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February 7th 2012
Published: August 2nd 2012
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This morning I woke up to find it unusally dark out. I thought it was still around 3am but the clock said 5 an dI had to get ready for work. After the scoulding hot shower with my frog friends I stepped outside to find this dramatic sky. A ribbon of bright orange lay low to the ground while huge cloulds pillared to the heavens glowing purple, pink and blue. All I could do is stop and stare, it seemed as if the lighting set the sky on fire, with one crack of thunder the rain came. the rain was so hard we all decided it was best to go back to sleep and wait for it to ease. By 9 am the rain didnt cease and Jiale came to summon us to work.

With little to do when it rains at the winery we decided that we would go hunting. Danny and Tomas grabbed their guns and Max an I jumped in the back seat. Just like the hunting in the house we never got out of the car, just opened the windows and shot the guns from inside the car. Not really what I expected. We killed one pigeon and missed a jack rabbit. Dinner for tonight.

When we came back from our excursion, there was a new puppy that the field workers found while throwing lugs for tomorrows harvest, she was so small, skinny and full of fleas. They explainded that most people drive out to the Brazilian border to leave their pets that they no longer want, which explains the massive amounts of dogs everywhere. But Jose Luis could not afford to car for another dog so they would leave it and have it fend for herself. All of our american hearts went out to her. But we had to remind ourselves that Sarah Mclauglin (SP?) would not show up and sing for these dogs. We spent the rest of the afternoon practicing shooting the shotgun at a homemade target aka a piece of wood with a piece of paper taped on it. I'm not a very good shot but I'm a great catch! Dinner was pigeon and chicken l'orange a'la Maxime.


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