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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mandi March 14th 2014

Delhi 11th March 2014 “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side” Lou Reed “Leave it to me as I find a way to be Consider me a satellite forever orbiting I know all the rules but the rules did not know me“ Eddie Vedder, Guaranteed I needed to take Gladys the wonder bike for some minor work and found The Bike Club workshop in Pahar Gange run by a lovely guy known as “DD” and his offsider “Jimmy”. Holi was fast approaching and as is their tradition, the Hijra were working the streets for money. Hijra denote transexual or transgender people (also known as Aravani or Jagappa in other parts of India). The hijra community is diverse and complex, and their place in society goes deeper than being just men who have feminine gender ... read more
Hijra at a workshop on HIV and AIDS in Bhubaneswar 2010
Hijra fashion parade organised by community activists as awaremess raising event. Bhubaneswar 2010

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala January 17th 2014

Saturday 23rd November Up for breakfast at 8.30. Some of the group couldn't wait to get shopping but I had to pack and sort my bags out for my onward trip to Goa. Fortunately, this didn't take me too long. I walked up the hill from the hotel to look at the shops around Bhagsu Nag and bumped into Jane and Howard. Everywhere was really busy this morning as it was a weekend. I bought Dave a t shirt. A family stopped me and asked to take my photo! I ended having a hoot with every family member! I picked up a tuk tuk and went down to McCloud Ganj. I took my time walking through the shops and stopped at various places to buy things. I saw Teri, Sheila and Lynda at Mandala Cafe so ... read more
Busy street in Dharamsala
Snake Charmer in Agra
Taj Mahal

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala January 9th 2014

I've read through my last blogs and there were things I forgot to mention, so I thought I would add them for your information. Firstly people may be interested to know the itinerary and the names of the places we visited. Day 1 - Depart UK for Delhi Day 2 - Delhi and Overnight train to Pathankot Day 3 - Pathankot and transfer to Dharamsala Day 4 - Dharamsala to Kareri (2070m) trekking distance - 14 km 7/8 hours approx Day 5 - Kareri to Bal Village (2330m) trekking distance - 15 km 7/8 hours approx Day 6 - Bal to Triund (2995m) trekking distance - 14 km 7/8 hours approx Day 7 - Triund to Laka Got (3550m) trekking distance - 14 km 7/8 hours approx Day 8 - Triund to Bhagso Nak to Dharamsala ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala January 6th 2014

Monday 18th November We woke at 6.30am to clear blue skies. After a quick shower, final pack and check of bags, we went down to breakfast. It was very good, porridge, pancakes, fresh fruit, omelettes and toast. Kate had been passed fit by the Doctor so was ver happy to be coming with us. Taxis took us all to the starting point and met with our ponies and guides. And off we went! The sun was shining and the sky was a lovely blue. The path was very good to start, but as we started downhill, the path changed more rocky. As the sun heated up, bottoms of trousers were being unzipped and layers were being stripped off. We continued downhill for the while of the morning. The views were spectacular and had glimpses of the ... read more
Starting Point of Trek
Our goal in the distance
Approaching Rural Communities

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala January 6th 2014

I must apologise to all of you about the delay in updating my blog. But since returning from India, I have been really unwell - the anti malaria tablets have really affected me and I have been unable to do most things. Fortunately I only have one more day to take them! I have written some of my blog, but still have a bit to complete. I have also now added you all to my email list for notifications, so you should get emails everytime I do an update from now on. To read all of my blogs, just keep clicking on previous entries and you will have access to them. The other thing I must add is that a lot of the photographs I have added will be on the bottom of the page of ... read more
Trekking down through the woods
Two Indian ladies carrying bundles of straw
One of the suspension bridges we had to cross


Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala January 6th 2014

Friday 15th November 2013 Today was a strange day, watching the clock tick by, waiting for 2.30pm to come. 2.15 and we are leaving Eastwood Place, driving to Yatton to pick Lisa up. She was ready and waiting when we arrived. So off we went, both a little nervous about what lies ahead of us. Traffic wasn't a problem and we arrived in good time, meeting Teri (our Team Leader) at the Jet Airways check in desk. We met up with Hannah and all checked in so we could sit together. Through Departures we met up with the rest of our group and then each went our separate ways to get something to eat and drink. We boarded fairly quickly and were soon in the air. I fell asleep almost instantly due to my little yellow ... read more
Sheila. Janet and Nick in their bunks on the overnight train
Breakfast in Pathankot
Al Fresco Breakfast

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali December 17th 2013

I and my family visited Manali n Shimla for spending Christmas holidays.... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla December 5th 2013

After a month of peace and quiet, of cafes and momos, of Buddhism and English tutoring, it was time to leave McLoed Ganj and re-enter the "real India." We hopped our first bus down to the bigger town of Daramshala from McLeod and began our epic journey. In the past 48 hours we have taken 5 buses, 4 trains and 2 auto rickshaws (like 3 wheeled scooters), all of which, disregarding the rickshaws, were local means of transportation and devoid of any westerners except for ourselves. We took a second bus from Daramshala to Kangra and caught a rickshaw to the train station. We were dropped off at a no-name town and told to go down the street even too small for our rickshaw to the station. Down the road, over a fairly sturdy pedestrian suspension ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala November 15th 2013

We first noticed this phenomenon when a baked good we had ordered to go from Tibet Quality Bakery in Dharamshala was handed to us in a wrapper labeled Crystal Light. We wondered if this was some sort of advertising - perhaps Crystal Light, a low-calorie powder added to water to give it a fruity flavor, passed out free food packaging to shops, and advertised through their name on the packaging. We saw this same packaging at various shops throughout the town. When we inspected it further, we saw that the packaging was printed so that it was set up for individual packets, to be cut from the larger sheet, the edges fused shut, and filled with the powder. It was given to shops in larger sheets. Tibet Bakery gave us our brownies and nut bars in ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali November 12th 2013

Hey all, So I'll slow down on the Blog from now on. The trek is over, we're all washed up, our clothes are clean and dry and our belly is full. We were a bit disappointed by Manali; a giant tourist trap full of dope-heads, shops and restaurants. Luckily we found a guest house outside the main strip between traditional old houses. Anyway our bags were tooooo big and toooo heavy, so we decided to go and leave it all in Delhi. Delhi has changed a lot since I was there 8 years ago. The touts and scams were running higher than ever. Even though we knew all about the traps, it was still hard to get honest information and to buy a train ticket. But we DID manage to buy our ticket to Agra and ... read more
Hindu flame
German Bakery, Italian coffee, Israeli tourists and a Belgian guy.
Manali Traditionnal House 1

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