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March 13th 2006
Published: March 18th 2006
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Well, Christoph, Scott and I set out for Uruguay bright and early with a 7:45am taxi ride to the ferry dock. We bought out tickets, got in a separate line to pay for our tickets, and then had to check in. It was the same process as for an airplane, which surprised me. The we had to go through a metal detector and they took my leatherman wave away from me, saying it would be waiting for me on the other side. The last time this same thing happened to me I was flying from Ecuador to Peru four years ago, and my knife was in fact most definately not waiting for me on the other side. So I was a little nervous and doubtful about the fate of this knife. In the meantime we got on the boat - enormous - and sat down and hung out for the three hour tour. It was rather uneventful. I went to the duty free shop, scoffed at the prices, and talked with Christoph while Scott listened to music and slept a bit. When we arrived we were given our luggage in a very orderly way and I was told my knife would be in the office. And so it was. Who knew? Then we were magically in a new country.

Colonia is said to be extremely cute and while it is cute, it did not live up to my expectations. However, this may be because I had already been to Pucon, Chile and San Martin, Argentina, both decidely cute. The LP book really built Colonis up, which didnĀ“t do it justice. We got a hostel room for the three of us and then had some lunch. Well, first we looked for an ATM, one that had money actually stocked in it, for about an hour. Then Christoph and I did the official walking tour and Scott relaxed a bit and then went for a stroll of his own. We met up later at the hostel and got some dinner. I am eating a lot of pasta here. Decided to head out in the morning for Montevideo, the capital.


23rd March 2006

Staying in Colonia
Hi, sorry this is super random, but where did you stay in Colonia?? My friend and i are studying in Buenos Aires for a semester and booked a passage to colonia for semana santa,,,, unfortunatly the only hostel that we can find on the internet is booked!! So I was just wondering if you knew of anywhere to stay or where you stayed... Thanks for any help you can give me, my email is

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