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March 11th 2008
Published: March 11th 2008
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Hi, beach life is seriously draining I can tell you! Sleeping lots and finding it far too difficult to motivate myself to keep the blog up.... Anyway quickly, had great time in Ecuador, then took overnight bus back to Lima - this turned into the worse journey yet in South America.... 30 hours on a warm bus with dodgy air conditioning, three sreaming infants, a family of about 20 from hell swapping seats the entire time and screaming at each other down the bus, crap seats, terrible food..... arghhhhh! Anyway survived somehow although at the time we thought we would afraid to get on a bus ever again! Stayed in a different hostel in Lima than last time which was a mistake as new one was a bit weird. Only for one night so no worries. Went out on the town and ended up having great night and met two girls we had been out with the last time. Late night but not a very early start next morning.
Flight to BA was nice and uneventful and arrived at hostel (different one to the last time) which was really good - Osstinama or something like that. Went out straight away for big steak dinner..... the joy of being back in Argentina! Spent four days here eating, drinking and having very late nights and late mornings. Seriously would not be able to stick to that pace for much longer, major partying.
Then went to Punta Del Este for a few days in Uruguay - supposely the Hamptons (NY) of South America. Was lovely but oh my goodness so so expensive. Pretty much beach, eating and drinkign here too.... Yes, the days of hiking and adventure seem to be long gone... hopefully soon to return. Lx


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