They Think It's All Over...It Is Now

South America
November 17th 2009
Published: November 21st 2009
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After 171 days in South America it's time to go home. We've had a fantastic time, seen and experienced some wonderful things, and met some interesting people along the way. We've been up mountains to altitudes over 5000m and down canyons more than 1000m deep. We've frozen in temperatures of -15c and sweated in the high 30s. We've been in deserts where it never rains and in rain forests where it hardly stops. We've been to cosmopolitan cities that have everything and isolated villages with facilities that can't even be called basic. We've seen people who live wonderful lives and those who live in hell. We've slept in hammocks, seats and beds on buses and boats and in hostels, hotels, tents, peoples houses and the great outdoors. We've traveled over 30,000km and had some perfect journeys and of course some that didn't go quite to plan. Between us we took over 8000 photo's. It's been all we hoped for and more.
The people getting on the plane home in Santiago are different to those who got off in Buenos Aires back in May.
The last and most important words are for Atsuko. Without her adventurous spirit and bravery I couldn't have done this trip. Without her calm, patience and lets try it attitude our travels would have been far less rewarding. Thank you, I love you.


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