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Blogger of the Month (January 2018) LucyPilgrim

An independent backpacker traveling the world.
29 months ago, February 1st 2018 No: 1 Msg: #203905  
Congratulations on Blogger of the Month LucyPilgrim

Lucy Pilgrim
I am an independent backpacker travelling the world, making the most of the opportunities life presents. I hope you enjoy reading about my travels. ... full info
JoinedMay 13th 2013Trips1
Last LoginJanuary 11th 2018Followers3
Photos341Forum Posts0

Nominated by D MJ Binkley
An independent backpacker traveling the world. She is currently enjoying and blogging from Africa.

2nd by RENanDREW
Who has been reading along with Lucy for some time and thought she had already nominated her!

Have you seen any bloggers with four or fewer followers that you would like to nominate? If so, please place your nominations.
Blogger of the Month - Nominations Please

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29 months ago, February 1st 2018 No: 2 Msg: #203913  
B Posts: 1,299
Congratulations Lucy! Safe and happy travels 😊 Reply to this

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