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Asia » China » Shanghai April 14th 2013

Day 19, 20 at Sea Day 21. Shanghai. Shanghai, one of the oldest towns in the Yangtze River basin, is a city of 23 million people - about the population of Australia! We took a bus to the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute, the Humble Administrator's Garden and a canal boat ride. The roads were excellent and often elevated except that they had noise limiting walls along each side for much of the distance so sight seeing was limited. The intersections were spaghetti junctions. The airport is close to the city. Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute was fascinating, but no photography was allowed. The embroidery was so fine that the individual threads in a smooth gradation of colour could not be seen unless viewed from close to the work. The cheapest embroidery was one sided with knots on ... read more
High rise housing
Low rise housng
Garden at Embroidery Research Institute

Asia » China » Shanghai April 9th 2013

Hello everybody, Got home safe and sound late Friday night. Left my hotel in Shanghai 36 hours earlier. Three flights and sixteen hours in the air. I'm developing a taste for airline food and movies on little tiny screens. Thanks to all of you for following my adventure. Here is some stuff from China that didn't fit anywhere. Enjoy! Donna... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai April 8th 2013

Hello everyone, Chinese like to show off with their clothes and cars. In fact, in the 1990’s, when cell phones were first available, people would walk along talking away, but nobody was on the other end. They are nice people with shy smiles, but more used to crowded conditions than this Canadian. I’m constantly being bumped and shoved and crowded. Interesting comment from our guide—when lI mentioned that the city of Chongqin had the same population as our entire country, he said that so few people around would make him scared. I guess there is safety in numbers. Condos, that can cost up to a million dollars, are sold as an empty shell. All plumbing fixtures and finishes are up to the new owner. I thought, “well, just buy a re-sell apartment, but the Chinese don’t ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai April 1st 2013

Perspectives change and so do people. One of the advantages of writing a blog like this is to re-evaluate my own perspectives of times long gone. When I was in China for the first time in the now distant 2011 I also had the chance to visit China's arguably most developed city - Shanghai. As far as I remember I was not necessarily stunned by the city by then and as far as I remember there were several reasons for this. First, of course everybody stereotypes.. and my stereotype of China and the things I was (subconsciously) looking for were probably not the ones I found in Shanghai. Infact, re-reading my former self I even described the city as 'too Western' for my taste. Hard to believe how things have changed. Second, Shanghai was freezing during ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu March 21st 2013

The flight from Xi‘an was fairly uneventful and we were soon on the metro line from Pudong airport into town. A short while later and the most bizarre stop arrives, we all have to cross from our train into one that arrives on the other platform and vice versa. The metro train we were now on continues into town while the one we’ve left heads back to the airport. A bit of reading of the signage in the train reveals that this isn’t always the case and between certain times the train does go all the way. After a short walk from the subway we arrived at our hotel, it was advertised as a boutique hotel, and the impressive reception and small entrance lane didn’t disappoint us. We checked into our large room that had all ... read more
Shanghai Aquarium
Oriental Pearl
Prepared New Year Display


Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong March 21st 2013

CHAPTER ONE - It finally happened, I was overdue. I have traveled extensively the past 15 months with no health problems, but this morning I awoke not feeling well. I know it wasn’t mal de mere because the sea was smooth; I was extremely tired and had no appetite. I ventured to the buffet so that the stewards could get in, but I didn’t feel like trying anything. I went back to my room and went to bed. Later I decided I didn’t have the desire to get dressed for the formal evening and I cancelled my reservation for the Pinnacle Grill. I felt slightly better and tried the “late night snack” buffet and had a small piece of quiche and a fruit salad. Back to bed, tomorrow’s another day. I’m blessed that this was a ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai March 16th 2013

Nou, het is ondertussen alweer een tijdje geleden dat ik voor het laatst iets heb geposted. Dus tijd voor een update. Ik zit nu ondertussen een week in een appartement met Emiel. Het plan om een appartement te vinden met de twee andere klasgenoten ging helaas niet door omdat het net iets te lastig was om een appartement in onze prijs klassen voor vier personsen te vinden. Dat was dus wel een beetje jammer. Maar goed, we hebben wat gevonden. Maar niet zonder de onmisbare hulp van een klas genoot waarvan ik niet had verwacht dat hij hier ook zal zijn. zijn ouders komen uit Taiwan dus hij spreekt zelf behoorlijk manderijn. Het zoeken ging hierdoor een stuk sneller. We konden nu in 2 uur net zoveel real estate kantoren afgaan als dat we eerst in ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai March 16th 2013

35 minuten lopen naar school 15 minuten lopen naar de dichts bijzijnde metro 20 minuten lopen naar de Carrefour (En een bus die niet te vertrouwen is) Duurt mij te lang. Dus heb ik, als echte kaaskop toch maar een fietsje gekocht voor 35 euro bij de Carrefour. Grappig dingetje. Hij is eigenlijk te klein voor me maar groter bestaat hier bijna niet. En hij heeft geen versnellingen terwijl het verzet behoorlijk licht is. Maar ik ben er erg blij mee. Simpel weg omdat het zo vee sneller is dan lopen. Fietsen hier is heel even wenen mar het valt best mee. Veel minder eng als dat ik had verwacht. je moet gewoon iets beter om je heen kijken en goed over je schouder kijken als je iets inhaalt om te zien of er niet een ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai March 14th 2013

The Battle of Okinawa was one of the bloodiest and fiercest fought campaigns of WWII. The tremendous loss of Allied personnel, local civilians and Japanese troops led to President Truman’s decision to use nuclear weapons instead of attempting a land invasion of mainland Japan. About one third of all Okinawan civilians perished either in bomb attacks, suicides or being sealed alive in caves where they had sought refuge from the carnage. During the Vietnam War, I flew into Kadena Air Base on Okinawa for five years. At that time the island was still recovering from the world war as 90% of the buildings were destroyed by the time the Japanese surrendered. The Ryukyu Islands were still under the control of the U.S. In 1972 Okinawa reverted to Japanese sovereignty. Since then it has become a booming ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Putuo March 10th 2013

After my first two weeks of classes (sorry for being an infrequent blogger...), I truly miss orientation week and realize how little I treasured it beforehand. This program has turned out to be much more difficult than I had originally anticipated. My schedule requires me to attend Chinese class 10am-12pm Monday through Thursday in addition to 3 other classes that meet for 3 hours once a week. I find myself spending between 3-6 hours on just my Chinese homework every night, leaving little or no time to do anything else after class other than get food. Each class begins with a quiz on 20-30 vocab words, characters, pinyin, and meaning. Each week we have a test on the 2 chapters that we learned the past 4 classes. Luckily for me, my Laoshi has chosen to hold ... read more
So cute!!
Fruit sticks at East Nanjing Lu
Example of Shanghai light-chitecture

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