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Road trip to Yellowstone

We are driving from Alabama to Yellowstone and want a good route that takes advantage of the best of the best on our trip. We have 18 days schedules for this trip.
3 years ago, August 21st 2016 No: 1 Msg: #197784  
What is best route? Would like to return home through Denver and north Texas. We are senior citizens so no hiking etc. interested in tours of Yellowstone etc.
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3 years ago, August 23rd 2016 No: 2 Msg: #197795  
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Welcome to Travelblog! Roadtrips are always an adventure. The United States is so large and varied that there is no single "best" sights. What to see depends entirely on your interests. Reading blogs from various places will reveal many interesting spots.

Alabama to Yellowstone is nearly 2000 miles one way. Depending on how many miles you want to do each day, it could easily take four days just to get there. Yellowstone requires a minimum of three days to see fully, and Grand Teton to the south is worth another day. That leaves four days for everything else. I would spread them out to break up the driving, leading to something like the following:

1. First drive to St. Louis. The Arch is unmissable.
2. Head northwest to eastern South Dakota. The Corn Palace in Mitchell is popular.
3,4. Drive west to the Black Hills, visiting Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, and whatever else time allows.
5. Continue west through Northern Wyoming. The route leaves the interstate to cross the Bighorn Mountains. Make sure to drive this in daylight because the scenery is spectacular (and the road is a little scary at night).
6. Drive the Buffalo Bill Scenic Highway to Yellowstone and enter the park
7,8. Tour the park. The park service runs multiple scenic bus tours, check the website.
9. Drive south through Grand Teton.
10, 11. Drive southeast on state roads in Wyoming until you reach Interstate 80. Take this east to Cheyenne, and then turn south for Denver.
12, 13,14 Drive south until New Mexico. Once across the border, head southeast for Amarillo, and then Dallas.
15,16 Head for home, Driving northwest from Dallas will pass through Little Rock and Memphis, and won't add much extra time.

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3 years ago, August 23rd 2016 No: 3 Msg: #197800  
I in this case their local touring guide will help you better. when I was there on my trip we got a touring guide with us through tour operator as "USA Travel Online". Reply to this

36 months ago, September 8th 2016 No: 4 Msg: #198006  
We were in Yellowstone just last month. Check out our Roadancer blog from 16 Aug and the two posted on 19 Aug. It will give you some ideas - do not miss the Badlands, it was a pleasant surprise. Fair warning, some of the suggested routes above take you through the Rockies with some very high passes and most of Yellowstone is above 7,000 feet. Seasoned travelers, as we are, should be careful with too much physical exertion at those altitudes. Reply to this

35 months ago, September 12th 2016 No: 5 Msg: #198039  
In response to: Msg #197795 This is a perfect route! Lots to see and very few "boring" parts. At all costs try not to travel thru Nebraska ... unless your partial to corn fields. Not to be ugly but it is mind numbing. Reply to this

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