und schon ist man da. Dumaguete deshalb, weil gleich in der Naehe "Apo Island" ist. Philippe, der Franzos' und ein Taucher, hatte uns davon erzaehlt. Apo, wie die Einheimischen sagen, ist ein keines, gruenes und sehr relaxtes Atoll mit zwei kleinen vertraeumten Doerfern und fantastischen Korallen (v.a. im Sanctuary) rund herum. Wir traeumen schon laenger davon einem Tauchkurs zu machen, um die Unterwasserwelt, besser als das durch das Schnorcheln moeglich ist, kennen zu lernen. Dumaguete selber ist, v.a. wegen seiner vielen Studenten, als... read more
Dumaguetes Promenade
Apo Island
"Hauptverkehrsstrasse" auf Apo Island

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete June 9th 2007

Thanks to Cebupacific's P1 fare for this trip, great savings on our part! Dumaguete, as a well known province was only one of the city of Oriental Negros, before this trip i actually thought that Dumaguete is like Iloilo, a province in a whole that comprises many municipalities. I was told by a native there that even their place is Sibulan, still when asked where they live they tend to answer "from Dumaguete." This because, Dumaguete is much more known to us than other places in Oriental Negros, therefore saves them from further inquiry. Our trip to Oriental Negros was coincidentally in time for Sibulan's Fiesta - where we stayed - therefore we were surprised by the event that we have not prepared ourselves that we are visiting 6 houses for a day's meal, at first ... read more
at the boulevard
resort in san jose
san jose beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete April 29th 2007

As usual, Cebu Pacific got delayed again. Dumaguete is just an hour's plane ride away from Manila but we got there at 10AM. Touchdown was not very smooth either. My seat mate, who was a local, said the Dumaguete Airport is one of the local airports with the most potholed runway. Either that or Cebu Pacific is really giving its passengers what they paid for (which shouldn't be the case since "customer is key"). We were met at the Arrivals Gate by Tito (that's "uncle" in Filipino) Tony Cabrido, the Regional Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Negros Oriental. He actually is the Uncle of my friend Netnet. He gave us our itinerary for the whole trip, and whoa, was it an itinerary. Since we failed to arrive at 9AM, we had brunch ... read more
DENR Regional Director
Forest Femmes
Get drunk, hug a friend.

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete April 28th 2007

Dumaguete City is the capital, principal seaport , and largest city of Negros Oriental. Siliman University is in Dumaguete City, which i believe, is the first American university outside Manila and the first Protestant school. The University houses quite a number of interesting museums and its students are among some of the most intelligent in the Philippine school system. The city attracts a considerable number of foreign tourists, particularly Europeans, and Japanese because of the numerous places to go to. Near Dumaguete City are the dive sites Sumilon Island and Apo Island, with the latter more internationally renowned. Apo Island may be reached by boat from Zamboanguita (45 minutes away). Having been able to go to just 3 places in the Visayas (Cebu, Bacolod, Boracay Island), it was just fitting to visit one more city equally ... read more

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