I can't really talk about it... Tigers should have won...Second week = amazing though!

South America
February 27th 2012
Published: February 28th 2012
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Don't have much to write this week...The pics are really it for now 😊. Getting busy with school. Great day at the beach today (yesterday) 😊. Kurt is playing soccer with new friends and I am home...trying to unpack, but addicted to the internet as it keeps me connected. We got to watch the MU-KU game last night with Chilean pals (all wearing black and gold😊--I was sad about the loss but enjoyed the aftermath of card playing. I guess some things are universal.

We are settling into our new place. I finally unpacked all the suitcases today and it feels great--we are no longer nomads (until April/June breaks😊. Speaking of the 1st breaks...we have decided to do San Pedrom the 1st long weekend we have in April and Machu Picchu on the 2 week trimester break in June. Can't wait!!!

One last note...I keep looking around in disbelief that we actually live here now. I have always said that I wanted to move to another country and learn another language--mostly I just wanted to be by the ocean... This is finally it. I am really happy here. Mom, don't worry!!!

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Kurt watching the Mizzou gameKurt watching the Mizzou game
Kurt watching the Mizzou game

Our friends, Sam and Nico worked really hard to find a way to stream this game for us. It was very fun to watch...especially when we were winning most of the game :)
Fabi y her husband, GorgeFabi y her husband, Gorge
Fabi y her husband, Gorge

They are super cool. She is from Brazil and he is Chilean. She is a 1st grade teacher at my school.
Playa Hornitos Playa Hornitos
Playa Hornitos

Some fun chicas beginning a day at the beach. This was from a friend's house before we headed to the sand!
Hornitos beachHornitos beach
Hornitos beach

About 2 hours from Anto...well worth the drive. Muy bonita!

Very pretty--ocean on one side, mountains on the other
Kurt and MiguelKurt and Miguel
Kurt and Miguel

Miguel is Alison's Chilean fiance...he has been very helpful in terms of finding our place, getting into the club for free :) and Amistad (friendship:)
Sam & NicoSam & Nico
Sam & Nico

Sam is the one who I had the most contact with before I came. She basically hired me. She is now teaching 3rd grade at our school. She is from the Jersey shore and married a lovely Chilean guy (Nico) in January. She/They are really fun and super great friends already!
Headed to the partyHeaded to the party
Headed to the party

Some rich guy's house in Hornitos. We had a little BBQ there after a long day at the beach. He was nice but sort of a creep :)
Nearing sunset at HornitosNearing sunset at Hornitos
Nearing sunset at Hornitos

One of my many favorite things about Chile is the fact that the sunsets on the Pacific ocean!!! This was an hour or so away from sunset but you get the point :)
Fat Tuesday!!!Fat Tuesday!!!
Fat Tuesday!!!

Some of my new friends didn't know what Fat Tuesday was...so, as I am always looking for an excuse to eat and drink a ton with good pals, Kurt and I cooked a feast (and drank a lot:) to celebrate Fat Tuesday. This was a pic of the yummy bean, shrimp, sausage, veggies and rice we had!

28th February 2012

Happiness is contagious!
My beautiful angel-you are one of the most courageous, amazingly beautiful women I've ever known. It is a mother's duty to worry but I will worry less knowing you are so happy and living one of your great hopes and dreams. Continue to keep us posted and enjoy each day. Prayers stay with you every day. Give Kurt a hug and tell him we miss him too. Love and kisses. Momma
2nd March 2012

It's a rough life, but someone has to do it!
19th March 2012

Love it!
Hi Amy!! It's great to see where you are living now and what you are up to. Looks awesome - keep us all posted on how school is going and your lives there. Hugs from KC - Ann

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