Day 2

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Everyone received a 7:00 AM wake up call...breakfast at the hotel and then we walked to the Plaza Constitucion which is located 1 block from the hotel...then onto the air-conditioned bus (29 degrees) for a bus tour of Montevideo....our hotel is located in the old part of we ventured out to see beaches, shopping malls, lots of monuments and plaza's and the highest viewing point in the city......the Communication Tower....then we had lunch in a market place where we had our choice of barbequed meats.....then a 15 minute walk back to the hotel.

We left the hotel around 3:30 PM for the 25 minute bus ride to the Uruguayan American School.....this is a small private school that caters to students whose parents are posted or are working in Uruguay...many Americans and some Canadians......also, about 20% of the student population is from Uruguay....we played in a relatively new gym facility...and the girls had a wonderful time....the competition tried very hard but they were mainly beginning players with not a lot of experience... but a good time was had by all.....after the game the school cooked up on the school's outdoor barbeque...another feast of meat...mainly beef....and sausages...the girls mingled easily with the players from the school as most of them can converse in the bus was not scheduled to pick us up until 8:00....we walked a few blocks up to a shopping mall where there was a large department store and did some shopping...until the bus arrived to take us back to our hotel.

The Montevideo portion of our trip has so far been amazing... thanks to Anna and her husband Alberto and his cousins who live here....they have been so kind to us...and helped organize all our activities....and speaking the language is no problem at all.....thanks to Alberto....tomorrow we are on a bus tour up the coast to Punta del Este and the beaches along the way...and those brave enough.....will surf the the way...Uruguay has a total population of 3 million people with 1.5 million living in Montevideo.....and all the water you see in the pictures is actually the River Plate...which is brown in colour from all the silt that has washed away on its journey to the ocean.

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21st March 2007

Hi Lauren
HIII LAUREN i just wanted to remind you that my birthday is in 6 days :) don't forget to write or something (maybe something on the blog ;) ) well.. i hope your having an AWESOME TIME i wanna be there with you.. miss you :)
21st March 2007

Happy first full day of spring, it's early yet but it's not raining and there is just a tiny bit of frost on my car windows. Wish you were here, ru.
21st March 2007

Travel log
The travelblog is nicely done - thanks to Mr Devlin and Mandy for putting together a rather enjoyable journal of the trip. The pictures complement the commentary and give those of us stuck in wet, cool BC, a taste of South America. Hasta la vista.

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