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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla March 9th 2013

We'd spent yesterday amid the clamour and cacophony of Delhi's characterful monuments and charismatic markets (see ). At five o'clock this morning, a more different view could hardly be imagined. There was only the merest hint of daylight. There was a chill in the air. There were no buzzing tuk-tuks, no honking horns, not even a background hum of traffic. Apart from a dog barking somewhere in the distance, silence reigned. We were on our way out of chaotic Delhi. Despite the ungodly hour, one of the young men from our homestay kindly supervised arrival of our taxi and quickly installed our bags, some in its boot and the rest balanced precariously on its roof-rack. We sped through an almost deserted city, racing through red lights, crossing junctions without slowing down, not giving the handful of ... read more
Changing trains at Kalka
Joining the Toy Train at Kalka
Blossom on the hillsides

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla » Shillon Bagh March 5th 2013

Shimla 4.3.13 My birthday and lots of Happy Birthday messages that made a good start. Steve bought me a pressie also lovely, have Internet, hot shower, lovely view, sunshine, my man what else could I want? Well lots actually as I am very greedy want my family and friends too and some muesli for breakfast well none of those on offer so settled for scrambled eggs Indian style quite good.Updated our blogs then received a card and flowers from Nim and a birthday cake from the manager that was a lovely surprise! Danny tried to Skype twice but we weren't here that was sad, now to Shimla.We are 2000m high surrounded by mountains. The air is very clean, cold in the morning and evening and warm in the day. We took the free hotel taxi to ... read more
Hill Station Shimla
Happy birthday girl

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali February 28th 2013

I have traveled Manali many times and always keen to go there again and again.. I have stayed there in five star acomodations to no class hotels. I have stayed in river side camps and also in the hotels surrounding with apple trees with full bunches of red apples. weather there is pleasent in summers and chilling in winters. I have actualy seen a big full moon in the day time 9:00 AM in the morning there. Last year in june 2012 me and my 3 freinds planned a tour for a week to Manali. we were all very excited to go there as it was very hot in Delhi. Manali is around 600 Km from our place. So I took my car and 3 of my freinds and started our journey at 7:00 PM in ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh January 24th 2013

Well a new adventure begins, trekking 41 miles through The Himalayas in November. I've always wanted to visit India and The Himalayas happens to be one of the regions I want to see. I'm also very interested and very affected with Buddhism and in particular with the Dalai Lama. So when Sarah (a friend that I have known since school) phoned me and asked if I would be at all interested in a trip to the Himalayas with a visit to Dharamsala (the home of The Dslai Lama and the exiled Tibetan Government) to raise money for Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Ham Green, I nearly ripped her arm off! We have signed up to the challenge and are very excited about it. We will be trekking for 5 days through The Himalayas, climbing to a ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Kullu January 14th 2013

Hi people....... off to Kullu valley...... as i love to spend time with nature....... i will be just arriving Kullu Valley,,, In Himachal Pradesh, India..... These Himalayas rocks.....!! seeing many good people,,,though am an Indian, but still i'm new to this world,,,lol.... i've a plan..... after Kullu,...... i'll go to Kasol.......and Further Manikaran........... In the Shiva Land........ soon will upload the pictures........ well, wish i could smoke some weed... :P :/ but can not due to my band..... nevertheless......... we'll drink hard and travel and listen to some peace full trances....... okhay guysssssss........ Enjoy n have fun ,,/ :)... read more


Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj January 13th 2013

Hi good people, I just visited Mcleod Ganj. Really awesome place to hang out with friends. i was with my two friends. we had great fun, i must outstanding pleasure. had some great time with some my Australian fellas. well, we're staying Dharamkot, it's 9-10 KM far away from Mcleod Ganj. In Shivalay Hotel. really good hotel, with good room service. full of comforts, charges were 500Rs. :) ;) We stayed for 3days :) I personally enjoyed the trip and enjoyed to hell. Hell yeah m/ Do GO MCLEOD GANJ, DHARAMSHALA :) PEACE. AMEN !... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh November 19th 2012

When most people think of India, the resulting image is probably nothing like McLeod Ganj. Founded by the British as a hill station in the mid-nineteenth century, there's little remains of it's colonial past, but it's easy to see why the British were attracted to it. Set on a pine ridge at 1700 metres with a mountainous backdrop, clean air and no pollution, it's a lovely place to while away a couple of days. Or nine as soon became the case for us. We only meant to stop for a night or two, maybe arrange some hiking in the mountains or travel round some other towns and villages in the state, but the days passed, we found ourselves enjoying the break, and ended up staying for over a week. We weren't the only ones who had ... read more
Sanje's cooking lesson
We made these!
McLeod Ganj

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla September 29th 2012

Leaving our peaceful houseboat in Srinagar, we have taken trains south and then east. It has been a whirlwind of religions and languages – Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs speaking Ladahki, Kashmiri, Hindi and Punjabi. Keeping up can be tricky, but luckily most people speak some English. Jammu was just a stop on the way. We did visit a temple, suicide bombed in 2002, and a market which seemed to specialise in walnuts, blankets, cricket bats and dentistry. Our hotel was the only smart one in town and the best on the trip. A posh rooftop restaurant meal, with our first alcoholic drinks for days, cost just £16. Jammu station was dirty and busy and so was our train. Looking out, the mud on the window made the world sepia tinted. We were into the low ... read more
Jammu dentist
Heads covered in the Golden Temple
The toy train

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali September 14th 2012

Ok. You know what? Stuff it. I said it will take too long to explain what it's like being in India. But do you know what? Here it goes. Stories that are coming from my travel diary. Somethings will not be for the light hearted or someone with a weak stomach. So read on. Laugh. Cry. Squirm in disgust. Smile and remember where you are and what you have, as I'm going to start to describe my life as I've seen it. I'll start with the day I was writing this blog... As I started this blog, I was sick lying in bed holding my stomach. It sucked but was bound to happen. I had a bucket besides the bedand a toilet close by, so thats one positive thing. But when you get the "travel bug" ... read more
Buddha inside Palace
Leh Castle

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Chamba September 3rd 2012

I just returned early this morning from a school excursion to Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. We were hosted by an NGO in a village high up in the mountains of the district. There are many villages and small communities in this area, which is quite amazing since it is very steep and mostly not reachable by car. This was probably my first time in a rural village and I wasn't really sure what to expect at first. Since I know many villagers are poor, I sort of imagined it like a slum that I see in Delhi, but that is not what it's like at all! Himachal Pradesh was very beautiful and reminded me of Nepal. The villages were mostly corn fields scattered with cows, goats, and sheep. The infrastructure was a lot better than I ... read more
Primary school boys
rural mountain life

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