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April 15th 2009
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My bus from Montevideo dropped me at Maldonado, which is about another 10 minutes away from Punta del Este, Uruguay's most famous beach resort, and also one of the best in South America apparently. In summer, and over Easter weekend, the place is thronging, but by the time I arrived on Easter Monday it was quiet as a mouse. Indeed, for the last 2 nights, I've been the only person staying in my hostel.

This isn't going to be a long entry, as I haven't really done that much here. My days have always followed a similar pattern of wake up late, have breakfast then head to the beach, whereupon the rest of the day was spent swimming or reading. Very relaxing. I'm not sure I'd want to come here in high season, but right now is just about perfect, as I suspect it might get a little chilly in winter.

It wasn't all lazing though, I did motivate myself for a bit of a wander round the town, where I dicovered 2 main things of interest. One, was that the port was very nice, and as I was going past the fisherman there were feeding a couple of sealions, apparently so that they're not hungry, so don't disturb the fish that the chaps are trying to catch.

The second thing, is that there is a sculpture of a hand coming out of the sand, which it is impossible to get away from. On my way into town, I passed it, snapped a photo and carried out. Now, on my way out, I walked back along the peninsula, but on what I thought was the other side, until all of a sudden I'm at the hand again. From here, I took a different road, finding the bus station. Unfortunately, the bus to Maldonado didn't go from here, but the nice chap told me where to go... opposite the hand. And finally, the bus picked me up, did a bit of a loop, before leaving town... via that damned hand again. Definitely a people magnet.

I'm actually writing this still in Maldonado so you're right on my tail. Stalking me infact. I'll get a restraining order you know.


P.S. Happy 21st Birthday to my brother Adam (just in case there's some other Adam out there trying to claim my birthday greetings were to him). I would tell some story about the present being in the post... but its not. Sorry. But you have been mentioned in a world famous blog, so its not all bad.

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